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ModChipCentral - Forum

Sony PS4 Remote Play Ported to All Android Devices

Sep 22, 2014 - 10:46 AM - by garyopa
Sony's Exclusive PS4 Remote Play For Their Xperia Devices has been cracked to work on non-Sony stuff

It sure didn't take long after Sony announced their super exclusive new Xperia feature of havng PS4 Remote Play on their tablets, now everyone with Android 4.0 device can enjoy using PS4 Remote Play!

Once I heard Sony was going to allow PS4 Remote Play on their Xperia devices, I knew it hackers will get it to work on other Android devices, and sure enough they did, all tho looks like you have to wait until November when Sony releases the full Xperia app to use.

For those not in the know, PS4 Remote Play is a unique feature that allows you to remotely play PlayStation 4 games on the device.

Unfortunately, according to comment from a Sony representative, the company has "no intent to bring remote play to any device other than Xperia" - a disappointment for anyone wanting to try out the feature on their non-Xperia device.

But don't let this get you down however, as XDA Forum Member XperiaPlaystation has managed to port PS4 Remote Play over to any Android device.

The port is to be installed by flashing the provided ZIP package and installing the provided APK as a normal app plus a few extra steps in between such as wiping the cache and rebooting.

The port will work only with devices running Android 4.0 or newer. Additionally, Xperia Z1 owners may have an additional step of changing the build.prop in order to get this up and running.
For More Info on how to get this going on your non-Sony Android device, check out the source links below.

NEWS SOURCE: Sony PS4 Remote Play Ported to All Android Devices (via) PS4-Scene
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Analyst Claims Sony could become the ONLY Console!

Sep 21, 2014 - 11:35 AM - by garyopa
Could Sony control the whole console market? -- Analyst's think so!

A US analyst has predicted that Sony could eventually grow to control virtually the entire console market.

You might have to soon forgot about your beloved Xbox One or Wii U, as this analyst claims that if Sony plays their cards right, they could become the only console that matters in your living room.

"Sony has the potential to make the game console market its exclusive territory," Bank of America/Merrill Lynch analyst Eiichi Katayama told The Wall Street Journal in a report claiming that the company's current strategy is to transform its successful PlayStation division into a hub for a broader entertainment offer, part of which will include streaming TV.

It also wants to expand its in-beta PS Now streaming games service to phones, tablets and non-Sony TVs.

Chief executive Andrew House has admitted to discussions with a range of content partners regarding TV streaming, which Sony plans to introduce in the US before the end of the year.

Viacom has already been confirmed as a partner, with plans to offer MTV and Nickelodeon content.

Said House: "A streaming-based approach needs to have a very wide funnel of devices, and that inherently means a broad- and manufacturer-agnostic approach."
Well I hate to disagree with so-called 'expert analysts', but Microsoft tried this from day one with their Xbox One, calling it an all-in-one solution and so far its not working out too well with them, Sony was basically number 1 before with their earlier PlayStation's but it was the GAMES that did it, not all these added on 'other services'.

But what you think could Sony become the only console that matters again, IF they play their cards right as this analyst thinks?

NEWS SOURCE: 'Sony has the potential to make the game console market its exclusive territory', analyst claims (via) MCV UK
15 Replies | 624 Views

Sony Signs Deal With Viacom to Stream TV to PlayStation

Sep 18, 2014 - 7:35 PM - by garyopa
Can Sony Replace Your Cable With A PlayStation?

The terms of the deal are murky; the Wall Street Journal has only confirmed that Viacom has fully signed on for the streaming plan. But Sony is negotiating with other networks including ComCast

Forgot about the Xbox All-In-One, as soon your PlayStation will be an All-In-One console also, as Sony has recently announced they signed a deal with Viacom to bring 20 TV channels to the PlayStation world, and are in talks with other major cable companies including Comcast, and services will launch this year during the busy holiday season of 2014.

A recent report indicates Sony is currently meeting with potential content partners in order to introduce an internet TV streaming service to PlayStation later this year.

This is according to the Wall Street Journal*, who spoke with Sony's Andrew House about the company's plans to implement streaming services in the coming months.

The report states that just last week, Sony signed an agreement with Viacom that will allow the streaming of over 20 channels, including MTV and Nickelodeon. At this time, it's unclear exactly on which platforms this service will debut.
So word yet on what devices or cost of this new service or if some channels will be bundled in with PSN+, but most likely part of this deal is to help the micro-PlayStation-console that is finally landing over in North America come Oct. 14th, and will be renamed to Play TV from Vita TV, so what you think of all this effort by Sony in trying to replace your 'cable' with the PlayStation brand, it has not fair out too well with Microsoft, but will it work out for Sony?

NEWS SOURCE #1: Sony Signs Deal With Viacom, Will Stream TV to PlayStation in 2014 (via) IGN
NEWS SOURCE #2: Can Sony Replace Your Cable With A PlayStation? (via) GammaSquad
7 Replies | 990 Views

Destiny: PS4’s Biggest Software Launch Yet

Sep 17, 2014 - 8:25 PM - by garyopa
Destiny is still breaking records every week

Destiny has not been out for long, and its already broken many records, and latest one is becoming the PS4's biggest game launch so far, which is logical since nothing else great had been released yet

Sony was proud to post on their PlayStation Blog today, that Destiny is the #1 game on their next-gen PS4 console so far, breaking all previous records, and of course leaving the rival next-gen XB1 to eat their dust as Destiny takes over the world of gaming with its many Sony fans playing it every minute of day since it got released only a week ago.

What a week! Since Destiny launched one week ago, it has officially become the biggest PS4 game launch in North America ever. The game broke records for being the fastest purchased and most played PS4 game during its first week on sale. In fact, last week was our single biggest PS4 hardware sales week since Christmas 2013! That's a lot of PS4s. Thanks, Guardians!

Destiny also racked up some impressive gameplay stats, with PS4 players across North America collectively accumulating more than 11 million gameplay sessions - that's a lot of Guardians! Destiny players have also made full use of PS4's social features; it was the most shared and most broadcasted PS4 game during its first week on sale.

From everyone at PlayStation, we want to say thank you to the fans - none of this would be possible without you! If you're like me you have been up until the wee hours of the morning playing ‘just one more match' with your Fireteam (I'm still trying to get to 26 with my Warlock to prep for Vault of Glass!).

Luckily, the Destiny journey has only just begun. New events are scheduled throughout the next few months, and upcoming expansions including "The Dark Below" and "House of Wolves" are in the works. Each expansion will provide brand-new story missions, cooperative and competitive Crucible arenas, and a wealth of all-new weapons, armor, and gear to earn (hopefully some legendary engrams!). Of course each will have more PlayStation exclusive content. We're looking forward to giving you more details soon.

Partnering with Bungie and Activision on Destiny has been a dream come true. See you in the Crucible where you probably just killed me as a BladeDancer... or in the Tower where I will be dancing on the Post Office.
So what you think about Destiny doing so well on the PlayStation 4 platform, and do you think GTA 5 when it comes out will break these records, or will it be a while before Destiny is knocked off hill as the new King of Sony.

NEWS SOURCE: Destiny: PS4’s Biggest Software Launch Yet (via) US PlayStation Blog
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Custom Jordans the next step in PlayStation 4 love

Sep 16, 2014 - 10:25 AM - by garyopa
Nothing better then $950 PS4 shoes with HDMI ports!

For the well-heeled gamer, FreakerSneaks offers the JRDN 4 X PS4. Your $950 gets you footwear with HDMI ports -- for looks, at least.

Do you love technology and gaming so much, that when you out jogging in the morning you want to show off your love of the Sony PlayStation 4 to your fellow joggers that pass you by on the track, well now you can thanks to these nice PS4 $950 HDMI Shoes!

The company has developed a PlayStation 4-inspired Air Jordan 4 it's calling the "JRDN 4 X PS4." The sneakers are Air Jordan 4s that have been modified to reflect the styling of the PlayStation 4, their creator, Jonny Barry, told DualShockers on Monday. In addition to being all black, the back of the sneakers boasts the familiar PS4 logo. But here's the twist: they also feature an HDMI port.

"I thought it would be funky to add HDMI ports in the heels," Barry told DualShockers. "I tried to make them so the shoes would remain wearable. The HDMI ports have no real function, apart from looking cool and they actually come with a custom Jordan HDMI cable that when attached, can act as a type of carry cord for walking around sneaker conventions or something."

FreakerSneaks was founded in 2005 for customers who wanted to customize popular sneakers. In recent years, there has been a significant resurgence in sneaker fashion and purchasing. Barry's company attempts to capitalize on that by further customizing some of the more popular brands, including Air Jordans. The company creates custom prints for sneakers and places other forms of artwork on them.

Barry told DualShockers that he's long been a gaming fan, which prompted him to make sneakers that appeal to that crowd. For now, he's offering only a very limited run: just 10 pairs of the JRDN 4 X PS4. They'll retail for around $950 -- several hundred dollars more than an actual PlayStation 4 -- and he's accepting orders now.
Next up from the company will be some custom Jordans for the younger hip crowd, a pair of Sonic themed sneakers.

NEWS SOURCE: Custom Jordans the next step in PlayStation 4 love (via) CNET
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University's PlayStation Classroom has DualShock Desks

Sep 05, 2014 - 9:39 AM - by garyopa
Check out this high-tech gaming classroom complete with desks shaped like DualShock controllers

This fall, Sangmyung University in Seoul, South Korea will begin teaching a course on PlayStation.

We all know that South Korea is in love with video gaming, so much so that they are trying to control 'gaming addiction', but at the same time they are teaming up with Sony at an major University to offer a complete course about 'video gaming' that is so high-tech that the desks look like DualShock controllers, check out the photos below:

According to Inven, Ruliweb, and GameFocus (via tipster Sang), the university teamed up with Sony for the course, which uses PS4 consoles and PS Vita handhelds as part of the curriculum. The weekly, three-credit class teaches students about the game industry.

[Photo: GameFocus]

Guest lecturers will also speak, and the course will cover topics ranging from video game history and game graphics to online gaming and marketing. There is even a field trip scheduled to a local game studio! And yes, there is a mid-term and a final exam.

[Photo: PlayStation Korea]

[Photo: Inven]

When the class is not in session, it will be open to other students as a PlayStation demo area.

So what you think of this high-tech classroom, all done in Sony-style in an effort to increase your learning about games?

NEWS SOURCE: University's PlayStation Classroom has DualShock Desks (via) Kotaku
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PlayStation 4 is Finally Getting Theme Support

Sep 02, 2014 - 4:38 PM - by garyopa
Vita isn't the only one copying PS3's style

Are you bored looking at your PlayStation 4's blue background? Well, you're in luck. When firmware v2.0 does finally lands on your PlayStation 4 console, but so far we only at v1.76 with nothing new

Well the idea pictured above never happen, that was dream up by some PS4 fan before the actual console launched, but now we finally be able to change boring blue background with custom themes like we were able to do on the older PS3 generation.

When firmware 2.0 launches for PlayStation 4, you'll be able to download and utilize custom themes on your machine.

This news was revealed at Sony's pre-TGS press conference, and interestingly, similar news was also revealed for Vita, which will also be getting custom themes once Vita firmware 3.30 launches. Custom themes for both PS4 and Vita are largely modeled after the theme system that has been in use on PlayStation 3 for years. Themes let you alter your background image, as well as the appearance of various icons.

In case you're curious, this isn't the first time we've heard talk of PS4's meaty 2.0 update. The roadmap for firmware 2.0 was first outlined at Gamescom, and includes other substantial features in addition to custom theme support, most notably direct video upload to YouTube, custom friend-finding options, and something called Share Play, which allows players from around the world to collaborate on completing a game together.
No release date yet on v2.0, but last night Sony rolled out v1.76 firmware for us PS4 owners, but it added nothing new to brag about, in the meantime you lucky PS Vita owners wll be able to play around with your various new themes since there is nothing much else to do.

NEWS SOURCE: PlayStation 4 is Finally Getting Theme Support (via) IGN
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Sony Adds DragonQuest Game for PlayStation 4

Sep 02, 2014 - 4:16 PM - by garyopa
Vita's to have a new app to watch Twitch-like gameplay feeds

Sony Corp. on Monday unveiled 44 new software titles and new console colors for its PlayStation 4, aiming to broaden the customer base of the successful game machine.

Sony had a nice press conference last night, taking place in Japan and they announced more games coming to the PS4 console to help please their home country market like DragonQuest, and also more PS4 colors are coming, along with a little app on PS Vita to allow you to watch others play games since you can't play anything new on your Vita, so they hope it might get people to pickup a PS4 instead.

Sony Corp. on Monday unveiled 44 new software titles and new console colors for its PlayStation 4, aiming to broaden the customer base of the successful game machine.

Sony Computer Entertainment also said it would provide a free app for its mobile PlayStation Vita machines that will allow users to watch live feeds of other users playing PlayStation 4 games. The company hopes the app would build demand for PlayStation 4 consoles.

Highlighting the popularity of videogames as a spectator sport, Inc. said last week it would buy Twitch Interactive Inc., an Internet video channel for showing videogame battles, for about $970 million in cash.

The PlayStation4 game titles announced on Monday include Everybody's Golf and a game in the long-running Dragon Quest series. For the past decade, Square Enix Co., the creator of Dragon Quest, had released titles in the role-playing series mainly for Nintendo Co. game machines such as Wii.

The PlayStation 4 console is available only in black and Sony previously said it would release the console in white. On Monday, it introduced additional colors in limited-edition consoles, including a silver Dragon Quest edition.

For Sony, the video-game segment is an important cash cow along with financial services. The company reported a surprise net profit for the April-June quarter despite continued struggles in its core electronics business.

A big reason was the success of PlayStation 4. Sony said last month that it has sold more than 10 million PlayStation 4 consoles since the November launch, a record pace for the company.

Analysts say a challenge for Sony's video-game business is expanding the customer base because many of the top PlayStation 4 titles are first-person-shooter games popular among teenage boys and young men.

The new titles are aimed at less dedicated videogame players, who might otherwise play easy videogames on their smartphones.
So what you think of bigger line-up of 'casual games' to the PS4, so they finally getting some shovelware to the console, since all the top AAA+ games are delayed for this season, but I am not sure if they will help increase sales, I see it hurting it more then expanding.

NEWS SOURCE: Sony Adds DragonQuest Game for PlayStation 4 (via) WSJ
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Over The PS4, Are We Ready Yet For 5?

Aug 29, 2014 - 5:22 AM - by garyopa
Sony already announced, Project Morpheus. Does that mean PS5 will be more immersive than the PS4 is?

The PS4 has barely had time to gather dust, but we’re still loving the likes of FIFA 2014 and Grand Theft Auto V.
But what can we expect from the next generation which could be already in development?

The PS4 has barely had time to gather dust, but we're still loving the likes of FIFA 2014 and Grand Theft Auto V. While the pace of sales hasn't dropped and Sony has sold over 10 million consoles, our thoughts are already starting to fix on the next generation of consoles.

We may only be nine months into the PS4's sale, alongside the Xbox One which has also seen the same time period of sale, but rumours surrounding the PS5 and Xbox Two have already been circulating.

But should we really be listening yet? After all, it took Sony six years after the PlayStation for the PS2 to be released, a further six for the PS3, and November's release was eight years in the waiting. By that estimation, we could be waiting until 2022.

However, that is unlikely. We're now in a day and age when we expect a new release every year. When we need the latest iPhone or Samsung device, we are lucky to live in a golden age for technology in which it's continually advancing. Therefore, Sony and Microsoft can't wait half a decade - they have to keep up.

Mobile gaming is growing at a phenomenal rate with the industry expected to be worth over $100billion by 2017 thanks to apps such as Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and the popular online gaming PokerStars app, amongst a host of others diversifying the industry, which means there's a game for everyone.

But what can we expect from the next generation?

Well, according to AMD President and Chief Financial Officer Devinder Kumar, we can expect the new consoles to already be in the making. Although from there it's a little less simple to predict.

One thing is for sure: Sony's recent PlayStation Now will play a huge part in the PS5. As console gaming looks to tap into the mobile gaming market, PSNow allows you to leave a game on your console and pick it back up on Vita, and it's expected this will even include Sony mobiles in the not so distant future.

This will of course lead to a lot more streaming, which could render the disc obsolete. Steam for the PC has already proved it's an efficient way for gamers to play, although ex-editor of the Official PlayStation Magazine Ben Wilson believes otherwise.

He said, "Steam on PC has taught us that disc drives are becoming less and less necessary, but I can't see them being phased out completely for a while yet."

It has come to the time when it will be thought about, though. If Sony really does upload the entire back catalogue of all PlayStation games, then is there any need for a disc?

But that isn't the only revolution that is sweeping its way through gaming; the likes of Oculus Rift will also have a huge impact on how we play in the future and in turn will see consoles develop to optimise virtual reality. Whilst Microsoft is keeping their cards close to their chest, Sony has already announced their VR headset in Project... [Read More]
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Project: CFW on PS3 Super Slim (4k)

Aug 27, 2014 - 3:00 PM - by garyopa
Work-In-Progress -- Figuring out how lv0.2 decrypts

One of problems with the PlayStation 3 scene is we been stuck at v3.55 firmware, all keys, knowledge is based on it, since then Sony fixed the 'signing' bug and updated the bootloaders.

One of biggest problems in the PlayStation 3 scene is that all consoles that been shipped out of factory from Sony that have a newer firmware installed on it higher than v3.56 is stuck at either staying original or the owner buying an ODE device to enjoy more options.

But now since v4.55 firmware, even owning an ODE is pain-in-the-ass with the big problem of needing a blu-ray burning and swapping discs, which was bit ok on SuperSlim with its sliding lid, but now that Sony released v4.60 and ported their ODE blocking code to all consoles, it has become an even bigger issue for many PlayStation 3 consoles.

So recently modrobert from EurAsia has decided to re-visit the lv0.2 problem and figure out a new way around the signing issue, and come up with a new solution to installing custom firmware on newer consoles, and maybe even grabbing the new keys, cracking the PS3 all over again.

After releasing 3k3y firmware v2.11 beta (with OFW 4.55 support) and losing interest in the ODE 'cat and mouse' game with Sony (OFW 4.60 and 4.65), I have spent the past few weeks researching and dumping raw data in an ongoing project to extract lv0.2 keys via bootldr.

My dumps include data from most of the PS3 4k chipsets, this was *NOT* collected by sniffing a bus (or several) in a conventional way, so even if targeted key is embedded in silicon, as long as it is processed/executed internally by any kind of microcode I might be able to catch it.

At this point I don't want to reveal how the data was obtained exactly, it is a method of my own design based on several known side channel attacks. The intention is to release the method eventually.

Nothing better then a fresh pair of eyes on the problem, so this is one project for sure to follow, check out his site for more info, and join in on the fun, and we will of course follow the project here on MaxConsole UnderGround so stay tuned as interesting times are finally here again in the PS3 scene

NEWS SOURCE: Project: CFW on PS3 Super Slim (4k) (via) EurAsia

Our thanks to 'bubba' for this news item!
7 Replies | 3,205 Views

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