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03-31-2012, 06:30 AM
Check out the Patch download link inside...


Yes, GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64 has a fully-functional ZX Spectrum 48x emulator built into it.

If you didn't know, GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64 has a fully-functional ZX Spectrum 48x emulator built into it and a selection of old Rare games for that platform.

The emulator started life as a side project to see if Spectrum emulation was possible on N64 and was hooked into GE, the current game in development. It was supposed to be removed before release but was only made inaccessible and inoperable. All the registers, dependancies, and script required to run the emulator still reside in retail GoldenEye carts.

This is the game list:

- Sabre Wulf
- Atic Atac
- Jetpac
- Lunar Jetman
- Alien 8
- Gun Fright
- Underwurlde
- Knight Lore
- Pssst
- Cookie
- Spectrum 16k monitor program

And yes, there's a patch available so you can try it out!

The patch will reactivate full emulation support in GoldenEye.

The patch should be applied only to an uneditted, unbyteswapped (big-endian) North American GoldenEye ROM (NGEE). The GoldenEye Setup Editor can apply and byteswap the ROM for you, as well as recalculate the checksum. (Yes, that was a shameless plug.) It should run properly on hardware. Probably ;*)


Emulation can be triggered from the folder select screen after the Eye and title screens by pressing L+R on controller 3. To access each game, hold the button noted below on controller 3 as you press L+R. If no buttons are held or an invalid combination is used it will default to Cookie. For best results, hold the button for the game you want as you press L+R.

c left - Sabre Wulf
c right - Atic Atac
c up - Jetpac
c down - Luna Jetman
pad left - Alien 8
pad right - Gun Fright
pad up - Underwurlde
pad down - Knight Lore
A button - Pssst
(default) - Cookie

To end the emulation, you just need to press L on controller 1.

Check out the video linked below to see how this thing works and of course, the download link for the patch so you can try it by yourself.


Off-Site Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?6bnashajw41n5p5

NEWS SOURCE: http://www.therwp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=48139

Our thanks to 'Gauss' for this news story!

03-31-2012, 07:55 AM
It's not even April Fools day yet...

03-31-2012, 08:34 AM
It's not even April Fools day yet...

why do you think we posted this early rather than leaving it in the queue tomorrow, there is all sorts of news held in the queue at present, gary is trying his best to get it cleared through at the moment but cherry picking the ones that might look like april fools if they get posted tomorrow, although some new is embargoed until tomorrow so there isnt anything we can do about that.