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04-11-2012, 04:47 AM
New version of this NAND switcher hack


Team CodeXecution and Team ModControl have released a new version of this software to perform NAND switching for dual booting hacked Xbox 360

Some Great X360 Scene News we have here this week.

The CodeXecution and ModControl teams have released a new version of RGH CPLD DualNAND mod that allows a NAND switching if you have your Xbox 360 hacked with devices such as the TX Cool Runner or Matrix 360 Glitcher.

Here is the full readme:

RGH CPLD DualNAND Mod v0.5 - SFAE (Still **** Acta Edition) for Trinity
by Team CodeXecution.Com & Team ModControl.Com

This little Reset Glitch Hack v1.1 CPLD mod allows you to switch two nands directly with an installed Cool Runner like TX Cool Runner or other devices with the same Xilinx chipset (for example Matrix 360 Glitcher (v1)) on your reset glitch hacked xbox 360 console.
The modified code isnt locked to a modchip, it isnt that special and you can play with the sourcecode (see included .zip file) to add more functions when you want to do so.


+ added pdf documentation (DE / GERMAN)
+ added TX cool Runner CPLD diagramm
+ added Matrix 360 Glitcher CPLD diagramm
+ added more and better pictures
+ added new sourcefile (rgh_cpld_dualNAND_mod_v0.5_trinity_source.zip)
# SMC reset code fix
# code clean up

+ added new SYNC button function (its possible to dump both NANDīs (orig & hacked) with Trancys ModControl.Com NAND Flasher for Xbox 360 App)
+ added SMC reset code
- Cool Runner onboard status LED Code removed (useless for us and it waste to much space on the CPLD)
# LED code changes

+ new LED code
+ added more infos
- removed phat files due to the latest M$ Update, useless for most of the users now, so please be paitent and wait for RGH 2.0
# some readme changes
# code clean up

+ added zephyr support
+ added jasper support
+ added falcon support

# first public release


Add a 2nd NAND to your Xbox 360 (see pictures/documentations), flash the XSVF file to your TX Cool Runner (or other devices with the same Xilinx CPLD) as usual (NANDPro v3.X, Swizzyīs XeBuild GUI or J-Runner), switch the NANDīs with the snyc button, power on your xbox 360.


OrigNAND: Power on the xbox 360 as usal. (no LED changes aka ring of light = green)
2nd NAND (with freeBOOT): press SYNC on your console (pressing power to use freeboot, hit eject to use xell/xellous/ xell reloaded,
). The Ring of light now shines red, that means stay away from Live!!!
You can solder the wire for the status LED directly onto the NAND (CE Glitch NAND or OrigNAND, it your choice) or also to the CE Glitch/OrigNAND Pins on the CPLD.


It is possible to dump both NANDīs without power off your console, this you can do directly with the hacked freeBOOT image on the 2nd NAND and NAND Flasher for Xbox 360 from Trancy / ModControl.Com. You have to install the EJECT wire on the CPLD to do so.
Start the hacked kernel, execute the NAND Flasher default.xex (with FSD or XeXMenu or every other dashboard/launcher) and dump the hacked NAND to an USB stick for example, after doing so press Eject when SYNC on the Xbox 360 to switch the 2nd NAND to the onboard NAND.

Now you can dump/flash your Orig/Onboard NAND also.


rgh_cpld_dualNAND_mod_v0.5_trinity.jed - 92153EABA31EC7244702B38C20668A76
rgh_cpld_dualNAND_mod_v0.5_trinity.xsvf - 34B4152612E109C3B445D71ACBA28402

Note: Use it at your own risk on Xbox Live!!!


Gligi, Redline99, Tiros, Arakon, Cagefighter, Tok708, Ryo_Hazuki aka Sam_Sam (Happy B-Day), Jones23, Deynet, trancy, zheka.tk Ede, doctormord, polloze, MountieXXL, XeroX, snowman, XDK, mafiTJG, Zefix, Atze Tobi, of course, www.modcontrol.com and www.codexecution.com, xantium, xbox-scene.com, garyOPA, ps3crunch.net, opium2k, dean, rogero, condorstrike (CAW!!!), s4bre, tortuga-cove.com, TeamXecuter (TX Cool Runner rocks my Box), TheArtificer (love the g3cko ), x360key / Wiikey Team, Max, CobraUSB, The Matrix Team, modrobert, eurasia.nu, [A.C.I.D], chipwelt, ps3-tools.de, WaWNord, the guys at board.gulli.com, logic-sunrise.com, Nintendomax.com, kojote, pdroms.de, GBATemp.net, maxconsole.com, ps3news.com, ps3hax.net, ds-scene.net, teknoconsolas.es, elotrolado.net, the PS3MFW Builders, the guys over at XboxHacker.net, of course free60.org, tuxuser & libxenon.org, and all other developers, scene sites and sceners who keep this awesome homebrew community in the whole wide world alive. You canīt stop homebrew!


justm3 & hitman43
(CodeXecution.Com / ModControl.Com)

Download:rgh_cpld_dualNAND_mod_v0.5.rar (http://dwl.modcontrol.com/XBOX360/nand_xell_freeboot/RGH CPLD DualNAND Mod/rgh_cpld_dualNAND_mod_v0.5.rar)
Official Websites: www.codexecution.com (http://codexecution.com/) & www.modcontrol.com (http://www.modcontrol.com/Board/index.php)
Source: www.modcontrol.com - GermanysNr1MultiConsoleSceneSource (http://www.modcontrol.com/Board/)

Our thanks to 'hitman43' and 'Kaos2K' for this news story!