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04-24-2012, 01:38 PM
Your definitive app for Nintendo Wii


With SMA you can do lot of things to your Wii, it's a really useful app.

SMA is a Windows app which does lot of thigs for the Wii, the app can easily guide you to everything, take a look to the list of possibilities below, it's really useful:

- Manage your NAND
- Searches a NAND dump for all installed titles
- Download Covers (FULL/Front/3D/Disc) Region: EN|FR|DE|ES|IT|NL|PT|US|JA|KO|ZH
- Show Title infos (GameTDB)
- Search Trailers (Online)

- Download Trailers/Fanart/FULL/Front/3D/Disc (Region: EN|FR|DE|ES|IT|NL|PT|US|JA|KO|ZH)
- Show Title infos (GameTDB)
- Search Trailers (Online)
- Instal &/ delete Games
- Download settings (User Default|WiiFlow|USB Loader GX|CFG USB Loader)
- WBFS, Fat32 and NTFS are supported
- Play Trailers (*.thp Files)

Games Wiki
- Search games (any portion of a game's name/ID) Region: EN|FR|DE|ES|IT|NL|PT|US|JA|KO|ZH
- Show Title infos (GameTDB)
- Search Trailers (Online)

Hack Wii
- Hack any Wii (Complete Softmod)
- High Definition Step by Step Guides
* Talk Module
* 3D Wiimote
* 3D Wii
* Local network support

- Format HDD to
* Fat32 (Max 2TB)
- generate System Menu Themes (8 themes)

Update Wii
- Channels
- IOSs

Loader themes
- Download more than 780 themes for
* Wiiflow
* USB loader GX
* CFG Loader
* Homebrew Channel
* Gecko OS

- Download (Wiiflow|USB loader GX|CFG Loader|Wiimc)
* Forwarders
* Priiloader Boot.dol s
* Apps

- manage Media
- Show Movies
- Play Music

NEWS SOURCE: http://www.wiihacks.com/content/511-spayrosam-multi-app-sma-released.html

Our thanks to 'Robe24' for this news story!