The Vanillaware action RPG gem!

Dragon's Crown is coming to NA next year. Atlus will be doing the publishing duties for PS Vita and PS3 in both US and Japan.

Dragon's Crown is an upcoming action RPG by Vanillaware, best known for their 2D games like Odin Sphere (PS2) and Muramasa (Wii). Like these, is a 2D fantasy game and its a spiritual successor to Princess Crown.

Well, thanks to Atlus, the game will be published next year in North America and Japan on the PS Vita and PS3. Also, members of their internal development team will be involved with the project as producers.

What does this mean for the game? For one, it means that itís going to be better than ever. It will, however, come a bit later than originally expected, as itís now slated for release in 2013.

When we took over the reins, we realized that a lot of the information made available to the public was ambitious and unfounded conjecture. The release timing, the pricing, and many of the features detailed for fans and members of the press were simply unknowable at the time they were disseminated (and frankly we were quite shocked to find out that many of the details were made public unbeknownst to even the developers).

They don't share a lot of details, but apparently it will retail for more than $29.99:

Itís still way too early in development to be talking about specifics, but we can say that the game simply cannot retail for $29.99. We donít know where that price point came from, but it is a logistical impossibility. Weíre all gamers and we all wished it could be so, but it would have essentially destroyed any chance for profitability.
Do you want to know how the game looks? Well, check out the trailer from last year E3!


Our thanks to 'Gauss' for this news story!