Cobra BlackFin Dongle for PS Vita Shipping Soon!

May 18, 2016 - 3:00 PM - by garyopa
Review Samples Going Out Shortly, Resellers Preparing Stock, Download Software Out, Website Launched

Finally after many long months of nothing but rumors, and not much info, we get an official statement from Team Cobra on their new BlackFin dongle for PlayStation Vita, with news that its really real!

Well its seems for sure Cobra BlackFin Dongle for the PlayStation Vita is real, as now there is an official website, and scene sites have reported they are in queue for an review sample, and resellers have started to prepare stock for the upcoming orders to be shipped.

18.05.2016 --- News Update!

We have been hard at work finalizing the BlackFin software the past few months. We are pleased to announce that this is now complete and the BlackFin hardware system is now available to order with immediate shipment available

We have uploaded the BlackFin-1.0 software package and the BlackFin user manual to the downloads section. Samples are being sent to review sites over the next few days, so you can expect to see reviews appearing on related sites in the coming days. Resellers may contact us to reserve stocks or place an order.
That above was posted on their official website which is linked below, and here is how they say their device is works on your Vita:


Black Fin is the first ever peer to peer game sharing device for Vita! It allows you to share your friends' game titles by connecting to a P2P network via from your PC or Android device (Android software to follow at a later date...).

Simply put, the black Fin allows you to access hundreds of titles over a P2P network, something never before imagined....

Black Fin is the ultimate P2P network system for your Vita.

How does Black Fin work?

The Black Fin allows Vita and Vita Slim Wifi and 3G users to share their Vita games over the internet.

The Cobra Black Fin Emulator card stores game ISO's on Micro SD and the Black Fin Card is then inserted into the Vita/Vita Slim console

When connected to the Black Fin servers authentication of the Vita game is performed by matching the ISO on your Micro SD card to the same original game running on a peers' Black Fin reader connected to his PC and the Black Fin servers or friends' servers.

You might ask why it is necessary to authenticate the game you wish to play using an original card connected to a server?

Vita has a very secure card authentication mechanism, which to date has not been penetrated and is based on secure cryptography. It is unlikely that a direct authentication method which avoids having to use a peer to peer system will appear any time soon. As a result Cobra has designed a unique and cutting edge peer to peer sharing device which allows users to share their favourite games with friends over an internet network.

Vast resources have been poured into designing a flash card which is the same size as the original Vita card itself. Yes, the Cobra Black Fin squeezes all of its technology into a card no bigger than a Vita game card with tons of features and packing serious hardware power! When you look at the circuit board design and components used you start to understand the expertise and time required to pull off a design of this magnitude.
And Wololo's Blog reports some more info on how the whole setup works and the fact it needs a bit 'older' firmware for now:

The new announce on the Cobra Blackfin comes with documentation and the necessary software to run the device.

As explained before, the Blackfin is a game "sharing" device that lets you share games you own with your "friends". Technically, you insert up to 6 legit games in your Cobra device, plug that to your internet-connected PC, and the games are ready to be shared for anyone who wants it.

The documentation hints at a possibility to have the games shared on your own local network, which might allow you to actually share games with only a circle of close friends (something that might
... [Read More]
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Cobra BlackFin Dongle for PS Vita Resurfaces

May 09, 2016 - 11:59 AM - by garyopa
New Pictures Included, With Our Thanks To Wololo's Blog!

After months of hearing nothing from the silent Cobra Team their BlackFin Dongle for the PlayStation Vita has suddenly appeared and is now up for sale on Chinese websites for between $115 to $135 USD.

We have not heard about the Cobra BlackFin Dongle for the PlayStation Vita since it was announced by the team back in December, but since then there was no official support website for it, and their forum site has been down for many months, but suddenly it seems the Dongle is now a real product and is up for sale on Chinese trading sites from a supplier at bit higher price then originally announced.

The price on the retailer's page indicates the device would cost between $115 and $135 (between 750 and 869 Chinese RMB). That's a huge difference from the last time the device was mentioned on taobao, where it was listed for approximately $77.

The listing shows additional pictures of the device and its box, as a way for the seller to confirm they have the device in stock. Nothing groundbreakingly new appears on the pictures, except for the fact that it definitely looks like the device is real.

Nevertheless, the official Cobra blackfin site hasn't been updated in almost half a year, and its team has been radio silent for pretty much the same amount of time.

What is the Cobra blackfin?

The cobra blackfin is a p2p game sharing device for the PS Vita. It was announced by team Cobra in 2015, promising a novel way of pirating games. Instead of breaking the PS Vita's DRMs in any way, the device would connect to a p2p network, finding a gamer with the actual game cartridge to handle the game authentication steps, before running a backup of the game locally on the priate's side.

After its initial announcement though, the team stopped updating their official website and it is not confirmed if the device works or is even real.
So what do you think about this device, will you purchase one?

We have reached out to our own sources for more info, and will update this story once we get more info in regarding this BlackFin device for our lonely PlayStation Vita handheld.

NEWS SOURCE #1: Cobra BlackFin Dongle (via) Taobao
NEWS SOURCE #2: Cobra BlackFin Resurfaces (via) Wololo
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Is Sony pulling the plug on the Vita?

Apr 14, 2016 - 5:42 PM - by garyopa
Reports are stores have stop carrying PlayStation Vita

According to Dutch website, Sony seems to have stopped sales of the Vita in the Benelux (The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg).

Its been over a year since a we reported on a new Triple-A game for the PlayStation Vita, and since then Sony has announced they no longer going to do first-party games for their handheld, leaving it doomed to having just a handful of indie games coming out this year, and nothing much last year, and even more recently Sony killed off the Vita TV version, but now it seems that stores have decided to stop carrying the PlayStation Vita and ones that want to are reporting there is no new stock coming in period from Sony.

A spokesperson of Coolblue said that "the PlayStation Vita will no longer be sold, and we don't expect it to return in our product range.", an official PlayStation retailer, says that the Vita currently isn't in stock and that they don't expect any more stock for some time.

Tweakers reached out to Sony Benelux for a reply on the situation, but did not receive a suitable reply. Sony simply comments that ‘there is nothing to report regarding the PlayStation Vita' and that there will be no additional comments.

While Tweakers mentions that at their time of writing, there were several retailers listed on the Sony website, this is no longer the case. Sony's official webshop currently says on it's website: "unfortunately, this model is currently not available at our retail partners", which makes it seem to me that they're silently pulling the plug, at least for the Benelux region.

It's not clear why they are no longer supplying stock to retailers in the Benelux area, as the Vita remains on sale in the rest of Europe. In countries like France, Germany and England, it's still for sale on websites like Amazon and other online retailers.

While Sony has mentioned before that the Vita is a ‘legacy platform', a production/sale stop has never been mentioned by them. They did mention that they were no longer going to develop first-party games for the platform, leaving it up to third-party developers to continue supporting the platform. With that mentioned, some developers are not giving up on supporting the Vita, such as DrinkBox Studios' (the creators of Guacamelee!) recently announced Severed.
So it is true, has Sony unofficially killed off the Vita handheld, and will we soon be getting an PR that its GAME OVER, R.I.P. for VITA.

NEWS SOURCE: Is Sony pulling the plug on the Vita? (via) Wololo
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PSP PSN Stores to be Killed off by Sony on March 31

Feb 29, 2016 - 5:32 PM - by garyopa
Your original Sony PlayStation Portable will soon be a OFFLINE only handheld now!

A few days ago, we had the news Sony killed of the selling of new VITA TV units, now the news comes that PlayStation Network access via your PSP handheld will be soon gone for our loved units forever!

Sony is on a warpath killing off older PlayStation devices now that their new PS4 is the King of Hill and becoming the de-facto standard in most living rooms around the world, it is time to force Sony fans into upgrading, and after getting rid of Vita TV, Sony's next big bad move is to kill off online PSN access on your well loved original PlayStation Portable, better known as the PSP that sold 80 million units, to now be forced into OFFLINE mode forever.

The Playstation Portable devices have their very own Playstation Store, that they can access via their XMB (PSP menu).

The PSP Playstation Stores for the PAL-Region (Europe, Africa & Australia) have already been closed down, but the ones for the Americas & Japan were still available.

This is going to change as of April 2016.

This change will mean that it won't be possible to use the PSN store via the PSP device itself anymore, and one is required to use the PSN store via a Computer.

You will still be able to transfer content onto your PSP, but this will require the PC Software MediaGo. Only wireless purchases & downloads via the PSP will cease to work.

For purchases one has to use another Sony device, such as the PS3 or PS Vita, or simply the PSN-Store website via a PC or mobile device.
So what do think about the recent Sony changes, is it a bad sign, could they be planning an attack on the PS3 soon, cutting off its online access in the near future, personally I think that is coming but not until year 2018 rolls along, then we see more kills by Sony, as they move their PSN support onward into the future, and current selling devices.

NEWS SOURCE: The remaining PSP PSN Stores will close as of 31st March 2016! (via) Wololo
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