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    Exclamation MuchimeX v0.5 has been released!

    A Multi Chinese Machine Emulator for Xbox.

    Here goes another emulator for your original Xbox console. This one emulates machines that use a SPG2xx processor (Chinese ones).

    MuchimeX by 'HCF', is a 'Multi Chinese Machine Emulator' for the first Xbox console. This one tries to emulate a lot of machines that use a SPG2xx processor (manufactured by Sunplus) with the u'nSP instruction set.

    Here's a bit more info:

    This is a new emulator that I am working on. MuchimeX emulates the SPG2XX family processors manufactured by Sunplus. These processors are used by hundreds of devices: consoles, TV plug-and-play games, multimedia players... Once we have emulated the processor, if we add the emulation of the rest of their components, we should be able to emulate all these machines. So, MuchimeX hopes to emulate a huge amount of 16-bit machines that use this kind of processors

    At the moment, some consoles like JungleTac's Sport Vii or some Jakks Pacific TV Plug 'n Play videogames are already emulated (although the sound is not emulated yet). The emulation is almost perfect and full-speed, except in the sound.

    As a final surprise for people with children, the Vtech console use the same kind of Sunplus processor, so in the future this emulator will probably be able to perform a partial emulation of this console. At the moment, some games like the Cinderella and Ariel ones do load, but they are still not playable because I have not emulated the controls yet.


    It is really difficult to find roms/bios dumps for this kind of devices, but at the moment I have managed to test it with success, wiith all these systems/bios/roms:

    * Sport Vii / Chintendo Vii: All the internal games work, mainly controlled with the HandyBar/Viimote (read the "Controls" and the "Viimote" sections for more information to play these games).

    * Sport Vii / Chintendo VII cartridges: I have tested the VC_1 and VC_2 (named "7 in 1" and "10 in 1"), with success. The VC_3 cartridge probably works too, but I have not been able to find a dump of it. Please, let me know if you managed to test it.

    * Jakks Pacific plug 'n play games: I have tested if with the games Batman and Wall-e, with success. Other games like the Winnie the Pooh one, must work too. And a lot of other Jakks Pacific games should work with a few adds/changes in the emulator. If you find more dumps and they don't work, let me know and I will try to patch the emulator to support them.

    * As a final surprise, there are a few games that already load (like the Cinderella and the Ariel ones) but they are still not playable because the controls are still not emulated. But you can load them and see the title screen, as a proof that we are really close to achieve a partial emulation of the Vtech console. On the other hand, games that use other devices like the VMotion or the CD, will not work yet, because these devices are not emulated in this emulator yet.

    * Besides, there are a lot of 16-bit chinese cheap consoles with hundreds of internal games that use this same Sunplus processor, so if we manage to find a dump of their bios/roms, they will probable work in this emulator too (maybe a little patch will be needed, some kind of "2 minutes fix").
    More details, including compatibility, are on the links below!

    Off-Site Download Link:

    - MuchimeX (MultiUpload)

    NEWS SOURCE #1: MuchimeX v05 new update (via) 1Emulation
    NEWS SOURCE #2: Downloads #10481 (via) EurAsia

    Our thanks to 'Gauss' for this news item!

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    eh, and there is an audience for this? especially on the original xbox. mame i understand, cause its great. but this?
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