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04-30-2012, 03:38 PM
MOD by R2-D2199, FIX94 and airline38.


A new revision of the CFG USB Loader MOD is now out. This one adds support for the new DML v1.2+!

Configurable USB Loader MOD features a lot of improvements over the original one developed by Ogzee, like cIOS Auto-Detection, DML integration and NAND emulation support. Of course, this one is still based on the latest official Cfg USB Loader v70.

r28 is now out and adds support for the new DML v1.2+, among other things. Here's the full changelog:

v70 mod r23 to r28

- compile with devkitppc r26 and libogc 1.8.11
- support new DML v1.2+ ( load a game disc if it's stuck on "GCloader screen")
- support ocarina cheats up to 512 (was 256)
- added basic gc settings (NMM, NoDisc and r51- in global options)
- added basic gc cheat support
- fixed ntsc gamecube game launching (sorry)
- fixed wii disc detection ( issue 17 & 24)
- added very basic DML r52+ support (no boot.bin will be written to sd card anymore)
- added option to disable new DML support, dml_r51_minus, you can enable it if needed
- added filter for gamecube games, if you enable it only gamecube games will be displayed

Download the .DOL at the official website linked below!

OFFICIAL SITE: http://code.google.com/p/cfg-loader-mod/downloads/list

NEWS SOURCE: http://www.wii-info.fr/news-2879-configurable-usb-loader-v70-mod-r28.htm

Our thanks to 'Gauss' for this news story!