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Dash Launch 3.12 Released

Apr 04, 2014 - 10:58 AM - by garyopa
A new version of Dash Launch has been released to allow support for 360 kernel version 16747

This version also includes some additions and bug fixes.



  • default behaviour of live block is now to use strong block rules (at least until ini is loaded)
  • fix compatibility issues with dashes created before AP25 was deployed (spoof the AP functions on older versions)
  • limit fakelive/autofake to 14717+ kernels
  • add export so plugins can find out where they were loaded from during dllMain() (it's volatile, copy it in Main() if you need it!)
  • update 16547 patches to delay network bringup in xam until launch.xex loads
  • add trinity internal usb to hddkeepalive (for those that have a usb hdd hooked up there)
  • add 16747
Known Issues:

- *** WARNING ***

One of the testers observed a console reaching out to live despite liveblock only when fakelive or autofake was enabled. If you intend a keyvault to not get banned, do not use it on a glitch/jtag machine!

  • Autologin pop-up blob does not display properly... live with it.

Currently the project is missing the following supported translations:

  • Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese traditional

Currently supplied translations:

  • English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish

The skin pack includes the sources used to skin dash launch as well as the string files if anyone wishes to create a translation to one of the above languages (including English, as I know my explanations are not always easy to understand.) Also included is a c# based editor for the string files to assist in translation.

External fonts, background image and skins may be used by this, simply place skin.xzp and/or font.ttf and/or background.png (1020x720) beside default.xex. If neither location has a font file supplied the system font on flash will be used.

  • It will launch a XeX or CON file from the path you specified in launch.ini as long as it's valid
  • Depending on the button you hold when the xbox is trying to load the NXE, it will divert to the xex/con tied to that button or return to default as defined in launch.ini
  • At boot time it is possible to subvert default item and/or NXE loading, but you must wait until the controller syncs to do so
  • Depending which button is held when closing miniblade in NXE (use Y button to close, release then hold a QL button) it will quick launch a CON or XEX from your ini file allows one to patch kernel/xam at bootup with a freeBOOT patch style bin file from usb or hdd (in that order) must be in root of the device and be named "kxam.patch" and be no larger than 0x4000 bytes.
  • Again, kxam.patch binary format is the same as a compiled freeboot patch bin, but uses real virtual addresses rather than offsets - as of 2.22 the first 32bit value must instead be the version of the kernel the patches apply to - with the included patch set,
  • launch.xex acts as a helper to detect when xbox1 emulator loads, allowing memory unlock patch and xbox1 emulator to function together

NEWS SOURCE: Xbox Nfo #2335 (via) Xbins

Our thanks to 'steveo1978' for this news item!
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xeBuild 1.12 Released

Apr 04, 2014 - 10:47 AM - by garyopa
This update adds support for kernel 16747 plus other bug fixes and additions

xeBuild is a command line system image builder for JTAG, glitch, and clean images.

Change Log


  • check FCRT.bin signature with PIRS_pub.bin or MAST_pub.bin if available (selection based on content)
  • check DAEP signed signatures in DAE.bin (usually 2) with PIRS_pub.bin if available
  • check CRLP signed CRL.bin signatures with PIRS_pub.bin if available
  • fix mobile extraction stalling process on corrupt NAND
  • do not patch boot reasons into flash header for devkit and retail builds, only glitch and jtag
  • added patch to kernel to attempt to block network until launch.xex has loaded (if available)
  • add -o smcnocheck to image build options/ini; avoids fatal build error if smc is unknown
  • add 16747
  • fixed: was not automatically creating all the folders for 16747 avatar data to be valid
How To Use:

  • See individual folders for lists of files to provide
  • If desired provide replacement cpu and 1bl keys in text files
  • open a command window in the xeBuild directory
  • on the command line type, for example:

example - if you provided keys in appropriate text files
xeBuild.exe -t glitch -c falcon -d myfalcon myfalconout.bin

-t glitch = build a glitch type image
-c falcon = use falcon bl and patch set
-d myfalcon = a folder is present called "myfalcon" with per machine files, this uses it myfalconout.bin = the file that will be produced

  • type 'xeBuild.exe -?', 'xebuild client -?' or 'xebuild update -?' for command line info

Update and Client modes:

Both modes require the supported updsvr running on the xbox, full functionality may require updating console patches with the included hv patches. Both the PC and the xbox need to be on the same subnet/LAN router.

Client mode is a simple way to read, write and patch flash as well as few other simple commands such as the patch updater. The patch updater will look in the folders beside the exe for {version#}\bin\patches_{type}.bin which are full patches for whichever console and hack type, it will load and strip the patches if needed and send them to the console. Note that only xebuild images are truly supported for this.

Most of the client mode commands should be available on any console, even unhacked devkits. See output from 'xebuild client -?' for more information on the options available.

Update mode attempts to retain as much data about the console as possible, without having to provide any info on the command line aside from optional/addon patches if required. After you copy the $SystemUpdate folder into (in this example) the folder 16203 it is capable of taking a simple command line like:

  • xebuild update -f 16203 -a nohdmiwait

It will fetch all the info from the console, and use the updater to update both the system flash and avatar data on the console (provided you have an 360 formatted HDD internally in the console.)

It has some more advanced options to allow one to build the update image as well as dump the data from the console as it's acquired, while even leaving the console data untouched. See output from 'xebuild update -?' for more information on the options available.

Neither update or client image writes are able to affect bad blocks, but are able to write new ones.

If this happens mistakenly, an erase block command has been provided in client that will attempt to clear the bad block - use with caution though, blocks get marked as bad for good reasons and is a normal occurrence on NAND when a block becomes unreliable.

With big block machines, the server will attempt to retain any NAND mu data in the system area, provided there is no system data to write in the image being sent. It's not foolproof, but update mode should not corrupt NAND mu.


  • take
... [Read More]
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'Xenia' - Xbox 360 emulator shows some progress

Mar 29, 2014 - 10:40 AM - by garyopa
Video of Frogger 2 running (although extremely slow).

Ben Vanik has released a video for Xenia, showcasing his emulator running a commercial game for the first time.

A few weeks ago, we informed you about 'Project Xenia', a WIP Xbox 360 emulator for PC.

Well, this week the emu author, Ben Vanik, released a video showcasing Frogger 2 -released on Xbox Live Arcade in 2008- running on it... although very slow.

Project homepage:

This is the first game to run in the emulator. It's currently using my debug interpreter so it's extremely slow for now. Minor graphical glitches (missing text, some screen clearing issues), but otherwise works. Riveting, I know, but ya gotta start somewhere

Quick answers:

  • Yes, it's real.
  • Yes, it'll get faster.
  • No, [game X] doesn't run yet. This is the only game that does.
  • No, you can't have an executable. If anyone claims to have one for download it is likely a virus.

Big thanks to Rick ( for the help!
This, along the PS3 emulator one (RPCS3), are still Proof of Concept, but it's always nice to see some progress.

Take a look at the video below! (Gameplay starts at 6:08).

NEWS SOURCE #1: Forum Thread #792239 (via) NeoGAF
NEWS SOURCE #2: Video shows Xbox 360 emulation (via) PolyGon

Our thanks to 'Gauss' for this news item!
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Xbox One controller now works on PC

Mar 13, 2014 - 10:39 AM - by garyopa
Thanks to a modder

An unofficial solution to get the new Xbox One controller working on your PC

So, while we are waiting for Microsoft to support the Xbox One controller on PC (they promised it was coming at some point in 2014), we can try this workaround that Lucas Assis has developed with some software/drivers. This in conjunction with another program will allow you to use the controller on Windows (Mac and Linux versions are on their way).

Warning again, this was developed on under a day, I'm releasing due to a high number of people asking for it. It works, and it works great, but it's not really that easy to install (involves installing another 2 programs, both which are open-source and adware free).

I recommend XPadder for setting up the gamepad to keys, or x360ce for XInput games (but I WON'T give support for x360ce, DON'T EVEN ask me about it. I inserted a little about it on this video, but x360ce is actually the most buggy app I have ever tinkered with. I don't want this problem in my life xD).

Linux and Mac users: probably will have a version soon.

PS.: Non-English speaker, been a few months without speaking. Sorry for hiccups
You can watch the video he prepared to know how to do the installation.

NEWS SOURCE: Folder (via) OneDrive

Our thanks to 'Kaos2K' for this news item!
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Team-Xecuter announces XODE for Xbox 360

Mar 11, 2014 - 10:41 AM - by garyopa
'The next generation of ODE design'.

Team-Xecuter has announced a new ODE alternative that supports both Phat and Slim with both 2.5 and 3.5 HDD footprints.

In case you missed it, Team-Xecuter is back with another new upcoming product for the Xbox 360.

XODE is an ODE alternative for the console, and supports both Phat and Slim models. But, this one is different to other products: it's a complete replacement for the DVD drive that has everything you need built in.

Here's the full info:

It's been a quiet few months regarding development on anything new and we've had this under our hats for a while. We always said we'd never do an ODE product but felt we could make something better than what is currently available.

Presenting XODE: The next generation of ODE design.

Supports Phat and Slim with both 2.5" and 3.5" HDD footprints. We have also added support for an optional wifi dongle so you can navigate and load games from a web interface on your Computer or Smartphone

As you can see we've taken a completely different approach to this by designing a complete replacement for the DVD drive that has everything you need built in. As you can see the 2.5" designs are all hot swappable

We are interested in as much feedback as possible - including any issues you have with other 360 ODE products that you would like to see addressed with the XODE.
And, some shots (more on the source link below!):





NEWS SOURCE: Forum Thread #144256 (via) Team-Xecuter

Our thanks to 'Gauss' for this news item!
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Xbox 360 Emulator in the works

Mar 06, 2014 - 11:44 AM - by garyopa
Project Xenia

Ben Vanik has begun working on a project to get a stable Xbox 360 emulator

Yes, it is true, some smart dude has started to work on a fully functional Xbox 360 emulator that someday may be completed.

The goal of this project is to experiment, research, and educate on the topic of emulation of modern devices and operating systems. It is not for enabling illegal activity. All information is obtained via reverse engineering of legally purchased devices and games and information made public on the internet (you'd be surprised what's indexed on Google)- Ben Vanik
Curious? Then head to the link below.

NEWS SOURCE: Xenia (via) GITHub

Our thanks to 'Kaos2K' for this news item!
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Pinky's XBOX360 Tutorials (added fakeanim tutorial)

Feb 27, 2014 - 9:16 PM - by pinky
Pinky's XBOX360 Tutorials

Hello. My name is Pinky. Let me preface my list by saying that I didn't discover all of these hacks. Where needed, I have credited the person who had originally discovered the hack (at the bottom of the applicable tutorials). Out of respect, all of these tutorials and accompanying files are my own. If you need help with any of them, don't hesitate to ask.

How To Recharge A "Dead" Xbox360 Controller Rechargeable Battery Pack

... [Read More]
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Kinect-based system used to monitor the Korean border

Feb 24, 2014 - 3:44 PM - by garyopa
'The amazing ways that video games have become increasingly militarised'.

Take a look at how Microsoft's Kinect is being used to guard the South Korean border...

Microsoft's movement-sensitive Kinect cameras have been deployed to the border between North and South Korea, in order to guard it.

The system, developed by Ko Jae-Kwan, was implemented on the border last August but was revealed to the general public just last month, and it's used to track and identify what passes across the DMZ. It can distinguish the difference between humans and animals, and if it senses the former it will alert the closest outpost of its presence.

Here's the report by Daily Mail, which also describes how video games have become increasingly militarised:

The Kinect sensor, which was designed to allow hands-free play on the Xbox, is the basis of the latest security system deployed along the world's last Cold War frontier.

But incredible as it may seem, the adaptation of the device by a South Korean programmer is just the latest adaptation of video gaming principles to military purposes.

Eugene K. Chow, writing in The Week, compiled a list of the video games technology that has made the leap from virtual warfare to the actual blood and tears real thing.

He describes how Xbox joypads, WiiMote controllers, PlayStation 3s and the wrap-around monitor set ups enjoyed by hardcore PC gamers have all found uses with armed forces.

South Korea's military found a use for the Kinect controllers after Ko Jae-Kwan, a self-taught coder and software entrepreneur, wrote software that allows them to differentiate between human and animal movement.

As a military buffer zone, Korea's demilitarised zone remains an area of profound Cold War hostility, but its isolation has also created an accidental wildlife park recognised as one of the best-preserved habitats on Earth.

And that had been a problem for the previous technology used by the South to guard its border.

Mr Ko, 39, told AFP: 'Existing sensors, which had been in place along the border, were highly efficient but could not tell the difference between humans and animals, sending wrong signals frequently.'

He claimed that his Xbox based device, which has been in use along certain sections of the DMZ since last August, could detect the sound, movement and direction of anybody attempting to cross the border, with fewer mistakes.

He added: 'For its price, the device is very accurate and effective in covering vulnerable areas.'

Militaries across the world have been turning to consumer-grade technology to bolster their capabilities because the economics of the video game industry forces makers to offer highly advanced technologies at reasonable prices.

Indeed, some companies even sell their hardware at a significant loss in the hope they will make back the difference on the games and accessories customers buy to go with the machines.

That, apparently, is what prompted the U.S. Department of Defense to buy more than 2,000 Sony Playstation 3 consoles to power a military supercomputer, after it judged that they performed comparably to conventional - but far more expensive - supercomputer components.

But it's not just the technology inside the little boxes next to gamers' televisions that militaries have found a use for. The controllers and interfaces developed to actually play games themselves have also proven to be among the best available.

Lockheed Martin took Xbox 360 joypads, modified by simply removing the logo, and issued them to British drone pilots, while the U.S. Army has been seen using the same controller for flightless unmanned vehicles.

Nintendo's more child-friendly offerings have also found a use in the field of combat, with the U.S. Department of Defense modifying the company's WiiMote controller to steer the U.S. Army's Packbot reconnaissance drone.
The full article is below!

NEWS SOURCE #1: How Xboxes used guard South Korean border The amazing ways... [Read More]
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China selling FAKE CronusMAX devices

Feb 20, 2014 - 10:30 AM - by garyopa
Be Warned!

ControllerMAX (formerly CronusMAX) warns about some China dealers trying to sell fake CronusMAX devices.

According to the guys over at ControllerMAX (formerly CronusMAX), some Chinese dealers are trying to sell old Cronus Device stock and passing them off as CronusMAX.

Apparently, these have been badly repaired by hand, so you are now WARNED. Don't get those!

Here's the info:

BE WARNED! There are China dealers trying to sell old Cronus Device stock and passing them off as CronusMAX. We received various samples and most seemed to have been repaired by hand and the work was terrible with dry joints and bridge solder on the IC (see picture). Half of them wouldn't even work without some soldering repairs or replacement of components.

All the serial numbers showed up as none CM and none of them will work with Gtuner or any of the GamePacks and none of them can be programmed to any new firmware or new features. Make sure you buy from a genuine retailer listed at

If you have already bought one of these expecting for everything to work correctly then you have two options. Return it to whomever you bought it from for a refund or you can pay the ControllerMAX Upgrade fee of $29.99 available at our store.

NEWS SOURCE #1: Show Thread #141681 (via) ControllerMax
NEWS SOURCE #2: Show Thread #143970 (via) Team-Xecuter

Our thanks to 'Gauss' for this news item!
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CronusMAX team begins to offer old Cronus device upgrade service

Feb 06, 2014 - 4:22 PM - by garyopa
For only $29.99.

Old Cronus device owners can now upgrade to a new, fully featured CronusMAX for only $29.99.

The CronusMAX team has announced a Cronus device to CronusMAX upgrade service.

So if you own an old Cronus device, you'll be able to upgrade it to a fully featured CronusMAX for only $29.99.

Here's the info:

If you have an old Cronus Device (any model) and wish to update to the all new CronusMAX firmware with full access to all of the new apps, plugins & game packs then this will be music to your ears!

We are now testing the new CronusMAX store where you can purchase an upgrade for only $29.99 (half the price of a CronusMAX!) - We are currently testing the new system so be one of the first to use it at

Save $$$ by updating your original device right now! No need to pay $59.95 if you have an old Cronus device (any model including H1, Xtreme etc)

To check if your device can be updated go to and enter your serial number.

When ordering enter your serial number in the Customer Notes box on the checkout page. As soon as your device has been upgraded we will let you know by setting your order to COMPLETE and you can then goto to check your serial number is set to CronusMAX. You will then be able to update your devices firmware with the Gtuner software.

NOTE: Do NOT attempt to update with Gtuner until we have confirmed that your serial number has been updated - it may damage your Cronus device.

For information on how to download Gtuner and update your Cronus go to this web page.
And the new CronusMAX features:

  • Support for Xbox One Consoles
  • Support for Xbox One Wired Controllers
  • Support for PS4 Wireless Controllers
  • Support for PS4 Wired Controllers
  • Support for WiiU Pro Controllers
  • Improved Xbox 360 Performance
  • Improved PS3 Performance
  • New Gtuner Software
  • New MaxAIM Plugin for Keyboard & Mouse
  • New GameREC Plugin for Macros & Scripts
  • New Combo Magick Plugin for Combos
  • New MaxRemapper Plugin for Custom Controller Button Mapping
  • Access to the Complete Range of latest GamePacks
  • Lifetime Support & Free Updates !
More info on the official CronusMAX forums by following the links below, but may I suggest if you have not gotten one yet, check out one of the official resellers 'ModChipCentral' they offer great shipping and pricing & are a proud sponsor of our MaxConsole forums.

NEWS SOURCE #1: Forum Thread #141465 (via) CronusMax
NEWS SOURCE #2: Show Thread #143532 (via) Team-Xecuter

Our thanks to 'Gauss' for this news item!
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