An almost complete OS in the cloud.

Jolicloud Me is a new type of cloud organizer with high-level of aggregation that will be available for Desktop, iOS and Android.

Do you want to sync your photos, videos, movies, documents and more in the cloud? Do you want a simple OS that can be accesed from every computer or smartphone? Then you need Jolicloud Me.

As a Jolicloud user, you now have access to a complete set of Jolicloud services, simplifying your life in the cloud, from your desktop and mobile devices:

Jolicloud Me indexes all the items in your personal cloud, making them easily searchable and accessible from anywhere. Jolicloud Me is available on the Web, iPhone and Android.

Jolicloud Desktop is your personal cloud desktop, which allows you to access all your favorite apps from any HTML5 device or browser.

Joli OS provides a simple and free computing solution built around Jolicloud Desktop.
And after all of this reading, the good one: Jolicould Me invites for the April's beta are now available for all of you to request. So, if you want to join the beta or know more, head to the links below.



Our thanks to 'Kaos2K' for keeping our heads in the clouds!