Some Actors already done laying down their vocals

Looks like 'Kingdom Hearts 3D' is coming soon in English as reports are coming in from those vocal actors that been hired to do English sound bits for the Nintendo 3DS game

Back in December, Square Enix said that 'Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance' would get ported over to North America and Europe, but no word back then on when it would be ready for its 2012 release, but it seems it is getting closer as vocal actors are reporting they have finished laying down the English tracks needed for the Nintendo hot-selling 3DS game which is only currently available in Japan.

KHInsider report that Vincent Corazza, who reprises his role as Zexion in the game, is done with recording.

Additionally, Jesse David Corti, the voice-actor who played Neku in The World Ends With You, is recording for the same character for Kingdom Hearts 3D as well.

A week ago, Corti revealed over Twitter that was “about finished” with recording his lines.
NEWS SOURCE: Kingdom Hearts 3D English Recording underway some actors already done (via) SiliconEra

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