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04-27-2012, 08:57 AM
Nintendo 2011/2012 Fiscal Year Investor Meeting 26/04


Some interesting news on the Nintendo's Investor Meeting held today. Check out the complete summary inside!

Nintendo just held an Investor Meeting today for the 2011/2012 Fiscal Year and some interesting news were revealed. Here's the complete summary:

* New Super Mario Bros 2. will be available both at retail and digitally (full download to the SD Card).

As previously reported, Nintendo will release New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the Nintendo 3DS this August, worldwide. At an investor presentation today, Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, announced that the game will be offered as both a retail title, as well as a downloadable title.

Furthermore, starting with New Super Mario Bros. 2, Nintendoís own first-party games will be released as both packaged titles and download games over the Nintendo eShop, and consumers will be able to buy them either way. Iwata didnít specify if this meant all first-party games would be available as downloads, however. Games that are downloaded will only be playable specifically on the Nintendo 3DS they were downloaded to.

* Apparently, retailers will set their own prices for download versions of games.

Iwata also mentioned that you will be able to buy download versions of games both via your own Internet connection as well as at retail stores. Youíll do this by paying the store money in exchange for a download code. This collaboration with retailers is being carried out to increase the exposure of download purchases among consumers, as well as to make the ability to download games available to users without credit cards, such as younger children.

Finally, retailers will be able to set their own prices for download versions of games. What this means is that, if you download New Super Mario Bros. 2 off the Nintendo eShop from your own home, it may not cost the same as it would if you were to download it from, say, GameStop or another store. Prices will vary by retailer.

* Wii U Software will be available digitally at launch!

Wii U will have packaged games available in stores and online as a digital download when the hardware launches later this year.


* Nintendo won't reveal the Wii U Price nor the console Launch Date at this E3. However the console IS having a worldwide launch this year.

Those expecting Nintendo to fully reveal its full Wii U launch plans at E3 2012 will need to wait a bit longer. Today, in an investor's briefing, global president Satoru Iwata noted that his company does not plan on revealing pricing plans or precise launch dates for the new HD system at the annual show. Iwata reiterated the system will debut this year in Japan, the United States, Europe and Australia.

* And finally, Nintendo wants a Wii Sports equivalent on Wii U, can't talk about it now for competitive reasons, will not remodel existing (game?).

Want to find WiiSports equivalent for WiiU, cannot explain for competitive reasons, will not remodel existing

Well, overall good news!

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Our thanks to 'Gauss' for this news story!

04-27-2012, 09:15 AM
so nintendo have both specs and price to announce, im very shocked that they plan to launch this year and havent even given a price.

nothing like been left in the dark.

04-27-2012, 09:31 AM
so nintendo have both specs and price to announce, im very shocked that they plan to launch this year and havent even given a price.

nothing like been left in the dark.

nintendo never release their specs, that is a fact.

nintedo dont release the unit price of their hardware until close to the launch on a regional basis, they stopped doing that at the n64 launch because economies fluctuate and whilst right now the us and eu prices would be high in 6 months when it launches the yen may not be as strong against the $/£/€ and so a better price could be announced, this is also a fact.

however although its too late now as all preorders are sold out you could have preordered at zavvi in the uk for the price of £399.99 (price subject to change), uk launch price is expected to be around £300 (and sickeningly around $300 in the usa).

e3 2012 is for the (re)launch of their new console (possibly unveiling its new name) and what you can do with it, that way people can decide if they would like to buy one, when the price is announced then its up to the individual if they think its worth the money. but if you want the first hint of pricing i'd think that you should look to the pre tgs conference later this year and subsequent press conferences in the usa and europe.