The Legend of Zelda: Fire & Ice Prophecy games coming to the 3DS? - Is this rumor true?

A rumour has surfaced that Nintendo is currently hard at work creating not one but two Zelda games for the Nintendo 3DS, much like Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages.

The sources quoted over at 'MyNintendoNews' claims that Nintendo is not just planning one new Zelda game for the 3DS, in fact they are planning to do two of them, with the first release being called 'The Legend of Zelda: Fire Prophecy' and the second being 'Ice Prophecy.

Is this rumor true? -- We already know Nintendo is working on one new Zelda game for the 3DS, so it makes sense it could be broken up into a 'series' of chapters each one being another 'hot-selling' game for their now 'record-breaking' 3DS hendheld system!

NEWS SOURCE: Two new Zelda games for 3DS

Our thanks to 'Stevetry' for another news tip!