I've had my XBOX360 since 2007/2008 (I forgot which year I bought it) and besides the RROD I got within 11 months of buying the XBOX, I've not really had any problems. Until recently, my XBOX has decided not to read discs properly.
Whenever I insert a disc into the drive, it says "Open Tray". I highly doubt it's the games I play as I've just bought Call of Duty : Black Ops and the disc is in perfect condition, yet I've been trying to load the game for 2 hours and have not succeeded. If I do manage to load a game, occasionally, I get the "The Disc Is Unreadable" error message.
As you can imagine, this is very stressful.
My question is, due to the amount of time I've had my XBOX, would Microsoft repair the XBOX. If not, is there anything I can do to stop this happening.
(I have no idea how to modify XBOX360 consoles so changing the drive isn't an option.)