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Namco Bandai have just confirmed that the Ni No Kuni demo for Playstation 3 will arrive this week with two levels and two bosses.

Namco Bandai have just announced that the demo of the awaited Ni No Kuni for PS3 will be released this Wednesday and it will contain two levels and two bosses: Guardian of the Woods and Moltaan.

According to Eurogamer:

"Ni No Kuni represents the coming together of celebrated game-maker Level-5 (Professor Layton, Dragon Quest) and celebrated filmmaker Studio Ghibli (Spirited Away, Ponyo, Arietty, Howl's Moving Castle). The game isn't due out fully until 25th January."
NEWS SOURCE: Ni-No-Kuni PS3 demo confirmed for us this week eu tbc (via) EuroGamer

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