Crunching down the secrets of the next-gen Xbox One, one bit at a byte!

It took only a few months for the X360 to fall apart into a bunch of understandable bytes for experienced scene developers, how long for XB1 will it take, as the same crew of experts unravel its bits

A short time ago a method to dump the NAND of an Xbox One was released. Which you can read about here.

Since that announcement Jrunner has already been updated to allow it to dump the Xbox One NAND.

Now Tuxuser who is known for things he has done in the 360 scene has created an app that may allow more information to be gathered from those NAND dumps.

NANDOne v0.02

Xbox One NAND Filesystem tool

Parses Xbox One Nanddumps for file-adresses and extracts the binary files. As I only had two dumps to work with, it's probably not
universally compatible and contains bugs for sure :P



  • Python 2.7
  • Xbox One eMMC NAND Dump


  • info --> Reads adresses from SFBX and GFCU Table and prints them to screen
  • extract --> Extracts the parsed entries from SFBX Table
  • sfbxscan --> If the SFBX adress of your NAND isn't contained, scan for the MAGIC/Header and append it to the list in the python script


Usage: [action] [dump]

Available Action:
sfbxscan --> Scans for SFBX address
info --> Prints the parsed entries
extract --> Extracts nand content

Example: sfbxscan nanddump.bin
The next step in the process is to decrypt the headers and find the keys and signature formats.

Things seem to be moving along for the Xbox One nicely and maybe we will see a XOLinux (or whatever its decided to be called) pop up before the X1 is a year old.

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NEWS SOURCE #2: Original Source Release (via) LibXenon