The game of Wreck-it Ralph

The game Fix it Felix from the Wreck-it Ralph movie has been leaked. Play it now!!

I'm sure you can remember the Disney movie Wreck-it Ralph and the game they designed to go along with the movie to be used in the trailers, movie clips, and demos at theaters in real arcade cabinets: Fix it Felix. Well, this game has been finally leaked online and you can download it here. It's an early build of the game but fully playable.

Controls are:

C - Coin 1 - Start Arrow keys - Joystick directions Z - Jump X - Fix

Try it now !!

NEWS SOURCE #1: Early Version of Fix-It-Felix-Jr Finally Leaked (via) DigitPress
NEWS SOURCE #2: (via) Arianchen

Our thanks to 'Robe24' for this news item!