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04-24-2012, 03:58 PM
New version of this JTAG/RGH app for Xbox 360


Team Xecuter's tool for Xbox 360 has been updated for the RGH 2. Get it now!

The Team Xecuter has released a new version of the handy J-Runner JTAG/RGH app for Xbox 360 consoles. For those who doesn't know what is this just a brief explanation: J-runner is an all-in-one App that integrates with Xebuild to create, read and and write Xbox 360's NAND images for the reset glitch and JTAG hack. Team Xecuter developed it with and easy-to-use thinking for the final users, so its interface is very intuitive.

In the v0.2 beta 268 a bunch of new features have been added. Here is the complete changelog:

- Layout change
- added RGH2 support for 14717 > phats
- added RGH2 Wiring images
- added RGH2 xsvf files
- added ARM 2 support
- added JR-Programmer support
- added LPT support (for coolrunner programming only)
- added Xebuild options editing screen
- added sounds on Success and Failure conditions (editable)
- added Xell-Reloaded on JTAG - for HDMI support during CPU key retrieval etc
- added bad blocks tab for full check of bad blocks
- added .dll usage
- added support for updating jtags of any wiring (creating aud_clamp, Open_tray updated images etc)
- added new icon
- added reporting console LDV in log during CpuKey grab over network
- removed Xellous use on JTAG
- improved update method
- improved advanced nand/CR functions in
- improved changelog retrieval
- some minor bug fixes

You have more info and download in the link below.

NEWS SOURCE: http://team-xecuter.com/j-runner-build-268/

Our thanks to 'Kaos2K' for this news story!