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04-30-2012, 03:05 PM
With new GUI Skin ModMii


XFlak releases a new version of its popular all-in-one tool for Wii and as always, it is free

A new version of ModMii has been released. For all of you that don't know, this app allows to download "things" from Nintendo's servers, recover homebrews, themes, cIOS the need for SNEEK, create guided hacks and much more.


-The feat has been replaced by Letterbomb Wilbrand. The latter is a more stable version, which unlike Letterbomb generates exploits on the fly, just using the MAC address of your Wii. This feat is unprecedented and it is Giantpune designating Modmii for distribution to the community. So we can thank him greatly for this new alternative. Please note that this achievement is only available for Wii 4.3.

-The generator forwader ModMii DOL file and all channels were supported forwarder updated v12, allowing support for hard drives larger than 3GB .

-Fixed a bug that occurs rather rarely leading to the generation of the poor guide, if you install a custom theme without using MMM also install at least a WAD file.

-The bug that occurred after generating a cIOS advanced since the download page of Advanced ModMii has been corrected.

-Updated version of syscheck 2.1.0.b18.

-WiiFlow-Mod is now named wiiflow at the request of Team wiiflow.

-Fixed many minor bugs .

More info and download in the links below.

OFFICIAL SITE: http://modmii.googlecode.com/files/ModMii6.1.0.zip

NEWS SOURCE: http://www.consolecrack.com/forums/Thread-ModMii-v6-1-0

Our thanks to 'Kaos2K' for this news update, and unlike ModWii v7, this is real not a April Fool's day joke like the last release!