New version available

Italian GameSonic dev has updated his PS3 Backup manager to version 1.20

After multiMAN and Iris Manager updates, here it comes the the third one, GameSonic Manager, that has got a new update (1.20) to support the new 4.53 firmware. Check it out:


-added payload 4.53
-update control fan utility
-completely stealth for online play
-complete for each cfw discless existed from 3.41-4.53
-can mount iso from ntfs devices on any cfw
-full compatibility with all cfw is cex that dex
-kept all other functions of iris manager v2.60b
-tested on cfw 4.53 habib
Head to the link below for more info.

NEWS SOURCE: Gamesonic Manager v1.20 (via) PS3News

Our thanks to 'Kaos2K' for this news item!