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    Exclamation Surreal64 CE B5.6 rev 235 for Xbox released

    Nintendo 64 emulator

    A new version of this Nintendo 64 emulator for the original Xbox has been released

    Hey retro lovers! This is for you. A new version of Surreal64 for Xbox is out adding some improvements over the previous one. Check it out:

    A Nintendo64 emulator for Xbox.

    Surreal64 CE is a continuation of the Surreal64 project where Team XXX left off. Originally developed by oDD and Lantus, Surreal64 included ports of three Win32 based Nintendo64 emulators including 1964, Project64 and UltraHLE.

    Our goal is to improve Nintendo64 emulation on the XBOX with the addition of:

    • New or updated N64 emulators.
    • New or updated video, audio and RSP plugins.
    • Improved controls.
    • A user friendly and skinnable GUI.


    Surreal64 CE B5.52u
    -unofficial patch


    This is package is an unofficial patch containing some experimental work that took place after B5.5's release.


    • Trigonometric analog sensitivity. 2 new analog sensitivity settings exist. "Increasing" uses a tangent wave to make the analog stick more responsive as it moves away from its center position. This could compensate for the stiffness of the XBox's control stick and make it "feel" better. "Decreasing" uses a sine wave to gradually decrease sensitivity as the control stick approaches the outer edge.
    • Rice 6.12 Software Vertex Clipper. This fix utilizes the Software Vertex Clipper used in Rice Video 5.60. Several games no longer crash and newer ucodes can be utilized. Diddy Kong Racing, F-Zero X and Perfect Dark are among the most notably fixed games. Keep in mind this uses software and will result in a CPU hit.


    Simply overwrite your .xbe's with those bundled in this package.
    You can get it from the link below.

    NEWS SOURCE: Downloads #10494 (via) EurAsia

    Our thanks to 'Kaos2K' for this news item!

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    Good to see the old XBOX is still getting some love... Hell its hard to remember a time when I had a console from MicroSoft that has lasted as long as that old XBOX. My PS3 is slowly catching it up though. Sadly this will never be said of my Two 360's though....

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    Oh yippee. One person compiles it and shares a link, the world thinks a new version has been released. This is unfinished, unsupported, and the information describing this "release" is far from correct.

    Give us back X-S. Love your awesome news source..........

    Follow the project here:
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