View Full Version : iPadís A5x chip beats out Tegra 3 in many benchmarks but not all

03-20-2012, 09:35 AM
Geekbench performs better on Tegra 3


It appears that iPad A5X rocks over Tegra 3 on many test out there but not in all of them.

Laptopmag has conducted a tablet chip showdown between the new iPad's A5x and the NVIDIA Tegra 3 of an Asus Transformer Prime, using several benchmarks like Geekbench, GLBenchmark 2.1, browser's benchmark and subjective game tests. In the majority of all the ne iPad ousted the Tegra 3 tablet but in Geekbench the things got reversed.

On the games side, it appears that the Retina Display with its 2048x1536 pixels shows the images more crisp and the color more vivid than the Transformer Prime 1280x800 display. On the other hand there are visual effects that appear in the Transformer and not in the iPad but this would be due to the games tested were not optimized for the A5x processor yet.

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NEWS SOURCE: Tablet chip showdown Nvidia Tegra 3 vs the new iPads a5x (via) Laptop Mag Blog (http://blog.laptopmag.com/tablet-chip-showdown-nvidia-tegra-3-vs-the-new-ipads-a5x)

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