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    Exclamation Swiss as a bootloader on the GameCube?

    Swiss starting automatically on the GC, using a Wii drive replacement!

    emu_kidid is working on something special: Swiss as a bootloader on the 'Wiikey Fusion'. This bootloader method has the GC in mind as target console, using a Wii drive replacement! Details inside...

    Looks like emu_kidid is trying to get to work Swiss as a bootloader on the Wiikey Fusion. This is his official post:

    Swiss as a bootloader on the Wiikey Fusion can be implemented as two different methods:

    Skip the IPL, boot directly to Swiss (custom "apploader").
    Appear as a disc in the IPL just like the current menu.

    Currently, I've written (ported from the official flasher) some code to do the flashing and it seems to work well as it's giving me back valid responses but I believe the file I'm flashing may be in the wrong format (layout).

    This is what I've done so far:

    I took a known "flash" file and injected my own DOL into it. I then flashed the entire file. The IPL with the wiikey was telling me "Please insert a GC disc" and the Wiikey was generally unresponsive. Luckily the next time I tried to flash, the recovery kicked in and took over, resulting in a working chip again (or I could've just run the official updater again).

    What I'm pretty sure I actually did and why it didn't work as I expected (silly late night coding is to blame ):

    I flashed the entire 2mb flash file to the section where "firmware" related updates are meant to sit (not the ISO file, but the actual low-level firmware that drives read commands/etc). I'll try again tonight when I get a chance, pretty sure that was my issue though and trying it tonight should hopefully give some good results!
    Well, keep in mind this is being developed with GameCube in mind as target console.

    How, do you say? Well, by using a Wii drive replacement on the GC!:


    The Gamecube and Wii DVD drives, although both looking quite different in appearance, are quite the same when it comes to their protocol used to communicate with the host (GC/Wii). Due to this, we are able to wire up a Wii DVD Drive or DVD Drive Replacement Chip to a Gamecube. The Gamecube uses a proprietary connector so we are unable to simply "plug and play" one device into the other, and also, the pin order is backwards(?).
    Yes, it sounds a bit complicated, but it could be worth it. Check out the guide linked above for more info!


    Our thanks to 'Gauss' for this news story!

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    Interesting, although personally I would just hack a regular wii or use dolphin.

    At least it should be more reliable than a softmod and burnt discs.

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