Coming to PSP and Nintendo 3DS

Little Battler eXperience is coming again to our consoles with two new games, one for PSP and other for Nintendo 3DS.

Two new games based in the Little Battler eXperience series are coming to both, the PSP and Nintendo 3DS handhelds.

The game titles are 'Little Battler eXperience W' for PSP and 'Little Battler eXperience Baku Boost' for Nintendo 3DS.

There aren't any more details about the games but as we can guess Little Battler eXperience W should be a sequel of the original Little Battler eXperience and Baku Boost should be an updated version of the Little Battler eXperience Boost, released originally on the PSP system one year ago.

We still need to wait for more official information about this two games, so stay alert.

NEWS SOURCE: 3DS PSP Little Battler (via) Andriasang

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