Lets create an open Vita SDK!

May 24, 2015 - 9:21 PM - by garyopa
Essentially, we need something like 'pspsdk' for the Vita!

One of largest barrier to native PS Vita homebrew is the lack of an open toolchain and SDK.

The underground Vita scene has never really taken off, compared to the glory days of the original PlayStation Portable (PSP) scene days, when there was news almost every hour of something new and amazing in the way of another 'homebrew' game or 'emulator' or other utility, and recently Yifan Lu, has put out the 'cry' that we need to get together and produce an 'Open Vita SDK' if we want to see those 'glory days' return to PlayStation Vita handheld, and hopefully if everyone gets together and puts out their ideas it will happen.

One of largest barrier to native PS Vita homebrew is the lack of an open toolchain and SDK. Essentially, we need something like pspsdk for the Vita. The reason why we don't have it is because there are people who have an understanding of how the Vita's executable format works but lack the time to code up the tools and there are people who have the time and ability to create such tools but lack the knowledge of Vita's internals. The solution, I believe is to publish a comprehensive document detailing how the Vita's executable format is laid out and the requirements for an open toolchain. Anyone with coding skills can now work on an open SDK; no Vita knowledge required!

For those who want to help with this endeavor, there are only two prerequisites. First, you must understand how the ELF format works. It is a very simple format and this document gives all the details. It would also be advantageous to understand the ARM extensions to ELF. Once you are caught up with that, you should be able to understand the SCE ELF format that I detail in the attached document. The actual tools that we need can be written in any language as long as it supports the three major platforms and meet the requirements detailed in the specifications. However, if you want a place to start, I would recommend libelf and portable C. I hope that the community can get together to work on this. Once someone makes promising progress, I will update this post with a link to the project so others can contribute. Please post any comments or suggestions you have for this document below. #vitasdk on FreeNode will be for developer discussion on the SDK.

PS Vita Open SDK Specifications

P.S (in an unrelated subject): Did you get a PSM license? If not, don't fret, we got you covered. Just make sure you have the developer assistant installed on your Vita.
So if you are 'coder' grab the PDF linked above, study it, contact those needed and get to work and lets get this Vita scene rolling!

NEWS SOURCE #1: Lets create an open Vita SDK! (via) EurAsia
NEWS SOURCE #2: Calling all coders we need you to help create an Open Vita SDK (via) YiFan
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'Infinite Stratos 2: Love and Purge' Hits Vita in September

May 04, 2015 - 7:27 PM - by garyopa
Adventure game takes place several days after the 'World Purge' chapter

Infinite Stratos 2: Love and Purge was announced last December and confirmed as a PS Vita game in February. It's also coming to PlayStation 3 in Japan, and now its reported to coming out in September.

If you are Vita owner, you will be glad to know there is another game coming out finally for it in September, but you will also notice that yet again it is Japanese anime one, that of course due to the nature of its virtual love making and chatting with anime girls from the popular tv series, it will never appear in the western world, so the following screenshots is about all you will be able to droll over.

As previously reported, Love and Purge takes place several days after the "World Purge" chapter, and has players developing relationships with the IS heroines as Ichika Orimura. Braveheart Points can be earned by deepening bonds with the heroines through chatting, as well as interactive massages, and different endings can be earned as a result of the final number of points.
Hmm, that basket of apples look so lovely, I wonder what I have to do for her to like me enough to give me one to try!

Oh'well, time to go to sleep with my girl now, and dream about when the Vita will get a game in the western world.

NEWS SOURCE: 'Infinite Stratos 2: Love and Purge' Hits Vita in September (via) CrunchyRoll
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New PlayStation Vita Design Trademarked in Japan

Apr 20, 2015 - 6:47 PM - by garyopa
Even Slimmer and with possible HDMI Port as seen on the Vita drawing filed with the recent trademark

The trademark, which first surfaced on Twitter, provides an early look at the device. Unsurprisingly, it looks very similar to the Vita-2000, albeit with the addition of what appears to be a HDMI port

Seems Sony might be releasing yet another updated PlayStation Vita handheld, at least for now in Japan, due to a new trademark recently filed showing off the Vita sketch of what is now being called the Vita 3000 model.

The big rumor regarding this updated 'trademark' is what NeoGAF forum user Jignx is claiming is an HDMI port on the drawing, but others are saying nope he just mistaken, but until Sony releases more info on what they planning all is just plain silly rumors.

The device doesn't appear to veer all that far from the first redesign, which scrapped the original's pricey OLED display for a more cost-effective LCD solution.

According to a rough translation of the post, this new model won't mark the return of the gorgeous OLED, as the trademark -- which was filed earlier this month -- described it as "a portable LCD screen game machine controller."
Currently, the only known hard fact of this Vita 3000 trademark is the fact it will still be using the cheaper LCD screen, as for the other rumors, people are claiming MicroSD (I doubt that) and possible new L2/R2 triggers for better PS4 'remote play' usage.

What do you think the new Vita will have to offer? -- And really is anyone going to buy another Vita at this late stage with no games?

NEWS SOURCE #1: New PlayStation Vita Design Trademarked in Japan (via) IGN
NEWS SOURCE #2: Vita 3000 Trademarked (via) NeoGAF
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PlayStation TV reduced to 44.99 in the UK

Mar 27, 2015 - 10:53 AM - by garyopa
This follows after similar price-cut in North America, bringing the PlayStation TV there to only $80

The PlayStation TV device has received an official 40 price cut in the UK. Representing a saving of 47%, the device is available for 44.99 from most retailers, down from the original price of 84.99

The world's smallest PlayStation, keeps on getting cheaper and cheaper, and now in UK it has officially gotten a big price-cut, just like what happen in North American earlier this year, giving the tiny system even more value for those wishing to do remote play on their PS4 along with the added feature of playing most PlsyStation Vita games and some nice selection of classic older games from PSN.

Sony confirmed the news in a statement to Dealspwn:

"Starting from March 27, PS TV will offer even greater value for money when it becomes available for only 44.99."

"Now with an even more accessible price, you can benefit from the advanced features and technology that PS TV brings to your home entertainment experience."

PlayStation TV made its European debut last November. In addition to PS Vita compatibility, it also lets users stream PS4 and PlayStation Now games.

The device received a North American price cut earlier this year.
Sadly, to make use of all the features you have to update to the most recent firmware v3.50 which was just released, and that firmware currently blocks some of neat ePSP hacks that have occured on older PSTV firmwares which allowed you to play PSX ISO's, but I am sure that will change soon, as there been hints already of new exploit coming soon that looks like it might even be unpatchable, if that is the case, it will make owning one of these tiny consoles worth even alot more, being cheap and exploitable, they just might finally fly off the shelfs, as so far it has not taken off for Sony, and the added fact that PlayStation NOW and newly launched VUE does not work on it yet makes it seem like it is not really living up to the hopes that Sony had for this PlayStation to be your second at home streaming unit.

NEWS SOURCE: PlayStation TV reduced to 44.99 in the UK (via) DigitalSpy
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