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EA Access offers top games on XB1 for $5 per month

Jul 29, 2014 - 3:32 PM - by garyopa
EA Access wants to be the 'Netflix' model for video games

EA has just announced it will launch a subscription service on XB1 that offers up a slew of EA games for one flat rate.
EA Access will launch into beta today, but will soon be deployed to all XB1'ers.

EA is launching soon a new service called 'EA Access' were you pay only $5 per month and get access to all their top games and big discounts on DLC packages, similar to 'NetFlix' model but for video games and to be only available to Xbox One console owners.

Four games will be included during the beta: FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggle 2 and Battlefield 4, though others are in the works. EA Access membership includes a 10 percent discount on digital EA content, even full games, sold through the Xbox Games Store. Members will also get early access to trials of games such as Madden NFL 15, NHL 15, FIFA 15, NBA Live 15 and Dragon Age: Inquisition up to five days before retail release.

The service will be available for $4.99 a month or $29.99 annually. In a surprising move, retailers like GameStop will sell the memberships, which will be available in the U.S., Canada and Europe.
Sadly, this is another step towards never owning your games, because if you stop paying monthly, you can't play your games any more.

Sony has found success with "giving away" games every month for subscription of PlayStation Plus, and Microsoft is now catching up and starting to up the quality of the games being offered. But EA is taking things a step forward and launching a subscription-based service for the Xbox One.

The price is relatively low. $30 a year gets you access to games, early access to content and a discount on new releases and DLC. If you're a fan of more than two or three EA franchises it's almost a no-brainer. You're going to save money, and EA likely has enough betas and fun surprises lined up that you'll feel special for signing up.

Hell, I'll likely buy a subscription once this story is up. I want to try the first few games, I'm looking forward to seeing how the experiment plays out, and early access to content will help me work. It's a slam dunk.

But let's be clear, this is a shift of power from the buyer to EA. You'll lose access to content if your subscription lapses, just like the free-game initiatives from Sony and Microsoft that are designed to keep you paying month after month, year after year. EA has an easy way of tracking your spending habits and buying habits, and could begin to offer you tailored content to match your playing patterns.

"EA Access gives sports gamers a very strong incentive to play on Xbox One - especially the people who play a lot of Ultimate Team, because they'll get 10 percent off the mode's microtransactions," Polygon's Samit Sarkar said. "And the old Season Ticket program was $25/year for three days' worth of early access to new sports titles (along with discounts on DLC)."

"I've been defaulting to PS4 for most games in this generation, including sports titles, but EA Access will likely change that. And it could encourage die-hard sports gamers who are sitting on the new-gen fence to buy an Xbox One," he continued. There's a lot of value here for sports gamers, and Sony needs to get moving to somehow counter it.

The importance of having this sort of service within Xbox Live can't be understated, and it locks you into EA's platforms and products in a way the company couldn't before. It could be a good deal for customers, but it's definitely a good deal for EA. It's also another step away from true game ownership.
So what you think of EA's latest plan to rack in some monthly bucks forever and have total control over game ownership now?

NEWS SOURCE #1: The days of owning games are coming to an end (via) PolyGon
NEWS SOURCE #2: EA offers top games and big discounts for $5 a month... [Read More]
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Killer Instinct Classic 2 for XB1 details leaked

Jul 28, 2014 - 4:54 PM - by garyopa
Outed by Game Rating Board via NeoGAF

A Korean Game Rating Board submission named 'Killer Instinct Classic 2' as an upcoming release for the Xbox One, suggesting that Microsoft is planning a port of the 1996 arcade game Killer Instinct 2

Seems like the next Killer Instinct game from its famous Arcade era days is getting now also ported to the next-gen Xbox One console.

Microsoft previously bundled a port of 1994's Killer Instinct with its Xbox One reboot issued last year. The retitled Killer Instinct Classic was available as a free bonus for players who purchased Killer Instinct's Ultra Edition and boxed Pin Ultimate Edition.

Developer Iron Galaxy Studios revealed earlier this month that Killer Instinct 2 star Maya will join Killer Instinct's playable roster this fall as part of its second season of content. Microsoft has not confirmed Killer Instinct Classic 2's existence or a release date, but given the publisher's previous release schedule for Killer Instinct content, the port could surface as part of a second-season bundle.
Of course this is just a rumor for now, but normally when something appears on a Game Rating Board it is really coming out.

NEWS SOURCE: Killer Instinct Classic 2 for Xbox One outed by Game Rating Board (via) JoyStiq
4 Replies | 401 Views Launches Xbox One Sales in China

Jul 28, 2014 - 1:42 AM - by garyopa
Company begins taking exclusive pre-orders through's Mobile QQ and Weixin entry points Inc., China's largest online direct sales company, began taking China pre-orders today for Microsoft Corporation's Xbox One gaming console.

We got a PR today from and Microsoft announcing their exclusive deal to sell pre-orders of the Xbox One ahead of its upcoming big launch next month in China.

As part of an agreement between the companies, will have the exclusive right to accept pre-orders for Xbox One in China from July 28-30 through 's Mobile QQ and Weixin entry points.

"Launching Xbox One sales in China through 's Weixin and Mobile QQ entry points underscores the strength of these platforms with young and sophisticated Chinese consumers,"
said Ms. Shuang Du, Vice President of in charge of the IT and Digital Business Unit. "Through our partnership with Tencent, Chinese consumers are increasingly able to enjoy the shopping experience directly on China's most popular mobile communications platforms. We will continue to focus on providing the most convenient channels for Chinese consumers to purchase authentic products through their mobile devices."

On July 31, the website and 's exhibition booth at the ChinaJoy Expo in Shanghai will also begin taking pre-orders.

The Xbox One will be the first gaming console available for purchase through authorized sales channels in China since 2000.

About, Inc., Inc. is the leading online direct sales company in China. The Company strives to offer consumers the best online shopping experience. Through its content-rich and user-friendly website and mobile applications, offers a wide selection of authentic products at competitive prices and deliver products in a speedy and reliable manner.

As of March 31, 2014, offered approximately 40.2 million SKUs across 13 categories of products. The Company believes it has the largest fulfillment infrastructure of any e-commerce company in China. operated 7 fulfillment centers and a total of 86 warehouses with an aggregate gross floor area of approximately 1.5 million square meters in 36 cities, and 1,620 delivery stations and 214 pickup stations in 495 cities across China, staffed by its own employees. The Company provided same-day delivery in 43 cities under its 211 program and next-day delivery in another 256 cities across China as of March 31, 2014.

For more information, please visit .
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Man stabbed stepdad with Knife after Xbox argument

Jul 24, 2014 - 11:16 AM - by garyopa
Cameron Hall flew into a rage when John Marsey walked into the gamer's bedroom, Durham Crown Court heard

A 20 year-old man stabbed his stepfather in an argument over a games console.
'There had been arguments earlier over an X-Box console and other family matters,' said Tony Cornberg, prosecuting.

When its comes to crime involving a gaming console, the Xbox is the clear winner, as we report the sad news of let another case of a violent act occurring after an argument had occurred involving the Xbox console.

"When Mr Marsey entered the bedroom, he saw Hall lying on the bed holding a Swiss army knife.

"Hall jumped up and shouted to Mr Marsey he was going to kill him.

"There was a struggle during which the knife was brought down on Mr Marsey's leg.

"Hall also made slashing motions at his face."

The court heard Mr Marsey was taken to Sunderland Royal Hospital where he was treated for the 15mm deep wound.

Hall, 20 of Cotsford Park Estate, Horden, admitted unlawful wounding on February 8.

He appeared for sentencing via a video link from his cell in Doncaster prison.

In a victim impact statement Mr Marsey, described in court as only a few years older than Hall, said there had been many issues with Hall's behaviour and he had done his best for him in the six years he had been living with Hall's mother.

"I feel all that has been thrown back into my face," Mr Marsey added.

Matthew Collins, for Hall, said that his client had served more than five months in prison on remand.

"He has no previous convictions for violence and has shown genuine remorse for this offence," added Mr Collins.

Judge Christopher Prince sentenced Hall to a two-year supervision order.

The judge told him: "If I passed a prison sentence, you would be released from it in a matter of weeks.

"This sentence means you will be released immediately, but you will be supervised for a much longer period which will better protect the public.

"If you breach any of the terms of the order, you will come back before me and you should expect to go back to custody."

Hall was made the subject of a restraining order banning him indefinitely from contacting his victim.
Maybe this proves the theory that violent games do infact cause violent acts to occur in real-life, at least when it comes to the Xbox!

NEWS SOURCE: Horden man stabbed stepdad with Swiss army knife after Xbox argument (via) SunderlandEcho
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Son Discovers Father's 'Ghost' in Xbox Racing Game

Jul 24, 2014 - 9:52 AM - by garyopa
His 'ghost' still lived on in the game, challenging other players to beat its time.

Ten years after his father's death, one gamer discovered his dad's 'ghost' in an unlikely place -- inside an original Xbox game.

A young man decides to dust off the old original Xbox and fire it up, and he was shocked that his dad that passed away 10 years old was still living as 'ghost car' on the old console in racing game, from when they used to play the game together when he was a kid.

According to Yahoo! Autos, YouTube commenter 00WARTHERAPY00 lost his father when he was only six years old. Before he passed, the two played a racing game, RalliSport Challenge, together. He booted up the old Microsoft console a decade later and discovered his father had completed a lap the fastest.

His "ghost" still lived on in the game, challenging other players to beat its time. The commenter stepped up to the task:

"...And so I played and played and played until I was almost able to beat the ghost. Until one day I got ahead of it, I surpassed it, and... I stopped right in front of the finish line, just to ensure I wouldn't delete it. Bliss."
Have you ever experienced coming across a love one living on in one of your video gaming consoles?

NEWS SOURCE: Son Discovers Father's 'Ghost' in Xbox Racing Game (via) IGN
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Armed robber caught in the act by Xbox gamer

Jul 23, 2014 - 2:00 PM - by garyopa
Jay Georgiou was jailed for 8 years for robbery and possession of an imitation firearm

An armed robber who tied up three men in a flat raid was caught after one of the victim's pals heard the whole episode through his Xbox gaming headset

Gaming online with your buddies can end up saving your life, as what happen in this case that was helped with the open mic on their Xbox Gaming headset that their faraway online buddies heard the whole home invasion and were able to help bring one of robbers to justice, and now he is serving 8 years in prison for his crimes.

Jay Georgiou, 19, and an accomplice burst in on the trio at their home in Eastbourne, East Sussex, on April 1, while one of them was playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 with a friend in Brighton.

Georgiou, who wore a crash helmet during the robbery, hit one of the men with his imitation handgun and the robbers both threatened to shoot and stab them if they did not give them money and drugs.

They then tied up their victims and made off from the flat in Tenterden Close with laptop, mobile phones and the X-Box with games, Sussex Police said.

But a friend of the victims, who lived 25 miles away in Brighton, had heard the attack via his gaming headset and called police, who got a description and arrested Georgiou a mile away in Milfoil Drive two hours later.

Detective constable Richard Holder said: "This was a terrifying incident for the victims who appear to have been targeted entirely by mistake.

"The robbers were brutal in their treatment of the friends but Georgiou even stopped during the incident to take a phone call from his probation officer as he had missed an appointment.

"We will continue to work to track down the other robber involved so that he too can face justice like Georgiou."
This is not the first time we posted something like this, so maybe everyone should leave their Xbox on with Kinect even to capture more crimes as they happen, and make the world a safer place to game in.

NEWS SOURCE: Armed robber caught in the act by Xbox gamer is jailed for eight years (via) Mirror
2 Replies | 276 Views

Xbox Tweets Third-Party Games As XB1 Exclusives

Jul 23, 2014 - 9:16 AM - by garyopa
Been deleted now, but the fallout from fanboys is still raging on various social networks

The official Xbox twitter page oddly tweeted out an image saying some huge third-party games are Xbox One exclusives. That’s kind of misleading.

Xbox Marketing Team has been making alot of mistakes recently, and the biggest one was Tweet this week, showing bunch of games that is not exclusive but saying under the picture that Xbox One has the best exclusives, making the image very misleading.

The tweet showed images of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Sunset Overdrive, Assassin's Creed Unity, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Forza Horizon 2 and Evolve. Out of the games listed, only three of them are Xbox One exclusives. If you want to get technical, only Sunset Overdrive is a real Xbox One exclusive. Forza Horizon 2 is getting an Xbox 360 version. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a remake that contains old Halo games. It's an Xbox One exclusive sure, but the older games were released for the Xbox and Xbox 360 too.

The official Xbox twitter page shouldn't have misled people into thinking all of these games are Xbox One exclusives. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is also coming to Xbox 360, PC, PS4 and PS3. Assassin's Creed Unity is coming to PC and PS4. As for Evolve, that game is coming out on PC and PS4 too.

It's worth mentioning many people saw this marketing blunder and Xbox deleted the original tweet. Kotaku managed to grab a screenshot of the original blunder. All in all, most of these games are not Xbox One exclusives. Activision, 2K and Ubisoft didn't sell all their games to be Xbox One exclusives.
The fallout from Tweet is still raging on various social networks, with rants from fanboys from both next-gen consoles, so in the end maybe Microsoft was smart making this mistake, they got alot of free press coverage over it, and tons of people talking about XB1!

NEWS SOURCE: Xbox Tweets Third-Party Games As Xbox One Exclusives (via) AttackOfTheFanBoy
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Microsoft ships 11.7 million Xbox consoles in 2014

Jul 22, 2014 - 8:17 PM - by garyopa
Overall, shipments of both of its Xbox consoles added up to 11.7 million in 2014; last year, during which Microsoft only shipped Xbox 360s, it sent 9.9 million units of hardware to retail.

The company shipped 1.1 million units of Xbox hardware (including both the X360 & XB1) to retailers during the quarter, a modest year-on-year gain of just 100,000 units despite having a new system!

The fiscal-year-end results for Microsoft is finally out, but sadly we don't know how well or how badly their new flagship Xbox One console is doing, as they decided to combine the 'shipped numbers' for both generations of consoles, so it hides how well or bad XB1 is doing.

Today, Microsoft released its fourth quarter 2014 and full-year 2014 results for the period ending June 30th, 2014. The company overall saw revenues of $86.8 billion for 2014, a notable increase from last year's $77.8 billion.

Microsoft overall saw still-gigantic profits (operating income) of $27.76 billion for the year, up from 2013's $26.76 billion. For the fourth quarter, it saw operating income of $6.4 billion, up from $6 billion in the fourth quarter of 2013 -- this despite some significant setbacks, including a $692 million loss associated with its new phone business, acquired from Nokia. Growth of cloud services and Windows revenues more than offset that, however.

Following an internal re-organization, its newly christened Computing and Gaming Hardware division, which contains both the Xbox and Surface tablet hardware, saw quarterly revenue of $1.4 billion, a slight increase from $1.1 billion in the same quarter of 2013, and $9.6 billion for the year, a leap from $6.4 billion the year prior.

The company shipped 1.1 million units of Xbox hardware (including both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One) to retailers during the quarter, a modest year-on-year gain of just 100,000 units despite having a new system on the market.

Overall, shipments of both of its Xbox consoles added up to 11.7 million in 2014; last year, during which Microsoft only shipped Xbox 360s, it sent 9.9 million units of hardware to retail. The Xbox One was on sale for more than half of the fiscal year, having launched on November 22 in North America, parts of Europe, and elsewhere.

Xbox hardware revenue for the quarter grew by $104 million, which the company mostly chalks up to the higher price of the Xbox One. As promised, Microsoft used the quarter to draw down existing inventory of Xbox systems, it said. The company didn't provide any information on the performance of its first-party games or Xbox Live business.
So what you think of Microsoft results, and their trick of 'combining' the results of both consoles in their year-end figures?

NEWS SOURCE: Microsoft ships 11.7 million Xbox consoles in 2014 (via) Gamasutra
5 Replies | 329 Views

Xbox One TV ad uses Rocky to show they're WINNERS

Jul 22, 2014 - 9:59 AM - by garyopa
Xbox One gets off the ropes with a motivational quote from Rocky

Xbox One apparently sees itself as the console for the ultimate underdog — Rocky Balboa — in a 30-second YouTube spot it put out Monday.

Xbox One may have been loosing the last few rounds in the next-gen console war with Sony, but it seems their marketing dept. thinks they are like Rocky and will be WINNERS in the end, as next few rounds will be packed with the best games coming out this holiday.

While "Xbox One: Best Games" probably was conceived, created and approved well before last week, it airs at a time when the console is figuratively on the ropes. Despite a hot holiday start, Xbox One has been outsold by its PlayStation 4 rival in North America for the past six months, according to the market research firm NPD.

Further, Microsoft just announced the largest round of layoffs in company history, with the closure of the ambitious Xbox One Entertainment division - after little more than a year in operation - among the dismissals.

So, here's Rocky Balboa to rally the troops. The quote comes from this scene in 2006's Rocky Balboa, in which the boxer's son tries to talk him out of fighting a much younger Mason "The Line" Dixon.

Polygon reached out to Microsoft on the off-chance there was some subtext to this particular advertisement. We received the following statement from a spokesperson:

The ad campaign highlights the games coming to Xbox One this holiday - the largest and most critically-acclaimed lineup of games for Holiday 2014 honored at this year's E3. Xbox One is the only place to play the best exclusives and all of the biggest blockbusters of the year. The ad pays tribute to the competitive spirit of gamers and celebrates how gamers rise to the challenge in a game. We're excited about the amazing games coming to Xbox One this year and look forward to playing with Xbox fans around the world.
Of the games shown, Xbox One-exclusive Sunset Overdrive launches Oct. 28. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a high-definition anthology of the first four games in the series, arriving Nov. 11. Assassin's Creed Unity launches Oct. 28 and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare launches Nov. 4, and both will also be available on PlayStation.
So after viewing the ad below, what you think of Microsoft using Rocky's voice to promote their great line-up of games?

NEWS SOURCE: Xbox One gets off the ropes with a motivational quote from Rocky (via) PolyGon
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Lacrosse Video Game for PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Jul 21, 2014 - 3:32 PM - by garyopa
This guy wants to make a Lacrosse game on consoles & looks like plenty of people want him to make it

After two months Carlo Sunseri, the founder of Crosse Studios has managed to raise $135,481 in the pursuit of making his dream game: a Lacrosse simulator that matches the quality of FIFA or Madden.

There has not really been a 'Lacrosse' game on consoles before, but finally this guy whom already has produced ones for Android and iOS platforms has successfully raised over $130k on his 'IndieGoGo' project page to produce one finally for both last-gen consoles and now even next-gen consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 thanks to them reaching their stretch goal with still 3 days to go.

After two months Carlo Sunseri, the founder of Crosse Studios has managed to raise $135,481 in the pursuit of making his dream game: a Lacrosse simulator that matches the quality of FIFA or Madden. That's enough to reach a stretch goal of creating the game on last gen platforms, PC and the PS4 and Xbox One.

Carlo has made Lacrosse games on the Android and iOS, but "now is the time to expand" he says, to take his brand of playable Lacrosse to the big leagues of console gaming. I literally know nothing about Lacrosse. In fact my only experience with Lacrosse was when Chris Klein played it in American Pie. That is literally the only time I've seen it being played.

Lacrosse 15 is a console sports simulation where authentic lacrosse gameplay, high quality graphics, multi-year dynasty mode, competitive online multiplayer, real-time RPG leveling, and in-depth character customization are seamlessly integrated and delivered over Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the PC. Xbox ONE and PS4 will be included if we can reach our stretch goal of $115k!

So if this game can get funded, maybe it gives hope for other minority sports to appear on consoles, thanks to crowdfunding sites.

NEWS SOURCE #1: Lacrosse Video Game for PlayStation, Xbox and PC (via) IndieGoGo
NEWS SOURCE #2: This Guy Wants To Make A Video Game About Lacrosse (via) Kotaku
0 Replies | 278 Views

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