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04-09-2012, 09:07 AM
Manage your Wii saves


SaveGame Manager GX r125 is a powerful app that help us to install or extract our save game files.

SaveGame Manager GX r125 has just been released for us, a Wii Save Manager with GUI based on LibWiiGui by Tantric, WiiXplorer and UsbLoaderGx sources. With this app you're able to install or extract your saved game files.

This new version comes with some new features:


A cIOS249 rev 9 or higher installed, or IOS58 installed
A SD/HC inserted in front slot or an USB disk
A way to boot homebrew (HBC 1.0.8 or higher recommended)


SDHC and USB2 support
USB support FAT, NTFS and EXT2FS
Official saves support (data.bin)
Protected saves support
Mii Support
Multilanguage support
Custom Font support
SaveGame download (direct download on Wii Save - Nintendo Wii Game Saves)
Themes support (download direct on Xbox 360 Theme Depository - Themes for Xbox 360 software and more - Home)
WiiTDB support
Display informations about Savegames in a special window
Extract, Install, Delete, Copy, Move fonctions are available
Custom Background Music support (AIF/MP3/OGG/BNS/WAV)
Online AutoUpdate
Homebrew Browser
Channel Browser
WiiLoad .dol receiver
Widesreen support


Changelog r125
* Added Controllers Mapping (from WiiXplorer)
* Added Controllers Settings Menu to allow you to change the mapping
* Added Controllers Settings Menu to Parental control
* Added SdPort Class to auto detect SD card eject/insert

NEWS SOURCE: http://www.wiihacks.com/content/495-savegame-manager-gx-r125.html

Our thanks to 'Robe24' for this news story!

04-09-2012, 10:19 AM
Great app to overcome wii->sd savegame copy restrictions.

04-09-2012, 10:40 AM
Great app to overcome wii->sd savegame copy restrictions.

Yep, agreed. Has been very useful for me and my brother multiple times :D