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PlayStation Exec Takes Ice Bucket Challenge

Aug 20, 2014 - 6:35 PM - by garyopa
Nominates GameStop President

Watch as SCEA CEO Shawn Layden gets icewater dumped on his head to raise awareness for ALS.

If you been browsing the 'net this week there is not a place you have not seen or hear of 'Ice Bucket' video from someone famous, and now Sony has done their own style of the challenge and pushs GameStop to do it next.

The Ice Bucket Challenge--and effort to raise money and awareness for ALS--is sweeping the video game industry, and rolls on today with Sony Computer Entertainment America president and CEO Shawn Layden.

Watch the video below to see Layden, as well as other PlayStation employees and someone dressed as Ratchet from Ratchet & Clank, get a bucket of ice water dumped on their heads. The video was shot at PlayStation's San Mateo, Calif. headquarters on a windy day, you'll notice.

Layden nominated Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick (his second nomination), as well as GameStop president Tony Bartel and PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan, to take the challenge next. Per the guidelines of the Ice Bucket Challenge, nominees have 24 hours to complete it.

Yesterday, Xbox boss Phil Spencer accepted Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson's challenge. Persson also nominated Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski and Activision's Kotick, but they have not completed the challenge yet, or at least they haven't published videos online of themselves doing so.

Others in the industry to be nominated include PlayStation president of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida and Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. We're still waiting on those videos, too.
If case you been living under a rock, the Ice Bucket Challenge is a campaign to raise awareness and donate money toward research to find a cure for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, but what I read today was a shocker, as the co-founder of 'Ice Bucket Challenge' Corey Griffin drowned himself last night in 'water', so really taking a 'dim' light on viewing these crazy videos, when also people in alot of countries are dieing from not having 'fresh water', even where I live we had no water in over 4 days, and when we do its always showing in ice cold water so big deal.

Hmm... Maybe I should post my own video and challenge other top 'gaming sites' admins to do the same!

NEWS SOURCE: PlayStation Exec Takes Ice Bucket Challenge (via) GameSpot
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Minecraft on PS4 Failed Final Testing

Aug 20, 2014 - 5:31 PM - by garyopa
It's back to the drawing board for the PS4 port.

Minecraft for the PlayStation 4 failed its final testing with Sony, and Developer 4JStudios is now in the process of fixing it.

Well more sad news for those hoping to play MineCraft next month on next-gen platforms as it seems the PS4 version has failed final testing, so its back to working on the port, so the chances of it meeting its scheduled fall debut is not clear now for sure.

Last week, 4JStudios announced that it finished Minecraft for the PlayStation 4 and was awaiting Sony's final test before the game's release. Today, 4J Studios told fans that Sony found issues with the PS4 version during the final testing. "We're fixing, but we need to go through the process again," tweeted the developer.

This new delay makes it seem unlikely that the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft will meet its original release window of this month. The PlayStation Vita and Xbox One versions were also scheduled to release this month, but 4J Studios said it is still fixing bugs in both versions.
At least the PS4 is not singled out, looks like the developer having problems also with the XB1 version. No word yet on when the new release date will be for the next-gen MineCraft, but lets hope it does not slip into year 2015 like so many other 'hot game' coming.

NEWS SOURCE: Minecraft on PS4 Failed Final Testing (via) IGN
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Sony doesn’t understand why so many people are buying PS4s

Aug 20, 2014 - 4:40 PM - by garyopa
Exec worries about possibly exhausting 'core gamer' market too quickly.

Sony's head of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has expressed some bewilderment and nervousness over the system's quick success, of having sold 10 million consoles so fast in less then one whole year.

Sony recently was proud that they hit the 10 million milestone already with their next-gen PlayStation 4 sales, but in recent interview the tone is more of 'worried' state, that the whole 'bubble' could go bust soon, if the 'core gamer' buying group is used up already by now.

"It's just beyond our imagination. We are so happy. But I for one am a bit nervous because we do not completely understand what's happening," Yoshida told Eurogamer in a recent interview. "You need to understand why your products are selling well so you can plan for the future, right? It defied the conventional thinking. Lots of people thought the dedicated game hardware might not be needed going forward, but still lots of people are very excited."

While Yoshida said he thinks the lineup of upcoming exclusive games like The Order and Uncharted 4 explains why gamers are excited for the PS4, he said that it still doesn't completely explain the speed at which the system is selling. "I'm asking journalists who ask [about sales] their opinion," Yoshida said. "I'm asking marketing people to tell us why."

Sony's internal reports indicate that many PS4 buyers are people who did not buy a PS3 or who skipped the last generation of consoles entirely, Yoshida said. But that doesn't sufficiently explain why they are getting into the market right now, he said, or whether it's simply a matter of "core gamers" getting into the market earlier than normal.

"As soon as we see a great sales number, our instinct tells us we should be concerned about future sales, right? Are we exhausting all the core gamers?" he said in the interview. "If we sell this number of units, there are no more consumers we can sell to. That's a really terrifying prospect. So we want to understand who are these consumers who we do not necessarily consider core gamers, who are purchasing PS4, and why they are doing it and what they are doing with PS4, so we can create a bit more of a positive future, rather than saying, wow, we have sold to every single core gamer."
So what you think has 'sales' reached the high-mark for PS4 and now the other systems will be closing in faster each month?

NEWS SOURCE: Sony doesn’t understand why so many people are buying PS4s (via) ArsTechnica
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SCEJ President Hiroshi Kawano Retiring

Aug 19, 2014 - 9:23 AM - by garyopa
Kawano was the figurehead of Sony's latest console releases

President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, Hiroshi Kawano, is retiring from his position and the company on August 31, Sony Computer Entertainment announced today.

Mr. Hiroshi Kawano been around Sony for all their console launches, but sadly he is retiring just before the big Tokyo Game Show, so we going to have new person on stage next month.

Since joining Sony in 1985, Kawano oversaw operations of the corporation in various capacities, such as general manager of Sony Europe and senior vice president of Consumer Sales. During his tenure at the company, spanning almost three decades, Kawano was instrumental in the launches and related product announcements of Sony's latest console offerings, such as the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 4.

Effective September 1, Atsushi Morita will succeed Kawano as president of SCEJ. Morita formally served Sony as vice president of administration and control. As for the rapidly approaching Tokyo Game Show, Morita will have to step into the shoes of Kawano, the usual stalwart figurehead of Sony-related announcements during the video game convention.
No word yet if he is totally retiring, or if he will take up new job someplace else in the industry.

NEWS SOURCE: SCEJ President Hiroshi Kawano Retiring (via) IGN
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PS4 'Share Play' limited to 1 hour session

Aug 17, 2014 - 9:00 AM - by garyopa
'With this first-of-its-kind feature, you'll be able to play games with a friend just as if you were together in the same room'

The PlayStation 4's Share Play feature, unveiled at the Sony conference earlier this week, is only available in 60 minute sessions, according to the company.

Have you ever been playing thru a video game, and you keep getting stuck at certain point, forever falling off the ledge into darkness, well no problem your gaming buddy is over today, so he helps you thru the level and you go continue on enjoying the rest of game.

Problem is, we live in the era of 'online gaming buddies', no one comes over anymore to share the aroma of your room and sofa.

No Fear, Sony is Coming To Save Your Gaming Problems, as they introduced a new 'feature' coming in V2 of PS4 firmware called 'Share Play'.

GameSpot reports confirmation from Sony that players will only be able to use the "virtual couch" system for one hour at a time. Share Play allows PlayStation 4 owners (with a PlayStation Plus subscription) to hand off control of a game to another player in an entirely different location, even if they don't own a copy of the game.

Share Play will arrive with PlayStation 4's Version 2 system software update this fall. "With this first-of-its-kind feature, you'll be able to play games with a friend just as if you were together in the same room," said Sony's Scott McCarthy, when introducing the gizmo.
Alot of people whining about the '1 Hour' limit, but I see no problem with it, it is still neat new feature, something that Xbots will be crying soon to have also.

NEWS SOURCE: PlayStation 4 Share Play is only available in 60 minute sessions (via) PolyGon
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Man drops Baby, then just turns on his PlayStation

Aug 16, 2014 - 10:56 AM - by garyopa
'You failed to tell her mother what had happened. You simply went off and played on a PlayStation.'

Suspended sentence for autistic man who dropped baby, pretended nothing happened – then went off to play on his PlayStation

An man carrying a baby, drops baby hard when he stumbles, but fails to tell the mother what happen, and just goes onto playing his PlayStation, and it was not until 3 weeks later when they found out baby had multiple broken bones that he broke down and told the truth, as such he was sentenced recently in court for his 'PlayStation Crime'.

Judge Paul Sloan, sentencing Dewars, said: "You were asked why the baby was crying and you said that you didn't know, when in fact you knew exactly what had happened.

"You had been carrying the baby when you stumbled and fell forwards onto the couch.

"You were pressing against the baby as she struck the arm rest. You let go of the baby and she tumbled onto the floor.

"You failed to tell her mother what had happened.

"You simply went off and played on a PlayStation."

The judge added: "Some three weeks later, on March 6, a health worker noticed some abdominal bruising and advised the baby's mother to take her to hospital, where they were kept in overnight.

"It was discovered that the baby had three fractured ribs and a fractured collarbone.

"When you were questioned by police, you made full and frank admissions.

"I accept that you are genuinely remorseful for failing to reveal what had happened."
Yet another horrible and sad case of 'video gaming' getting in the way of taking care of urgent real-life events.

NEWS SOURCE: Suspended sentence for autistic man who dropped baby (via) SunderlandEcho
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Official Xbox, PlayStation Twitch Channels Hacked

Aug 15, 2014 - 11:15 AM - by garyopa
Twitch swiftly deletes the 'offensive' posts that contained racist and homophobic slurs!

The official Xbox, PlayStation, and eSports League (ESL) Twitch channels were compromised this week at Gamescom, with a third-party posting unauthorized and offensive messages to the profiles.

Somehow angry PlayStation fanboys were able to take-over the Official Twitch Channels for both consoles during Gamescom after it was announced that the next TombRaider game would be an Xbox one exclusive, so they posted fake announcements and racist and homo slurs on both channels.

Polygon reports that someone altered the titles for archived streams on the Xbox, PlayStation, and ESL Twitch channels with all kinds of terrible messages, including jokes about Microsoft's exclusivity deal with Square Enix for Rise of the Tomb Raider and even fake announcements for new Fallout and Gears of War games. Others included racist and homophobic slurs.

According to a spokesperson for Twitch, the company believes the accounts were undermined by someone at Gamescom who was able to access a logged-in computer for Microsoft, Sony, and the ESL.

"We're deleting the offensive VODs as soon as we find them and are alerting individual teams at the venue," a Twitch representative said. "As a precautionary measure, we temporarily removed highlights and past broadcasts for those channels since it's in the early hours of the morning in Cologne."
It all been cleared up now, but question is whom was behind this 'hack' take-over, as it seems to point that you need access from valid Microsoft or Sony Twitch account to have this type of level of 'access' needed?

NEWS SOURCE: Xbox, PlayStation Twitch Channels Compromised at Gamescom (via) GameSpot
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PlayStation 4 Sells 10 Million Units

Aug 13, 2014 - 7:34 PM - by garyopa
Sony declared the winner of the 'next-gen console war'

Sony announces impressive new sales figure for console at Gamescom this week.

Well it seems the 'next-gen' console war is now officially over, as Sony has announced they have now sold over 10 million PS4 systems, and based on previous console generation history the first company to reach that milestone in sales always wins the race.

During Sony's Gamescom briefing today, the company announced that the PlayStation 4 has now sold 10 million units. That's 10 million consoles sold through to consumers, not shipped, Sony's Jim Ryan pointed out. This is up from the 7 million units sold as of April 6.

Both the PS4 and Xbox One went on sale in November 2013. The Xbox One sold 3 million units by the end of the year, but Microsoft has not announced a new sales update since, though the company has revealed the console has shipped over 5 million units.

It has been brought to our attention that in 2008, then-Xbox executive Don Mattrick said: "History has shown us that the first company to reach 10 million in console sales wins the generation battle." This quote was in the context of the Xbox 360 beating PlayStation 3 to 10 million units sold in the United States.
Following the news yesterday at Gamescom, Sony sent out an official PR regarding their news of the 10 million milestone.

That figure accounts for worldwide sales as of August 10, and represents the "fastest and strongest" growth in PlayStation hardware in Sony's history.

"The responses we have received for the PS4 system's unique gameplay experiences powered by the network, along with its vast game portfolio has been phenomenal, and I am absolutely delighted that PS4 was able to reach this commemorative milestone in less than 9 months," SCE CEO Andrew House said. "We're so grateful for the enormous support from PlayStation gamers worldwide, and we look forward to bringing even more exciting content and services in the months ahead."

In terms of software sales, Sony has now sold a combined 30 million copies of retail and downloaded PS4 games through the PlayStation Store as of August 10.
So what you think, will previous history ring true again this time around, meaning that the Sony PS4 Console is now the official winner of the next-gen console war.

NEWS SOURCE: PlayStation 4 Sells 10 Million Units (via) GameSpot
27 Replies | 1,285 Views

RUMOR: New PS4 SKU with 1TB storage for this fall

Aug 09, 2014 - 3:15 AM - by garyopa
Ontop of the already confirmed new PS4 model with better WiFi speeds

A leaked PlayStation 4 model number suggests that Sony is gearing up to release a new PlayStation 4 model with 1 TB of diskspace this Fall.

A few months ago it was confirmed that going thru FCC process was a new PS4 model with better WiFi speeds/modules/antenna. which most likely is to help PlayStation Now as it lags a bit via WiFi with the current setup, but now it seems Sony also planning on doubling-up the PS4 HDD size going with an newer 1TB HDD drive, which makes sense as they done the same over the years with the PS3 system.

The retailer says that the only information they've received is the model number - called CUH-1001X - the "PLAYSTATION 4″ name, and a Q4 2014 release date. Further inquiries revealed that the big difference is the harddrive, which will double in capacity and likely be part of a new bundle.

The current US model number is CUH-1001A, the new model is called CUH-1001X, with the "X" signifying a change in the harddrive capacity. The last symbol in the model number stands for HDD capacity, which is currently "A", and indicates the 500 GB drive. The new "X" is likely a placeholder - the final model numbers are usually revealed during FCC certification in the US (and during certification in other territories).

We can't say that we're surprised that Sony is looking to release a premium PlayStation 4 model. It's not that expensive to double the harddrive in the console - according to our research, the retail price difference is only $20 between the 500 GB and 1TB drives. A quick search on Amazon shows that a 1TB hardrrive can be had for just $20 more than a 500 GB drive. Large OEMs like Sony will definitely get a big discount as well.
Now the big question, is Sony going to keep the same low price of $399 for this new 'better/upgraded' PS4 SKU?

And if so, that might really hurt XB1 sales even more, unless of course Microsoft has something similar planned, larger HDD or major price-cut, so it looks like we going to be moving into the next stage/battleground in the next-gen console wars this holiday season.

NEWS SOURCE: Rumor: Sony readying new PS4 SKU with 1TB storage for this Fall (via) PS4Daily
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Sony sued over Killzone: Shadow Fall's graphics

Aug 06, 2014 - 5:22 PM - by garyopa
PS4 game's multiplayer component runs at 960 by 1080 resolution — as opposed to 1920 by 1080

SCEA has been hit with a lawsuit alleging 'deceptive marketing' of Killzone: Shadow Fall because the PlayStation 4 game's multiplayer mode does not run at the resolution advertised.

Sony has been hit with class-action lawsuit over the fact they are pushing in all the marketting that Killzone is 1080p game, but when you launch into multiplayer mode it goes down in res. with upscaler, so some gamers are upset about being misled and decided to file a lawsuit against Sony for huge damages on behalf of all those that bought the Killzone game only because its 1080p graphics.

The suit, filed by California resident Douglas Ladore in Northern District California court, alleges that Sony advertised Killzone: Shadow Fall would run at native 1080p resolution but "used a technological shortcut that was supposed to provide 'subjectively similar' results."

In March, Eurogamer's Digital Foundry analyzed Shadow Fall's graphics and reported that the PS4 game's multiplayer component runs at 960 by 1080 resolution - as opposed to 1920 by 1080, or 1080p resolution - with a "high-quality temporal upscale."

The lawsuit alleges that Sony advertised - through videos, its official website, social media and Killzone's retail packaging - would offer 1080p graphics. "Unfortunately, Sony's marketing and on-box representations turned out to be nothing more than fiction," the lawsuit says.

In the wake of Digital Foundry's report, Killzone developer Guerrilla Games took to its official website to explain its technical solution for Shadow Fall's multiplayer graphics.

"In both [single-player] and [multiplayer], Killzone: Shadow Fall outputs a full, unscaled 1080p image at up to 60 [frames per second]," producer Poria Torkan wrote. "Native is often used to indicate images that are not scaled; it is native by that definition.

"In Multiplayer mode, however, we use a technique called 'temporal reprojection,' which combines pixels and motion vectors from multiple lower-resolution frames to reconstruct a full 1080p image. If native means that every part of the pipeline is 1080p then this technique is not native."

Torkan went on to explain how temporal reprojection works.

"When up-scaling an image from one resolution to another, new pixels are added by stretching the image in X/Y dimension," he said. "The values of the new pixels are picked to lie in between the current values of the pixels. This gives a bigger, but slightly blurrier picture.

"Temporal reprojection is a technique that tracks the position of pixels over time and predicts where they will be in future. These 'history pixels' are combined with freshly rendered pixels to form a higher-resolution new frame."

The lawsuit alleges that "'temporal reprojection' is not the 'native 1080p' that Sony promised" and that Sony has not updated its packaging and marketing to reflect the game's actual resolution. Class allegations in the suit include negligent misrepresentation, false advertisement, unfair competition and fraud in the inducement. The amount sought in the suit exceeds $5,000,000.

The suit was filed by law firm Edelson PC, which hit Sony and publisher Electronic Arts with a class action suit in 2011. Attorneys for the firm, then known as Edelson McGuire, filed a putative nationwide class action lawsuit after Sony and EA promised a free copy of Battlefield 1943 to PS3 owners who purchased Battlefield 3, then failed to deliver the extra game. The firm is also behind the class action suit against Sega and Gearbox that alleges the two companies falsely advertised Aliens: Colonial Marines.
You can find the full PDF of lawsuit attached below. After reading it over what you think about this lawsuit?

NEWS SOURCE: Sony sued over Killzone: Shadow Fall's graphics (via) PolyGon
16 Replies | 1,437 Views

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