Seems its affecting both the XBOX 360 and PS3 versions.

Some players are reporting game freezing issues on the official Bethesda Softworks forums. Could this be related to a save data bug?

Yes, Dishonored just came out, and it looks like several users are already reporting 'Game Breaking freezes' on the official Bethesda Softworks forums.

Players report that this issue happens at different places and even restarting a level won't fix it. Apparently, both the XBOX 360 and PS3 versions of the game are affected.

Here's what some users are reporting (WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

I have a loading screen freeze, that at the moment seems to be a game breaker.


I'm also having this issue with my game, but in a different area, a side mission just one mission ahead of you. It's also on the PS3, but I have been looking to see if any others have my issue.


Exact same issue for me as well, though I'm getting it during Slackjaw's mission in Dr. Galvani's office. The game freezes every time I try to leave the office now and I'm forced to reset my Xbox. I can't seem to find any other way around the crash aside from loading a save from two hours previous and hoping it doesn't happen again.


The same thing is happening to me, I returned the game and got a new copy but it didnt help. I emailed them so hopefully they will fix this!
So, there you go. Could this be related to a save data bug just like the one that affected Skyrim a while back?

If you own the game, have you experienced any problems so far or everything is running smoothly for you?

NEWS SOURCE: Game freezing at loading screen (via) BethSoft

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