TX has announced the Slim Proto V2

The Slim Proto v2 is targeted as the replacement of the now discontinued Cr3 Pro

We finally nailed the perfect glitch code for all slim consoles with the Slim proto. We thank the many many members for their feedback and test results. Because of you we are now able to produce the perfect hardware that will work with all slims and require very little tuning (even less effort than the first slim proto)

Rather than come up with a fancy name i'll just stick with the brand name "proto" (which i guess is a fancy name in itself?)

In production right now is the Slim Proto v2 - however this is the full version and not a prototype so don't be fooled by the name.


  • Improved code - performance fine tuned
  • Smaller footprint/tighter circuit layout to give cleaner signal performance
  • Added ROL output support
  • Added CR_EN pad
  • No more solder bridges required
  • Includes custom made "pro" double shielded and grounded CPU_RST Cable
  • Supports Trinity & Corona v1 - v6

This product will replace the CR3 Pro which has now been discontinued. This will be the last Slim RGH device we will make, we feel that it just can't get any better.

For performance and test reviews of the Slim proto v1 please go here: http://team-xecuter.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=249

RRP $29.99 / 17.99 / 21.99 - of course we are also offering wholesale discounts and most retailers will pass those on to end users.

We have started accepting pre-orders from retailers so we suggest you contact your preferred retailer and ask them to get their orders in asap
NEWS SOURCE: Forum Thread #141267 (via) Team-Xecuter

Our thanks to 'steveo1978' for this news item!