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04-11-2012, 10:07 AM
The Cydia-like store for Desktop Macs


Just like the Mac App Store the HackStore allows you to discover, download, purchase, review and rate apps

The HackStore project, started some time ago by the Russian Andrey Fedotov is ready to debut in no time. This store is like the Cydia store for iOS devices but for Macs and obviously without jailbreaking issues. So, if you are interested in use an alternative place to find your desktop apps, read on.

According to Cult of Mac:

On the Mac, there’s obviously no jailbreaking, but given the sandboxing restrictions placed upon App Store developers, there’s still a need for a Cydia-like alternative: an easy-to-use, curated catalog for apps that give power-users too much control over their systems for Apple’s comfort.

Enter the HackStore, which hopes one day to be as synonymous with user-empowered Macs as Cydia is with jailbroken iOS devices.

The main developer behind the HackStore is Andrey Fedotov, an earnest hacker-turned-programmer who recently moved from Russia to Vermont to pursue work in the United States. He seems like a humble guy, but behind his humility lies a passion for open source software and allowing people to free their devices.

Inspired by Cydia and the Mac App Store, Andrey decided to start working on a Cydia-like marketplace called the HackStore back in December of last year. After a few months hard work, the HackStore is expected to debut in the next month.

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NEWS SOURCE: http://www.cultofmac.com/158673/the-os-x-hackstore-aims-to-bring-the-cydia-experience-to-the-mac-exclusive/

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