Galaxy Nexus Touchscreen Problem Emerges: Affects Multitouch Gaming

It been only out for a week, and most review are very postive, but digging down deeper, alot of gamers are uphappy as the 'touch-screen' does not seem to handle correctly 'multi-touch' games with ICS!

If you an hard-core mobile gamer, you will not be all smiles owning one of these first 'Ice Cream Sandwich' babies from Samsung, as it seems the new 'Galaxy Nexus' is have many problems with 'multi-touch' gaming.

Hopefully the problem can be corrected by future ICS OS update from Google / Samsung for all those stuck with this problem over the last week since it been first released, if not Samsung is going to have alot of uphappy customers on their hands to please somehow!

It all started with a couple of RootzWiki threads users are reporting difficulty maintaining multitouch in certain situations. Then Sean Buckley over on Engadget looked into the problem more deeply and have this to report:

With Multitouch games, like Shadow Gun or Gun Brothers, you can see the bottom right part of the touchscreen start behaving unpredictably after booting up. Engadget then tested this out for themselves trying two different handsets and also found they encountered the same problem. It was found that the problem could be solved by switching the screen on and off but only until you play the next game. Strangely the issue only seems to occur when the Galaxy Nexus is in landscape mode. The most likely cause of this problem is a software bug and of course if that is the case it's a question of waiting for a fix, which would still be preferable to a hardware issue.

NEWS SOURCE: Galaxy Nexus Problems (via) OnlyKent