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04-30-2012, 03:34 PM
The new 'improved' DML


DML v1.3 is now out. These new versions are improved over the previous revisions builds, which are now considered as discontinued.

DIOS MIOS Lite allows you to run Gamecube games from an SD card on your Wii. Keep in mind USB is not supported and won't be in the upcoming future.

DML v1.3 is now out, here's the full changelog, which includes all the new "improved" versions:


* Added real disc loading, simply set the config value (see config.h) and load DML
* Fixed a bug that would overwrite the config in GCLoader
* Added pad reset/shutdown for real discs


* DML is using GCLoader again
* Improved video mode stuff
* Changed config memory area to 0xC1200000
* Added a new config for video modes: force prog mode patch
* Moved SRAM patching code to GCLoader
* In FST-Mode the game title is now printed


* Replaced GCLoader with miniGCLoad
* Fixed a bug which would overwrite the DML config in RAM


* Added extracted Gamecube ISO loading (normal game.iso loading is still there)
* Added fix for Pokemon XD JAP/EUR and Pokemon Park JAP/USA
* Removed IPL related code
* Removed retail disc loading and dol loading
* Improved NoDisc (a couple audio streaming games still require a disc)
* Updated the /asm/make.cmd file, so a user is no longer required to update the paths
* Added my own IPL code

And, if you don't know, these are the DML features:

* Load Gamecube ISOs from SD card
* Load extracted Gamecube ISOs from SD card
* Emulate Memorycard (NoMoreMemory)
* Cheat codes
* USBGecko debugging
* Changeable configuration of various settings
* Reset/Power off via GC controller key combo
* Realnand and emunand support

Download the latest version at the official website linked below.

Also, if you need help, try this Tutorial (http://gbatemp.net/topic/318585-how-to-create-and-use-dml/), and be sure to check out the DML Compatibility List Here! (http://wiki.gbatemp.net/wiki/DIOS_MIOS_Lite_Compatibility_List)

OFFICIAL SITE: http://code.google.com/p/diosmioslite/downloads/list

Our thanks to 'Gauss' for this news story!