NSMBU leads Wii U software titles with 160,140 copies sold.

Gamekult is reporting that the Wii U sold more than 300K units in its first two days of sale in Japan. Software sales data are included too.

According to Gamekult, Enterbrain/Famitsu is reporting that Nintendo sold around 307,471 Wii U units since it went on sale on December, 08.

Also, here is the software data for the launch titles over there:

NSMBU: 160.140
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: 106.454
Nintendoland: 66.583
Zombi U: 10.680
Warriors Orichi 3 Hyper: 7.252
Tekken Tag Tournament 2: 4.951
For comparison, the Wii sold 350,358 units and Wii Sports was the top seller with 176,000 copies.

Also, take a look at the debut numbers from other consoles in Japan, with Famitsu data and via NeoGaf:

GBC: 155,774
NGP: 21,471
DC: 101,490
WS: 102,655
PS2: 630,552
GBA: 611,504
WSC: 145,975
NGC: 133,719
Xbx: 123,929
NDS: 441,485
PSP: 166,074
360: 62,135
PS3: 88,443
Wii: 371,936
3DS: 371,326
PSV: 321,407
That means the Wii U had the 7th highest console debut in Japan.

There you have it. Stay tuned for the full data from Media Create this Wednesday (which could differ a bit from the Famitsu numbers above).

NEWS SOURCE #1: Japon les premiers chiffres Wii-U (via) GameKult
NEWS SOURCE #2: Forum Thread #503526 (via) NeoGAF

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