Is Sony pulling the plug on the Vita?

Apr 14, 2016 - 5:42 PM - by garyopa
Reports are stores have stop carrying PlayStation Vita

According to Dutch website, Sony seems to have stopped sales of the Vita in the Benelux (The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg).

Its been over a year since a we reported on a new Triple-A game for the PlayStation Vita, and since then Sony has announced they no longer going to do first-party games for their handheld, leaving it doomed to having just a handful of indie games coming out this year, and nothing much last year, and even more recently Sony killed off the Vita TV version, but now it seems that stores have decided to stop carrying the PlayStation Vita and ones that want to are reporting there is no new stock coming in period from Sony.

A spokesperson of Coolblue said that "the PlayStation Vita will no longer be sold, and we don't expect it to return in our product range.", an official PlayStation retailer, says that the Vita currently isn't in stock and that they don't expect any more stock for some time.

Tweakers reached out to Sony Benelux for a reply on the situation, but did not receive a suitable reply. Sony simply comments that ‘there is nothing to report regarding the PlayStation Vita' and that there will be no additional comments.

While Tweakers mentions that at their time of writing, there were several retailers listed on the Sony website, this is no longer the case. Sony's official webshop currently says on it's website: "unfortunately, this model is currently not available at our retail partners", which makes it seem to me that they're silently pulling the plug, at least for the Benelux region.

It's not clear why they are no longer supplying stock to retailers in the Benelux area, as the Vita remains on sale in the rest of Europe. In countries like France, Germany and England, it's still for sale on websites like Amazon and other online retailers.

While Sony has mentioned before that the Vita is a ‘legacy platform', a production/sale stop has never been mentioned by them. They did mention that they were no longer going to develop first-party games for the platform, leaving it up to third-party developers to continue supporting the platform. With that mentioned, some developers are not giving up on supporting the Vita, such as DrinkBox Studios' (the creators of Guacamelee!) recently announced Severed.
So it is true, has Sony unofficially killed off the Vita handheld, and will we soon be getting an PR that its GAME OVER, R.I.P. for VITA.

NEWS SOURCE: Is Sony pulling the plug on the Vita? (via) Wololo
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PSP PSN Stores to be Killed off by Sony on March 31

Feb 29, 2016 - 5:32 PM - by garyopa
Your original Sony PlayStation Portable will soon be a OFFLINE only handheld now!

A few days ago, we had the news Sony killed of the selling of new VITA TV units, now the news comes that PlayStation Network access via your PSP handheld will be soon gone for our loved units forever!

Sony is on a warpath killing off older PlayStation devices now that their new PS4 is the King of Hill and becoming the de-facto standard in most living rooms around the world, it is time to force Sony fans into upgrading, and after getting rid of Vita TV, Sony's next big bad move is to kill off online PSN access on your well loved original PlayStation Portable, better known as the PSP that sold 80 million units, to now be forced into OFFLINE mode forever.

The Playstation Portable devices have their very own Playstation Store, that they can access via their XMB (PSP menu).

The PSP Playstation Stores for the PAL-Region (Europe, Africa & Australia) have already been closed down, but the ones for the Americas & Japan were still available.

This is going to change as of April 2016.

This change will mean that it won't be possible to use the PSN store via the PSP device itself anymore, and one is required to use the PSN store via a Computer.

You will still be able to transfer content onto your PSP, but this will require the PC Software MediaGo. Only wireless purchases & downloads via the PSP will cease to work.

For purchases one has to use another Sony device, such as the PS3 or PS Vita, or simply the PSN-Store website via a PC or mobile device.
So what do think about the recent Sony changes, is it a bad sign, could they be planning an attack on the PS3 soon, cutting off its online access in the near future, personally I think that is coming but not until year 2018 rolls along, then we see more kills by Sony, as they move their PSN support onward into the future, and current selling devices.

NEWS SOURCE: The remaining PSP PSN Stores will close as of 31st March 2016! (via) Wololo
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PlayStation Vita TV discontinued in Japan

Feb 28, 2016 - 4:37 PM - by garyopa
The word 'VITA' means LIFE, but the smallest PlayStation ever from Sony is now officially DEAD

The PSTV was a wonderful little device. At least in theory. The PSVita variant provides a great way to play portable games on a larger screen. It also was cheap, supported PS4 Remote Play and PS Now.

Well the love of small, tiny, almost portable, PlayStation that could hook up to big screen TV, and play Vita games, and access PSN and stream movies and PS3 games from NOW and connect to its big brother PS4 for some amazing Remote Play action is now over.

Sony is busy arranging the burial of the PlayStation TV, and soon it will move into the history books alongside the PSP, PS Move, PS Eye, PocketStation and lots of now gone PlayStation brands.

Trouble is, it also inherited the Vita's problems. The memory cards are still far too expensive and other than small Japanese studios and indie developers, there aren't many game makers interested in producing original software for the device. And to make matters worse, many Vita titles do not offer any sort of compatibility with the PlayStation TV.

For whatever reason, the PlayStation TV never caught on in Japan. According to the latest data from Japanese sales tracking outfit Media Create, as of this January, the machine had only amassed a total of 185,000 domestic sales in its lifetime since launching in November 2013.

So perhaps it comes as little surprise that Sony has decided to discontinue the microconsole in Japan. According to the official product page, the electronics giant is finished shipping new units to Japanese retailers. While there's currently no word if Sony intends to do the same elsewhere in the near future, you might want to strike now if you're keen on owning one of these things.
Well, my question is how long before we going to be reporting on the DEATH of PS VR, its just about to be born soon in few months, but I fear we will soon be writing about its untimely death in the halls of Sony, thankfully the PlayStation 4 is alive and kicking ass big time.

NEWS SOURCE: PlayStation Vita TV discontinued in Japan (via) Destructoid
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