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09-14-2012, 04:41 PM
All-in-One JTAG/RGH application


nknave has updated his AiO tool for installation and modification of your Xbox 360 and now includes full Corona v2 support!

360 HackBox Lite by nknave, is an all in one tool for installation and modification of the Xbox 360, and its compatible with JTAG/RGH Hack (1, 2).

The new v2.0.12.233 now features full Corona v2 support and adds an SD Reader/Flasher, which is based on Swizzy's Tool.

Here's the full changelog:

v2.0.12.233 ( Almost Final )

- Added SD Reader/Flasher based on Swizzy's Tool
- Added tasks support for Corora v2 4G NAND (ecc and xebuild)
- Modified the interface section a little to list available removeable devices
This is to choose your Corona v2 NAND mounted as SD Card
- Added a Device Refresh Button to list the partitions available when you reconect the SD Reader
- Modified the launch.ini editor to allow fixed settings from multiple choice in the future
- Added xeBuild 1.04.535 to build Corona v2 Freeboot images
- Added show DVD Key and SecData Offse in Other_Info tab when creating FreeBoot image
- Fixed a bug in the CPU Key obtain from Xell code
- Light esthetic changes
- Includes a beta demo of "Video-Tutorials" which streams directly from you YouTube.
- Currently only videos in spanish
- You may find it at Menu > Tools > Video-Tutorials Online

VIDEO-TUTORIALS (Beta) screenshot:


You can download the newest version from HERE! (https://dl.dropbox.com/u/93325223/360-HackBox Lite v2.0.zip)

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Our thanks to 'Gauss' for this news item!