3DS vs. Vita - Head to Head Battle of the Handhelds - Which one will outlast the other?

We all know Nintendo is killing the Vita in overall sales in the Japan market. But some crazy guy decided to test the battery life on his 3DS against the PS Vita this is the result!

Here is breakdown on the system setup for the big battle:

PS Vita 3G+WiFi in a $20 Sony Vite stand
  • 2210 mah battery
  • Flight mode (all WiFi and 3G off)
  • Brightness min
  • Volume muted

3DS in a Hori 3rd party stand (Nintendo one not yet available launching free with Kid Icarus)
  • 1300 mah battery
  • WiFi off
  • Brightness 1 + power saving mode
  • 3D off
  • Volume minimum

Both systems were playing the game title 'F1 2011' so here goes (watch the timers above the consoles):

Our thanks to 'billysastard' for digging up this crazy battle of the handhelds!