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05-02-2012, 11:11 AM
New version of this graphical interface for xeBuild on Xbox 360


Swizzy has released an update for his famous GUI for xeBuild, a program that allows us create NAND images with the Reset Glitch and JTAG for Xbox 360

New and improved version of the popular xeBuild GUI, that lovely program which allows us to prepare NAND images for Xbox 360 to use with the Reset Glitch of JTAG.

Here is the changelog:

* 2.05 *

- Fixed: I’ve fixed several errors in the nandpro operations causing crashes and/or causing nandpro to trigger errors on commandline
- Added: When closing the IPScanner window it’ll automatically save the settings you used last time to %appdata%\Swizzy\xeBuild\ipscan.cfg this file will then be loaded upon opening it again…
- Added: Support for extracting FCRT.bin from trinity nand’s (Thanks BestPig for the source!)
- Changed: You can now see what mode you are running in (i’ve moved the modeswitch out from tools)
- Added: Crashlog, if for whatever reason there is an unhandled exception that occurs you’ll be presented with a message and it’ll hopefully save a crashlog.txt which will contain the information i might need to fix the bug… if for whatever reason it cannot even produce the crashlog you’ll get a message about that aswell before the program closes itself…
- Changed: Rewritten ALOT of nand related functions (how it reads your nand, this means it MAY be a little bit slower when loading a bigblock nand, but it’ll also make it easier for me to implement functions i’m working on when i get it all working… and it’ll make it easier for those whom use my source to learn this kind of stuff, i really do hope someone tries to learn from it…)
- Updated: Added support for identifying CB’s: 4575, 4577, 5772, 5773, 6752, 6753
- Added: Support for building ECC and Freeboot type images for RGH 2.0

** NOTE: I’ve modified the ECC script for RGH 2.0 a little adding a few things and changing some paths aswell as fixing the bug TX had in their script (a minor typo, i had already modified the script and fixed it instead of replacing it) **

- Changed: Re-arranged build type a little and renamed all of them the list is now as follows:
* Freeboot (JTAG) – This type is meant for JTAG consoles to build Freeboot images.
* Freeboot (RGH 1.x) – This type is meant for RGH consoles to build Freeboot images for Glitch type consoles, same as GGBoot/Glitchboot
* Freeboot (RGH 2.0) This type is meant for RGH 2.0 Consoles, to build freeboot images for the new type of Glitch consoles
* ECC (RGH 1.x) – This type is meant for RGH consoles to build ECC type images (Xell) for Glitch type Console
* ECC (RGH 2.0) – This type is meant for RGH 2.0 console to build ECC type images (Xell) for the new type of Glitch consoles
* Retail (Stock) – This type is to build original images, non-hacked images, NOTE: These images will NOT be live safe!
* Devkit – This type is meant for building Devkit images for devkit consoles, NOTE: Read the readme for more information on this…
- Changed: Updated links in dashfiles.xml, added 7371 and re-arranged the types as follows:
* Type = 1 – Retail only (used by: 7371)
* Type = 2 – JTAG only (used by: 9199, 12611, 12625 and 13146)
* Type = 3 – Retail, JTAG and Glitch only (used by: 13599, 13604 and 14699)
* Type = 4 – Retail, JTAG, Glitch and Glitch 2 only + Activation of the 3 new special patches (nohdd, notrimnu and nohdmiwait) (used by: 14717 and 14719)
* Type = 5 – Devkit (used by: none, reserved for custom versions if you want to build devkit images and want to have it in the drop down list)
- Fixed: The app will now auto select output folder upon auto loading flashdmp.bin from app directory
- Fixed: Several minor bugs/errors a little bit everywhere…
- Added: When NANDPro is running there will be a circle that rolls around in the nandpro operations window to indicate that it’s working…
- Added: When building ECC for RGH 2.0 you can specify a custom 1blkey and/or make it use a CPUKey, this is possible due to a minor mod of the build.py script by Team-Xecuter (i’ve made the mod myself)
- Added: 3 new patches: nohdmiwait, notrinmu and nohdd nohdmiwait makes the console boot without waiting for HDMI handshake, notrinmu disables onboard memory unit on trinity, nohdd is rather obvious what it does no? anyways, it disables the harddrive…
- Changed: Moved custom ini/patch to xeBuild settings due to more special patches beeing added…
- Changed: Re-written how the downloader does with dashfiles, it now downloads a systemupdate PIRS file instead of all files extracted, this way it’s much faster and much easier… (this is a new feature in xeBuild that reads this kind of file for dashboard files)
- Added: Tool to check versions of a nand (Bootloader versions, LDV, Pairing data etc. similar to 360 Flash Dump Tool or J-Runner) this feature is really only useful for advanced users and in rare cases…
- Added: Tool to extract parts of a nand (such as: KV, SMC, SMC_Config, FCRT.bin and some bootloaders) useful if you want to use files from a donor nand (NOTE: This feature is limited to advanced mode only)
- Added: External tool to edit the updates and dashfiles xml files with the correct format, meaning you can use this to change md5 and links etc. you can also add new entries if needed…
- Added: Dashlaunch ini editor, i’ve moved the old one (tab on the right side -> if you activated advanced mode) to it’s own window instead to keep it as a « tool »
- Removed: Dashlaunch tab, it’s now in a new window…
- Updated: Dashlaunch ini editor contains all the options which are in xeBuild 3.0 BETA
- Added: You can select wether to use DL 3.0 BETA or 2.32 (check the « BETA » box next to include dashlaunch and it’ll use the beta version instead of 2.32…)
- Updated: Now using xeBuild 1.02
- Changed: Default build version is now 14719 due to Glitch 2 support only beeing possible for 14717+ dashboards
- Added: When you don’t have the dashfiles present for the dashboard verison you are trying to build the app will try to download it for you
- Added: If the file « su20076000_00000000″ exists in the directory for the version you are trying to build it’ll do a quick verification that it’s the correct version and such, it’ll warn you if it finds any error along the check, and also if the version don’t match…
- Added: Information about where to get official updates/news about this GUI, visit: www.homebrew-connection.org if you want the latest news about the gui…

*** There are probably lot’s and lot’s more changes i’ve made that you’ll find that i’ve simply forgotten to write down, but hell, it’s a huge list already! ***

*** NOTE: I’ve only been able to test RGH 2.0 images on 1 falcon, however the xeBuild team has tested their images aswell with success, otherwise they wouldn’t have released it… the GUI ones SHOULD work just fine, but it may always be an error somewhere that nobody has seen yet ***

Quick Build Update : * 2.051 *

- Fixed: Forgot to make sure it copies xell for the new RGH 2.0 type Freeboot, minor adjustment and it now works the way it should
- Fixed: Patching of RGH 2.0 SMC is also fixed now… DAMNIT! i need to start checking more closely :$

NEWS SOURCE: http://www.homebrew-connection.org/xebuild-gui-2-05-the-official-gui-front-end-for-xebuild-is-now-availiable/

Our thanks to 'Kaos2K' for this news update!