View Full Version : XMB eEIDx Dumper released for PS3

04-26-2012, 09:14 AM
The easiest way to dump your XMB eEIDx


A new tool for developers has arrived thanks to nathan_r32_69: XMB eEIDx Dumper.

A new app for developers has been released from nathan_r32_69. This new app is called XMB eEIDx Dumper.

Before this app got released, you needed to install Linux in order get your eEID, EICO-EID5 dumps, and then dump and extract your NAND.

Now with this useful app the process is simpler than ever before and it works on NOR or NAND.

This tool dumps your eEID and EID0-EID5 in your usb device from XMB without install Linux or dumping your NAND, extract it and split EID, for example

Im releasing this for developers who are researching, for example with CEX to DEX

NEWS SOURCE: http://psx-scene.com/forums/content/xmb-eeidx-dumper-easily-dump-eeid-eid0-eid5-2184/

Our thanks to 'Robe24' for this news story!