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03-27-2012, 04:23 PM
A jailbreak tweak allows it


BatteryLevelAE is a Cydia package which adds Siri the ability to tell how much battery time is left on your iPhone

Siri is a multi-purpose information assistant but with extra tweaks available to jailbroken devices, it becomes an almost infinite source of information.

The BatteryLevelAE is a package available through Cydia, the alternative to the official App Store, that uses Siri to provide accurate battery life statistics like how many time left if you use Wifi, 3G and so on. Do you only need to have a jailbroken iPhone 4S with iOS 5 installed and 0.99$ to spend.

According to CultofMac:

Jailbreakers enjoy all kinds of cool Siri add-ons, and a tweak called BatteryLevelAE lets you use Apple’s digital assistant to give you helpful information about your iPhone’s battery life. In a world where we’re always on the go, keeping track of your iPhone’s battery can sometimes be the last thing on our minds. That’s why BatterLevelAE makes it easy for you — just ask Siri.

Once you install BatteryLevelAE in Cydia, there’s no settings to configure. You can say “battery help menu” in Siri to get a list of all the questions the tweak supports. Questions like “How much talk time do I have?” will even have Siri break down your battery status into 3G and 2G talk times. It’s a pretty great experience that really adds value to what Siri can do.

It’s important to note that what you’ll see is rough estimates. When you ask Siri a question, BatteryLevelAE uses Apple’s stats about your iOS device and your current battery status to compile numbers. Don’t expect exact accuracy, but you’ll at least have a general understanding of how much juice you have left.

BatteryLevelAE is an add-on for AssistantExtensions, another Cydia package that enhances Siri with all sorts of customizable commands and system integration. AssistantExtensions is free, but BatteryLevelAE will run you $1. It’s definitely worth it if you like the idea of quickly checking your battery life with your voice.

If you try the app, let us know.

NEWS SOURCE: http://www.cultofmac.com/155850/how-to-make-siri-give-info-about-your-iphones-battery-life-jailbreak/

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03-28-2012, 08:08 AM
It's truly sad when you need to buy an APP to tell you your battery life.

Brings back annoyed memories of _show_voltage on iPod and their garbage bar indicator which couldn't tell you anything useful.