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    Exclamation Users reporting game-breaking issues on Darksiders II because of new DLC

    Darksiders II still broken, the new DLC just got things worse...

    Tons of angry users are still reporting problems with the 'Abyssal Forge' & 'Demon Lord Belial' DLCs for Darksiders II.
    No fix has been released.

    That's right, Darksiders II newest DLCs "Abyssal Forge" and "The Demon Lord Belial" are causing more freezing and game-breaking issues on the game.

    "Abyssal Forge" was released back in October and "The Demon Lord Belial" launched earlier this month, and as of yet, no fix has been released for the reported problems. Apparently, the issues are affecting all the versions of the game (PC, XBOX 360 and PS3).

    Take a look at some of the posts made by angry players at the official Darksiders II community forums:

    My Xbox freezes in the load time of demon belial when you see running "something" through a door


    I haven't done Demon Lord Belial yet, but I'm currently fighting the Abyssal forge and once I've damaged him so much, he freezes and/or bugs out.


    Guess what thq? I have just discovered that I can not play any of the dlc because my game freezes, and also, when you go to earth in the main story, when I try to enter to the tunnel to get the second part of the angelic rod...the game freeze, please, make a patch that solves all of these freezing problems that we have


    I have been fighting THQ and their poster boy Sledge since October 30th, and have been given sorry-ass fixes every time. "dump your inventory" they say. we play this game to get special weapons and gear, only to be told to get rid of it so the game will work properly. Then why have it in there? Why give us all of the slots for weapons, armor, etc., when we will be told eventually to trash it?


    WE BOUGHT THE GAME AND IT'S DLC! WE DESERVE A WORKING PRODUCT, AND WE DESERVE IT IN A TIMELY MANNER! You have gone too long now without an update to us. we want to know how the fix is coming along. Not tomorrow. Not after breakfast, but now. We gave you our money, that entitles us to working product, not some glitchy, half-assed dlc that corrupts the entire game.


    do what a few of us have been doing, since they are not responding to us spread the word to as many gaming sites as you can, let everyone know about the totally crappy support the paying customers get and lack of updates, you know it seem that these are glitches have broken the game, making it unplayable i think if enough people start about refunds then they will answer us quickly, we paid for something that we cannot play and not because of our error but because of thiers.
    Just take a look at all the 13 pages of complaints that have been made over the last 2 months. And again, there's no ETA of a possible fix by either Vigil Games or THQ.

    What do you think? If you own the game and the DLC, are you experiencing any of those issues reported?

    NEWS SOURCE: Abyssal Forge Demon Lord Belial Freezing Issues (via) Darksiders Community

    Our thanks to 'Gauss' for this news item!

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    I was really looking forward to this game after how good the first one was but it just seems that they should have done a couple months more work on it instead and released it as a pre-Christmas game. It has plenty of potential and what I have played before it turned into a crash fest that resulted in me having to the same things over and over and over again. I think I am going to put this on the shelf for the slow season in the spring when hopefully it's been sorted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by garyopa View Post
    Apparently, the issues are affecting all the versions of the game (PC, XBOX 360 and PS3)
    All Versions? its not affecting the wii U version

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