Seems Japanese customers were screaming for 'Facebook' wall support, and now it been added

So all those playing the latest FF, can now post info and progress on your Facebook wall, and even include info on all the monsters you won, to all your friends to view

A patch was released yesterday over in Japan for 'Final Fantasy XIII-2' for the PlayStation 3, but all it does it add 'Facebook' connectivity.

By inputing your Facebook credentials into the game, you'll be able to update your Wall with your story progress, information about monsters in your party, and other bits.
Square-Enix has now also launched today a official facebook page for all those playing FF XIII-2, no word yet if this 'most asked for feature' will be released for those playing the game in the Western world.


NEWS SOURCE: FF XIII-2 now supports Facebook (via) Andriasang

Our thanks to 'Stevetry' for another news tip!