A major update for the USB Loader

FIX94 has updated WiiFlow to v4.0.
There are a lot of changes since the latest 'official' version, like Savegame Emulation, a Plugin System and Banner support.

WiiFlow is an Open Source Wii USB Loader based on WiiFlow 1.1 by Hibernatus, now being developed by FIX94 and others.

After a few compiled SVN revisions (MOD), the team has decided to launch a new Official Version.

v4.0 features a lot of changes since the latest one, but most of them were already available on the recent WIP revs.

So, here's the full list the features in 4.0:

So yea hello everyone, you see that right, here is some update for you, and this time its really badass

Because they are too many changes from the previous revision I will list the features you now have in 4.0, thats the easiest thing:

-Booting Wii games from SD, USB, as partition you can use FAT32, NTFS, EXT2 and WBFS
-Use Savegame Emulation for Wii games, that means no need to use real NAND for most wii games to save on
-Boot GameCube games, with the help of DIOS-MIOS Lite, DIOS-MIOS or Devolution, for DIOS-MIOS (Lite) just install its wad, for Devolution just put the loader.bin from the source package into your device:/wiiflow folder and set your games to boot via Devolution
-Boot Wii Channels, you can boot them via either your real NAND or emulated NAND, currently the emulated NAND only works from USB, the SD support is broken for some reason, you can boot them via wiiflows internal loader or neek2o
-Boot Homebrew, no matter which Homebrew Application you boot, wiiflow supports them all
-A Plugin System, that means you can play NES, SNES etc directly from wiiflow using these plugins (see the downloads section for the most up-to-date package)
-A really cool design thing, Banner support! WiiFlow will automatically load and cache them, you also can create custom banners, see the new wiiflow folder structure, the names are self explaining, both ID6 and ID3 is supported
-FINALLY, background music works for everyone and is as stable as it was never before, both mp3 and ogg works, and it goes through subfolders to find it
-A new boot animation, it looks pretty awesome and you guys will hopefully like it

To all the minor things:

-You can use ocarina cheats in both Wii and GameCube games
-You can return to wiiflow with installing the forwarder channel and set return to WiiFlow in global settings
-You can download covers for Wii games, Gamecube games and for some emulator roms
-You can still use themes of course, also switching themes works fine from now on
-You dont need to use d2x only anymore, you can boot wii games via d2x, waninkoko and hermes cIOS just fine
-You pretty much dont need a cIOS at all if you want to play Gamecube, Homebrew or Plugin games, wiiflow runs via IOS58 and AHBPROT as well, only Wii games and NAND emulation need one
-You can run WiiFlow from real NAND, neek2o and Dolphin-Emulator (if you compile it for Dolphin)
-You can play and install both Wii and GameCube games directly from disc
-You have a home menu where you can reload cache, read wiiflows help, exit wiiflow, see the about screen, enter the settings,...

I think these are the MAIN features which are important to mention, they are alot of more, find out for yourself whats all inside

Thanks a bunch to the whole team, that release is by FIX94, OverjoY, Fledge68, Yardape8000, entropy, xFede, Drexyl, and of course thanks to everyone who contributed something, I would like to mention all but that list would get too long :P

For support, news and WIP stuff come to:

Have fun with this release!
Download Links:

- WiiFlow 4.0
- Plugins Pack v5 for WiiFlow 4.0+
- Wiiflow Forwarder with 3TB+ HDD support, works with real NAND and neek2o

NEWS SOURCE #1: WiiFlow (via) Google Code
NEWS SOURCE #2: Wiiflow v40 release (via) GBA Temp

Our thanks to 'Gauss' for this news item!