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    Exclamation TX is giving a sneak peek into their final big 360 device

    TX is working on their final secret product for the Xbox 360 consoles

    Recently, TX released photos of what is to be their finale big product for the Xbox 360 modding scene.

    Clearly this model is for newer Xbox 360 Slim consoles, two versions one with internal HDD bay and one without:

    And this model is for older Xbox 360 Phat generation, again two versions one with internal HDD bay and one without:

    With no other information released by TX, has turned this into a wild speculation thread on their site, with pages of guesses rolling along.

    Some were good ideas and some were just funny. The best opinion I have seen is from a user on the TX forums named iLLNESS who said:

    Here's my take:

    • obviously an ODE
    • usb port for optional external hard drive OR external dvd drive paired with x360usb to play retails
    • internal housing for 2.5mm (lets hope not 9.5mm limit) hard drive
    • looks like a switch on the right to toggle between internal hdd or external usb hdd/retail drive
    • switch closest to usb port to unlock the 'bezel' to remove/insert hard drive
    All though he did miss the SATA connector next to the USB port but its a still a good guess as to what this really could be coming from TX.

    The other big question is now that Xbox One is launching next week, will the world famous Xbox modding scene team move onto the next-gen.

    NEWS SOURCE: Forum Thread #141116 (via) Team-Xecuter

    Our thanks to 'steveo1978' for this news item!

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    It's not really a sneak peak when you can easily guess what the basics of this is, although it will be interesting to see if they include a demon/glitch so it becomes their final end all to hacking the 360 since I doubt MS will do any more major updates. .

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