Tool for extracting files from a GCN ISO.

crediar has released a new version of GCReEx, a Windows tool that allows you to extract files from a GCN ISO and repack them.

GCReEx by crediar is a Windows tool that allows you to extract the files from a Gamecube ISO, and of course, repack those files to an ISO again.

This one is used alongisde DIOS MIOS or DIOS MIOS Lite so you can convert the GCN ISO's.

v0.3 has been released. Here's the full changelog:

- fixed a "bug" which would crash systems that didn't have 1GB RAM free (beyond good and evil)
GCReEX now uses a 2MB copy buffer for files over 32MB in size

- GCReEX now extracts all files in order of the FST which might decrease seek time when extracted to an unfragmented drive

- added two disc support, both games are now extracted into the same folder
Download the newest version from the official DIOS MIOS project page linked below!

NEWS SOURCE #1: Dios Mios (via) Google Code
NEWS SOURCE #2: Downloads #9232 = GCReEx_v0.3 (via) EurAsia

Our thanks to 'Gauss' for this news item!