Journey PS4 Version Launches This Summer

Apr 18, 2015 - 10:13 AM - by garyopa
The remastered exclusive top-selling indie PSN game for PS3, will run at 1080p/60fps on the PS4 port

Learning in January that Sony Santa Monica is 'working diligently' with Tricky Pixels to bring Journey to PlayStation 4, GameSpot has confirmed that the PS4 port of the game will arrive this Summer!

When Journey first appeared on the PSN store from the indie developer, it quickly became a top-selling for many months, so much so that there was big push by its fans for physical version to be released, which finally happen in some limited regions of the PS3 world.

And now that PS4 is out, since Sony has been directly helping the indie studio, to port over their exclusive best-selling PSN game to the next-gen PlayStation 4 platform, and it seems the release is just around the corner.

Sony is preparing to release a remastered PlayStation 4 collection of three games developed by award-winning indie studio ThatGameCompany.

The trilogy, due for release in the summer, will package FlOw, Flower, and Journey onto one Blu-ray disc. Representatives for Sony told GameSpot that Journey on PS4 doubles the framerate to 60fps, but makes no other changes. It will also run at 1080p.

Meanwhile, around the same time as the trilogy's release, a standalone digital edition of Journey will also be listed on the PS4 PlayStation Store. Fl0w and Flower are already available on the digital shop, and both are freely available to customers who already purchased the two games on their PlayStation 3 or PS Vita. Whether Journey would be part of the same Cross-buy promotion has yet to be confirmed.

ThatGameCompany was co-founded in 2006 by two University of Southern California students, Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago, and one year later released its first game, Fl0w, on PS3.

By 2009, the studio had made a name for itself after the release of its acclaimed title Flower, in which players take on the role of a gust of wind to spread life across various rural locations.

GameSpot's Flower review summarised: "If you're looking for an antidote to the many sequels and franchises on the market, then Flower offers something unique and while it lasts, it's a great game in its own right."

Journey, the studio's third title, is widely considered to be bar far its most successful both critically and commercially. Following its release in March 2012, the game went on to become the fastest-selling PSN game, and was lauded in GameSpot's Journey review. Critic Jane Douglas wrote: "It's a real accomplishment that Journey draws together so many conventional game elements, and so well, and still feels like the art piece we expect from the makers of Flow and Flower: intriguing, ambiguous, and experimental."

However, Chen claimed that the resources required to make Journey had effectively "bankrupted" the company. In 2014, it was reported that the studio had raised $7 million from a venture capital firm for its fourth project.
So what you think, will you be picking-up yet another 'remastered' HD PS3 game for your next-gen PlayStation, while you wait for some actual new IPs and non-ported games to be released, hopefully by year 2016 for the PS4 you bought back in 2014?

NEWS SOURCE #1: Journey PS4 Version Launches This Summer (via) PlayStationLifeStyle
NEWS SOURCE #2: Journey Coming to PS4 at 60fps (via) GameSpot
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PS4 Returns to #1 Spot in US Hardware Sales During March

Apr 17, 2015 - 10:51 AM - by garyopa
The NPD Group releases its monthly report for March 2015.

The NPD today released its regular report for the month of March, revealing the PlayStation 4 has returned to the top of the sales charts in the United States.

Another month has gone by, and its time to look back and see how the next-gen console sales are doing compared to previous months.

And in this case, we saw March putting Sony and its PlayStation 4 back as the #1 American seller, replacing the New Nintendo 3DS.

But Nintendo is still bragging overall their sales are up 80% in 2015 compared to last year for same time period, and Microsoft even tho they barely ever get to be the #1 during the month, still going on the PR spin that Xbox One sales are outpacing the Xbox 360 when compared to old-generation timeline of sales from the start of its launch back in 2006.

It was Nintendo's 3DS that came out on top in February thanks to the debut of the New 3DS. But that performance would last only a single month, as the PS4 is again number one, according to a Sony statement issued alongside the NPDs (which cover March 1 through April 4).

Overall, the month was not as strong as March of 2014 for hardware; sales of consoles and handhelds totaled $311.1 million this year, compared with $393.4 million last year. The NPD Group's Liam Callahan notes unit sales were down only 9 percent year-over-year, but lower prices account for the 21 percent drop in dollar sales.

"Console hardware was the primary culprit responsible for the March 2015 sales decline, with a 29 percent, or $104 million decrease, in spending while portable hardware rose by 71 percent over last year," Callahan noted.

Specific sales figures for each platform were not announced.

In a statement, Microsoft chose to focus on how Xbox One sales "continued to outpace Xbox 360 sales at the same point in its lifecycle."

As for Nintendo, it stated that total hardware sales of the 3DS in 2015 have increased 80 percent compared with the first three months of 2014. Likewise, total Wii U hardware sales are up 20 percent year-over-year during the first quarter of the year.
Sadly due to 'leakers' posting 'actual figures from NPD report' that infact costs money each month on forum sites like NEOGaf, its little harder to get full breakdown on what is happening, but what you think of general overview of March's NPD and how Sony keeps staying strong in the next-gen console war, will there be able to keep it like that thru Summer '15 with so many games delayed into 2016.

NEWS SOURCE: PS4 Returns to #1 Spot in US Hardware Sales During March (via) GameSpot
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Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Ascendance

Apr 16, 2015 - 8:53 AM - by garyopa
Coming to PlayStation and PC on April 30th

Ascendance, the second massive DLC pack for Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare (2014’s top-selling console video game in the world, according to the NPD Group, is coming to PS4, PS3 and PC on 30th April.

The ponies along with the master race, can finally stop heading over to their Xbox friend's houses and stay at home to enjoy the latest map pack / dlc story addon to appear for their CoD: Advanced Warfare video game is finally getting some PlayStation and PC love.

Ascendance, the second massive DLC pack for Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare (2014's top-selling console video game in the world, according to the NPD Group and Gfk based on physical game unit sell-through), is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC on 30th April. The definitive DLC package, with its four new thrilling maps, the formidable OHM, a 2-in-1 directed energy light machine gun/shotgun, the OHM Werewolf custom variant and the all-new Exo Grapple ability and playlist delivering a faster way to reach strategic vantage points or a brutal secondary weapon to take down the competition, exclusively on Ascendance maps.

  • Perplex: Get vertical in Sydney as you fight to dominate this five-story modular apartment complex. Take the high ground or blast through the close-quarters interior in this small to medium sized map. Adapt your strategy mid-match when construction drones shift apartment modules, creating new routes and cover positions.
  • Site 244: A spacecraft has crash landed, spilling its mysterious cargo under the shadow of Mt. Rushmore, USA. This medium to large three-lane map allows for any style of gameplay, focusing combat through the space ship's fuselage and around the debris-littered landscape. Use the map-based scorestreak to crack open an alien spore and instantly enhance your perks and exo abilities.
  • Climate: Fight your way through a futuristic man-made utopia in this lush, climate-controlled enclosure. In this small to medium sized circular map, land and water routes channel frenetic combat around the central island structure. Watch your step when the river water changes from an asset into a deadly bubbling obstacle.
  • Chop Shop: Think fast as you make your way through the black market exoskeleton industrial complex and engage in fast-paced shootouts in this medium sized, symmetrical map. Activate the map-based scorestreak to take control of an Advanced Repulsion Turret that radiates a deadly microwave EMP to help lock down key areas.

The exo zombies saga continues in the all-new episode, Infection, as the four Atlas employees, portrayed by the returning celebrity cast of John Malkovich (In the Line of Fire, RED, Burn After Reading), Bill Paxton (Aliens, Titanic, Edge of Tomorrow), Rose McGowan (Planet Terror, Scream) and Jon Bernthal (Fury, The Wolf of Wall Street) fight tooth and nail through undead zombie hordes. Located on the outskirts of an Atlas facility, the new exo zombies episode introduces a slew of never-before-seen undead masses, a robust arsenal of new traps and armaments and everyone's favourite fast food joint, Burgertown.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Ascendance is also included in the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass*, where fans can get all four epic DLC Packs planned for the year, as part of the discounted bundle offered. The Ascendance DLC Pack also includes the OHM 2-in-1 directed energy light machine gun/shotgun and the OHM Werewolf custom variant.

*Downloadable content in the Season Pass may be sold separately. If you purchase the DLC Season Pass, do not also purchase these standalone DLC Map Packs, as you will be charged for them. DLC Season Pass and DLC Map Packs may not be available on all platforms or in all territories. Pricing and release dates may vary by platform. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare game required; sold separately.
So there you go ponies, you will be happy to know now that by the end of month your consoles can update to same level as Xbox.

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Shovel Knight Will Fight Kratos on PlayStation 4

Apr 11, 2015 - 10:20 AM - by garyopa
Coming April 21th for PS4, PS3 and PSVita, a year after it's original release for 3DS, Wii U and PC.

It was revealed back during the PlayStation Experience fan event that to celebrate his 10th anniversary Kratos from the God of War series would be appearing in the PlayStation version of Shovel Knight

It has been a few months since we were last teased about the debut of our God of War hero, in the popular indie platformer, called 'Shovel Knight', but now with just about a week to go before its PlayStation release, we get some details about how you will be able to fight Kratos in the game, which is similar to how some Nintendo cameo characters were hidden in the platformer's big 'N' release in '14.

Today, Yacht Club's David D'Angelo went a little deeper with details about the nature of Kratos' cameo on the PlayStation Blog.

Shovel Knight will have the opportunity to face off against Kratos in mortal combat, should you be able to find him. According to D'Angelo, Kratos may be a little challenging to find.

"Keep your eye out for secrets...and possibly even double secrets, to learn how to discover this battle," he said. Once Kratos is discovered, he will show up on the map.

Additionally, Shovel Knight may "learn a trick or two from Kratos." Exactly what these "tricks" are remains unclear, but we're hopeful it's related to Kratos' signature brutal combat.
Check out the original teaser trailer released at the PlayStation Experience and also the new action GIFs of Kratos huge power punches.

NEWS SOURCE: Shovel Knight Will Fight Kratos on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita (via) IGN
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See the Future of Play with Project Morpheus

Apr 10, 2015 - 11:35 PM - by garyopa
Win a trip to E3 with PlayStation

From the original PlayStation console to the PlayStation®4, through motion controls, Remote Play, Share Play and into the future of virtual reality, PlayStation has always been a force for innovation.

Sony has been at the front of innovation of gaming with their PlayStation brand for over the last decade, and they want to make sure at least one lucky PlayStation fan from the EU will be able to experience the next step in video gaming by being at E3 in-person, on all expenses paid trip to E3'15 to see upfront, hands-on the actual Project Morpheus the next wave of 3D gaming via Virtual Reality.

We'll never stop pushing the boundaries to keep PlayStation The Best Place To Play.

Help us celebrate our love of innovation and you could win an incredible trip to E3 to experience our latest innovation - virtual reality with Project Morpheus.

All you need to do to win is correctly answer a few questions on some key PlayStation innovations, and then a final tiebreaker. The person who answers all questions correctly and gets closest to the tiebreaker answer will win:

  • Two tickets to E3 in Los Angeles, California, USA from 16 June 2015 to 18 June 2015 inclusive.
  • Flights, accommodation and transport to E3.
  • Water jet-pack experience in Los Angeles.
  • Spending money.
  • Travel insurance.
Wow, even a Water jet-pack adventure is included in the trip, so hurry up and enter the contest by clicking the link below, entering your email, and getting tested by Sony themselves to see if you really are a pony and can correct answer all the tough PS questions.

NEWS SOURCE: See the Future of Play with Project Morpheus (via) PlayStation
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Natsuiro High School launching June 4th in Japan

Apr 10, 2015 - 11:34 AM - by garyopa
For all those anime perverted gamers out there, enjoy!

D3 Publisher‘s Natsuiro High School puts players in the role of a student at the mysterious Yumegashima High School, and here is 16 screenshots of the game action all in full bikini-clad pixelated art

For those in the western world, the following screenshots is about all we get to look at, as the following new name called 'Natsuiro High School', is one of those many games that only the Japanese can fully enjoy due to the different way of life they have, even over here just posting the anime screenshots will get us a very nasty letter from the Google Nazi search team and their various ad bots.

D3 Publisher‘s Natsuiro High School puts players in the role of a student at the mysterious Yumegashima High School. The protagonist is on an island, and schedule management seems to figure highly into the gameplay. Aaaaaand another big part of that gameplay, of course, is taking pictures girls in bikinis - which seem particularly small in this game.

You'll have to do a lot of it on the fly. You're not a pro photographer, so getting caught taking certain photos might result in the police chasing your perverted ass down. Speaking of which, here are a bunch of screenshots:

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ps4-natsuiro-high-school-screenshots-001.jpg 
Views:	66 
Size:	131.1 KB 
ID:	37832 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ps4-natsuiro-high-school-screenshots-015.jpg 
Views:	55 
Size:	132.0 KB 
ID:	37846

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ps4-natsuiro-high-school-screenshots-014.jpg 
Views:	51 
Size:	128.3 KB 
ID:	37845 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ps4-natsuiro-high-school-screenshots-013.jpg 
Views:	62 
Size:	136.5 KB 
ID:	37844

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ps4-natsuiro-high-school-screenshots-012.jpg 
Views:	55 
Size:	133.6 KB 
ID:	37843 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ps4-natsuiro-high-school-screenshots-011.jpg 
Views:	52 
Size:	140.4 KB 
ID:	37842
... [Read More]
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Police use PlayStation to track down murder suspect

Apr 09, 2015 - 6:47 PM - by garyopa
Pennsylvania homicide suspect uses victim's PlayStation login, leading the cops right to him

It was 'game over' for a homicide suspect from western Pennsylvania. This, after police located the suspect when he used a dead victim's PlayStation log in.

Kill a man, dump his body in river, mix up the blood with blood from dead man's dog which also got killed to fuck up the DNA, and bang disappear, and think you done the perfect crime, well one problem you decide to use the dead man's PlayStation 4 and his PSN which you also stole in the place you been hiding out for months, too bad, the cops come knocking and treat you like the horrible pile of shit you really are, and its basically 'Game Over' for you, thanks to ghost of dead guy tracking you down via the PlayStation Network. in Pittsburgh reports that Hubert Wingate, 30, of Homewood, Pa., faces charges including homicide, abuse of a corpse, cruelty to animals and theft of the PlayStation and other items in the slaying of his friend, Andre Gray, 34.

Gray's body was found in the Ohio River in West Virginia last month. Gray was reported missing by his family Oct. 25, wrote. This, after relatives had found his Lawrenceville apartment ransacked, with blood on the sheets and a big blood stain that appeared to be covered with bleach. His dog and vehicle were also missing.

Details from TribLive, which cites the criminal complaint in the case:

Gray, the victim in the case, frequently played online video games utilizing the Sony PlayStation Network and had the game console registered to him. On the day Gray was reported missing, as well as on other occasions, someone logged on to the game network using Gray's missing PlayStation console. The online activity was traced to the home of Wingate's mother, where Wingate was staying.

Wingate acknowledged being with Gray on Oct. 22 as they tried to find an apartment but denied seeing him after that. Wingate also admitted using Gray's stolen PlayStation.

Detectives then found witnesses who told police Wingate had admitted killing someone and that they helped him dispose of the body by dumping it into the Allegheny River. One witness admitted stabbing Gray's dog at Wingate's request. The witness said they mixed the dog's blood with Gray's in an attempt to keep police from finding DNA evidence in the apartment.

Wingate has been in the Allegheny County Jail since his arrest in Pittsburgh in February on an outstanding warrant in connection with an assault in Colorado.
So remember next time you decide to commit a crime, leave those fancy networked electronics behind as in today's always connected social world they will get your sorry ass in jail faster then even the old-school fingerprints and DNA way Police have used in the past.

NEWS SOURCE: Pa. homicide suspect uses victim's PlayStation login (via) PennLive
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Payday 2 gets a PS4 trailer marking June release

Apr 08, 2015 - 8:10 PM - by garyopa
A 25% discount to anyone who pre-orders soon, the PS4 or XB1 versions of Payday 2: Crimewave Edition

Payday and Payday 2 have been hits on the PC platform for some time now. The efforts of Overkill, Starbreeze and 505 Games have massed a cult-following and fantastic community now it is next-gen time!

GTA V recently added the Heist mode update, and Battefield: Hardline is about 'Heist' action also, but for true diehards the original and first to do 'heist style action' was PayDay, and thankfully they are now porting over their cult-fan game to PS4 and XB1 with a release planned in June with lots of next-gen updating, but sadly it also comes with the horrible news that they are dropping X360 and PS3.

In a blog post on Overkill Software's website, the developer announced Payday 2: Crimewave Edition, a current-gen rendition of Overkill's co-op shooter. This newly minted version shares most of its genetic makeup with the Xbox 360 and PS3 editions but contains a few surprises.

So, what's different? Here's how Overkill describes it:

For us, this is the ultimate heisting experience on the new generation consoles, featuring more than a year of post-release content at release, such as Old Hoxton, Clover, Dragan, the Big Bank Heist, the Diamond Heist and much more. It also features new technical updates like improved framerate, 1080P resolution and improved texture quality.
Unfortunately, Overkill's news has a major drawback; the developer will be dropping support for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Overkill is an indie studio, so the company doesn't have the manpower to support every platform.

Here's a snippit from the blog:

We are confident that we have done everything we could cramming as much content we possibly could on both of the platforms. There are several technical reason as to why. For one, please understand that from a technical perspective, some of these consoles are almost a decade old. While trying to understand why we couldn't develop more content, we learnt that they don't have the fire power or memory to deal with 50 additional content updates that we have been developing for PAYDAY 2 after its release.

For those of you who play Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and have been looking forward to new updates, you'll be pissed when you hear this. We hate this too, because there's nothing we can do about it.
When Payday was released 2011, it was one of the only games on the market that could legitimately situate itself in the "heist genre" (if that's an actual genre). But now, some of the biggest names in the industry have adapted their formulas to include Payday-style gameplay.
So for the all the many MaxConsole 'heist genre' fans out there which of the three games out there will be your choice now running a gang robbing places on your next-gen console and for what platform, PlayStation or Xbox?

NEWS SOURCE #1: Payday 2 gets a PS4 trailer marking June release (via) TechnoBuffalo
NEWS SOURCE #2: Payday 2 Heading To Xbox One And PlayStation 4 (via) CinemaBlend
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Metroid’s legendary cheat breathes new life on PS4

Apr 05, 2015 - 11:14 AM - by garyopa
Justin Bailey runs wild again

One of the most famous cheat codes on Nintendo Entertainment System ‘Justin Bailey’ is once again making a come back through PlayStation 4’s hottest new indie game Axiom Verge.

It seems the hottest and newest retro 8-bit style indie game on the next-gen PlayStation 4 console, includes a little backdoor thank you to the creators of the original classic 8-bit Metroid from the NES era.

Whilst playing the 1986 classic Metroid on NES, you can enter ‘Justin Bailey' in the password select and it wold take away the amour from the lead character Samus and a new sprite of Samus with a purple outfit on would appear.

Jump forward 29 years and ‘ Justin Bailey' lives again. Whilst playing Axiom Verge you can enter ‘Justin Bailey' and it will take away the lab coat from the main protagonist and leave him in purple get up. This lovely little throw back from Axiom Verge is a beautiful little touch by game developer Tom Happ.

Axiom Verge launched on March 31st on PlayStation 4 and is coming to PS Vita & PC. Axiom Verge is a throw back to 80's classic Metroid and action platformers alike.
So what you think about this nice little throw-back to gaming days long gone by for our next-gen gaming console lovers?

NEWS SOURCE: Metroid’s legendary cheat breathes new life on PS4 (via) Gamespresso
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Sony buys Onlive, and then promptly Kills it off!

Apr 02, 2015 - 11:10 PM - by garyopa
Sony Is Buying OnLive’s 140 Cloud Gaming Patents And Other Tech, OnLive To Close April 30

News Broke on April 1st, (and no it is no joke, this is for real), Sony has bought up the recently restarted OnLive service and has promptly decided to shut it down, leaving all its customers SOL

Sony might be having money problems, but it has no problem wiping out others in the game streaming business to make sure that PlayStation Now is the best, just like it bought Gaikai company and turned it into Now, it is now taking over OnLive service but this time it is killing it off totally, just keeping the legal patents to put into their drawer for a rainy day and to make sure no one else is doing it.

A final coda to the opera that has been OnLive - the cloud gaming company that was once estimated to be worth $1.8 billion but, saddled with debt, went through a dramatic round of layoffs before a surprise sale for $4.8 million. Sony Computer Entertainment is now buying various assets of the company, including 140 U.S. and international patents for cloud gaming services. Meanwhile, Onlive itself will be closing its operations on April 30. As of today, the company is not renewing any subscriptions.

Specifically, OnLive says that the OnLive Game Service, OnLive Desktop and SL Go (Second Life) will all be available until April 30. But, "After today's date, no further subscription renewals will be charged for any of these services. Users whose subscriptions renewed on or after March 28 will be refunded," the company writes in a statement. "Following the termination of the company's services and related products, OnLive will engage in an orderly wind-down of the company and cease operations." It's not mentioned but it sounds like CloudLift Enterprise is also included in this closure.

At one time, OnLive's patent portfolio alone was estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, although it's anyone's guess whether the company was able to achieve that price because terms of the deal with Sony are not being disclosed.

Nevertheless, it comes at a time when Sony itself is reeling from its own gaming misfortunes. This positions it as a "formidable" IP holder, Sony says, which seems to point to both its ambitions to push ahead in its own gaming development via PlayStation, but potentially also to go after those who it feels infringe on its tech.

"These strategic purchases open up great opportunities for our gamers, and gives Sony a formidable patent portfolio in cloud gaming. It is yet another proof point that demonstrates our commitment to changing the way gamers experience the world of PlayStation," said Philip Rosenberg, VP, Global Business Development of SCE and SVP Business Development and Publisher Relations of SCEA, in a statement.

A spokesperson for OnLive would not comment on how many users will be affected. In 2012, the company was estimated to have 1.2 million registered users, although no more than 1,600 were playing at any given time.

OnLive itself, meanwhile, currently has 80 employees. It's not clear whether they will have jobs or not at the end of this month. "Sony has a number of positions for which they would like to recruit OnLive employees, but no decisions have been made yet," the spokesperson says.
So what do you think about this deal, was it smart move by Sony, and how about the shitty end of stick for OnLive customers whom now own worthless gaming hardware, and only get a refund if they bought it since Feb. 1st, otherwise they up the creek without a paddle.

NEWS SOURCE #1: OnLive Game Service Shutdown FAQ (via) Official Site
NEWS SOURCE #2: Sony Is Buying OnLive’s 140 Cloud Gaming Patents And Other Tech, OnLive To Close April 30 (via) TechCrunch
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