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04-09-2012, 08:50 AM
PS3/PSX/PSP PKG Viewer/Extractor


PkgView 1.3 is already available thanks to Ifcaro and it supports now PSX and PSP PKG files.

Ifcaro, long-time 'scene' developer has returned and has updated his PkgView to version 1.3.

This app allows us to view/extract PSX/PSP/PS3 pkg files.

The main update in this version is the support for psx/psp pkg files, but it comes also with a progress bar for Windows 7.


- Added support for pkg psx / psp
- Added progress bar of tasks in Windows 7 Version 1.2

NEWS SOURCE: PKG View v1.2 (via) Ifcaro's Blog (http://foro.ifcaro.net/pkgview-v1-2-t193.html)