Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved is now on Vita

Jul 10, 2015 - 4:28 PM - by garyopa
Critically Acclaimed Retro Arcade Shooter Is Free for PSN+ as Part of July’s Instant Game Collection

Recently, Sierra™ has released Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved, the super-stylistic arcade shooter from independent developer Lucid Games, for the PlayStation® Vita handheld entertainment system.

If you are a PSN+ subscriber and own a PlayStation Vita, and have not downloaded your free Geometry Wars 3 from Sierra, then you missing the boat, and need a slap on the back of the head, as this is one game worth buying, but best of all its free for PSN+ July.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved takes the classic arcade action of the Geometry Wars franchise to new frontiers with three-dimensional level shapes on which to play. The core single-player Adventure mode contains 50 distinct challenges - plus an additional 40 stages available in Ultimate mode - and players can apply unique tactics to each level by choosing one of six upgradeable companion drones and six upgradeable super abilities. The game also includes a Hardcore mode with no drones or supers for Geometry Wars purists, as well as six Classic mode stages inspired by past titles in the series.

Players can square off against one another in online competitive multiplayer, or vie for high scores individually on friend and community leaderboards. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved on PlayStation®Vita also includes local co-op with an inventive twist, allowing two people to play together on the same display by facing each other and using the controls on their respective sides of the device.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved is now available as a digital title on PlayStation®Vita via the PlayStation®Store; it is free to download for all PlayStation®Plus subscribers right now as part of July's Instant Game Collection. This game is rated PEGI 3.
The developers wish if you 'like' Geometry Wars then connect with them on Facebook and follow it on Twitter.

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PSTV Isn't Successful Because It's Not Easy To Explain To Customers

Jun 20, 2015 - 9:53 AM - by garyopa
The device hasn't lived up to expectations, with only about half the titles compatible with it.

The PlayStation TV made landfall here in North America in October last year, promising to give players access to a wide range of Vita titles and media streaming options.

PlayStation TV is not going so well with Sony, and recently Sony president spoke about it, and his reason sales are low is that is not an easy device to explain to customers about.

Retailers have rapidly dropped the price from the original suggested price of $99.99 to as low as $39.99. We asked Sony president of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida about the future of the PlayStation TV and what went wrong.

"It didn't capture the consumers' imagination," he says. "It's a hard concept to explain. You could say it's a mini-console, it's a video streaming device. If we say it's a mini-console, like other mini-consoles, people expect a better device like PS4 or Xbox One. It's short in that delivery. When you say it's a video streaming device, there are other devices with higher def video. It has some unique things like remote play of PS4 games. It can do many things, but it's not easy to say this one thing is extremely good. I think that's the reason we were not able to convince people at the original price."

Yoshida also tells us that the reason that there aren't any additional AAA first-party games for the Vita is because of consumer expectations. "We are not making games like Killzone Mercenary, big budget Vita games anymore," he explains. "The expectation of the graphical quality and size of the world for these type of games have risen after the launch of PlayStation 4. The same thing happened with the PSP. People were so excited to be able to play PS2 graphics games on the go. After PS3 launched, expectations grew. The types of games on PSP were not as attractive."

Yoshida says that the future of the Vita is cross-buy games and indies that can take advantage of the system to offer similar quality experiences. He points to a number of titles that will be coming to both PlayStation 4 and Vita, like Volume and Super Time Force Ultra as examples of what we can expect moving forward.
So what you think is that the reason why the PSTV has not been selling, and do you think Sony can find a way to correct it?

NEWS SOURCE: PSTV Isn't Successful Because It's Not Easy To Explain To Customers (via) GameInformer
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Lets create an open Vita SDK!

May 24, 2015 - 9:21 PM - by garyopa
Essentially, we need something like 'pspsdk' for the Vita!

One of largest barrier to native PS Vita homebrew is the lack of an open toolchain and SDK.

The underground Vita scene has never really taken off, compared to the glory days of the original PlayStation Portable (PSP) scene days, when there was news almost every hour of something new and amazing in the way of another 'homebrew' game or 'emulator' or other utility, and recently Yifan Lu, has put out the 'cry' that we need to get together and produce an 'Open Vita SDK' if we want to see those 'glory days' return to PlayStation Vita handheld, and hopefully if everyone gets together and puts out their ideas it will happen.

One of largest barrier to native PS Vita homebrew is the lack of an open toolchain and SDK. Essentially, we need something like pspsdk for the Vita. The reason why we don't have it is because there are people who have an understanding of how the Vita's executable format works but lack the time to code up the tools and there are people who have the time and ability to create such tools but lack the knowledge of Vita's internals. The solution, I believe is to publish a comprehensive document detailing how the Vita's executable format is laid out and the requirements for an open toolchain. Anyone with coding skills can now work on an open SDK; no Vita knowledge required!

For those who want to help with this endeavor, there are only two prerequisites. First, you must understand how the ELF format works. It is a very simple format and this document gives all the details. It would also be advantageous to understand the ARM extensions to ELF. Once you are caught up with that, you should be able to understand the SCE ELF format that I detail in the attached document. The actual tools that we need can be written in any language as long as it supports the three major platforms and meet the requirements detailed in the specifications. However, if you want a place to start, I would recommend libelf and portable C. I hope that the community can get together to work on this. Once someone makes promising progress, I will update this post with a link to the project so others can contribute. Please post any comments or suggestions you have for this document below. #vitasdk on FreeNode will be for developer discussion on the SDK.

PS Vita Open SDK Specifications

P.S (in an unrelated subject): Did you get a PSM license? If not, don't fret, we got you covered. Just make sure you have the developer assistant installed on your Vita.
So if you are 'coder' grab the PDF linked above, study it, contact those needed and get to work and lets get this Vita scene rolling!

NEWS SOURCE #1: Lets create an open Vita SDK! (via) EurAsia
NEWS SOURCE #2: Calling all coders we need you to help create an Open Vita SDK (via) YiFan
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'Infinite Stratos 2: Love and Purge' Hits Vita in September

May 04, 2015 - 7:27 PM - by garyopa
Adventure game takes place several days after the 'World Purge' chapter

Infinite Stratos 2: Love and Purge was announced last December and confirmed as a PS Vita game in February. It's also coming to PlayStation 3 in Japan, and now its reported to coming out in September.

If you are Vita owner, you will be glad to know there is another game coming out finally for it in September, but you will also notice that yet again it is Japanese anime one, that of course due to the nature of its virtual love making and chatting with anime girls from the popular tv series, it will never appear in the western world, so the following screenshots is about all you will be able to droll over.

As previously reported, Love and Purge takes place several days after the "World Purge" chapter, and has players developing relationships with the IS heroines as Ichika Orimura. Braveheart Points can be earned by deepening bonds with the heroines through chatting, as well as interactive massages, and different endings can be earned as a result of the final number of points.
Hmm, that basket of apples look so lovely, I wonder what I have to do for her to like me enough to give me one to try!

Oh'well, time to go to sleep with my girl now, and dream about when the Vita will get a game in the western world.

NEWS SOURCE: 'Infinite Stratos 2: Love and Purge' Hits Vita in September (via) CrunchyRoll
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