On Windows 8

MS will take advantage of the Windows 8 launch to clean things up. The OS bids farewell to Windows Live ID, which will be now 'Microsoft Account'

Microsoft just announced that Windows Live will be re-branded as "Microsoft Account" with the release of Windows 8.

They will take advantage of the new OS launch to clean things up and apparently, the the cloud services featured in the OS will be an update to the Live platform, in which users will create an identity to be used across Microsoft services such as Xbox 360 to SkyDrive and more.

Along with this change, Microsoft is also streamlining the naming conventions behind some key Live services now, the Windows Live Calendar, Contacts, and MSN Messenger will be renamed in a fashion similar to Windows Phone. They'll just be known as the Calendar, People, and Messaging apps, respectively. It also looks Microsoft is simplifying its mail branding, as well: while hotmail.com will continue to be Microsoft's mail portal, the Windows Live Mail branding is going away, with the service simply being referred to as the Mail app in Windows 8 and Windows phone.
Also, MS released an explanatory video of these changes. Check it out below!

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