The answer from Sega to Konami's Castlevania

Vampire: Master of Darkness was released by Sega as an answer to Konami's Castlevania games in the past.

Konami released in the past Castlevania but the game didn't get release for Master System or Game Gear, so Sega decided to create their own vampire hunting game, and this game was Vampire: Master of Darkness.

In Vampire: Master of Darkness, Dr. Ferdinand used a Ouija board to track down Dracula, and he was equipped with a knife, a pistol and bombs to kill the enemies.

Now, according to PEGI, Vampire: Master of Darkness will be released again as a 3DS Virtual Console game.

Check out the video below, to remember this great game:


Our thanks to 'Robe24' for this news story!