Not just Akira

Team Ninja confirms that more Virtua Fighter characters are planned to appear in the upcoming game

Well, it seems that Akira will not be the only character from Virtua Fighter that will debut in the upcoming Dead or Alive 5's roster. Yousuke Hayashi, from Team Ninja has revealed that they are talking with Sega to bring more of their "Virtua Fighters" to the game.

According to Adriasang:

The big news in crossover fighting earlier this week was that Virtua Fighter 5's Akira would be appearing as a playable character in Dead or Alive 5. He may not be alone.

In Famitsu this week, Team Ninja master Yousuke Hayashi reveals that it was he who asked Sega to let Team Ninja include Akira in the game. "Ask" may not be the right word -- something closer to attacking Sega in order to get approval would be more accurate.

Hayashi says that, because they're going to all the trouble of holding this collaboration, Akira probably won't be the only character. It's unclear if he means we'll get more Virtua Fighter characters, or if he's referring to other franchises.
NEWS SOURCE: DOA 5 VF Characters (via) Andriasang

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