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    Carn Thorn Guest

    Post List of working homebrew games/apps for the MMD.

    The list has been moved to the third post so crookedmouth can update it. I don't post here too often so this is really the best way to keep the list alive. As always please post any games you've gotten to work and I'm sure crookedmouth will add them.

    Oh and visit the wiki for a form of the list that you can edit yourself.
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    Hmmm... what else? Let's see... Touch! Touch! Revolution, DisMusic... neither which require patching of any sort, DisMusic recommened by me! I can't find my DS, or it's so far away that I can't just reach over and get it, so I'll post back with some more working games...
    At first, I was like

    , but then

    I lol'd

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    Origan posted by Carn Thorn

    Post List of working homebrew games/apps for the MMD.

    This list has grown bigger than I thought it could. Please post any games you've tried and know work for the MMD along with any apps. Please also include whether the game/app needs to be DLDI patched or if the DS clock needs to be turned to 00:00. If ya want you can recommend the games/apps you really like by putting a # in front of the name of the game/app.

    Everything is arranged by the first letter and not necessarily the second would take too long to arrange everything since I would have to remove all the symbols on the names...if someone wants to alphabetize the list better and post it with the symbols put back on correctly I'd wouldn't mind fact I'd give you a little shrine at the bottom of the joke. w_Games


    List of sites where you can find most of these games. These sites are your best friends when it comes to looking up DS homebrew.
    I can't stress how great this site is. Large database along with constant updates...ya can't beat it. Need an account (free) to download games.
    Nice site with a good setup. Not the biggest list of apps and games but still one you need to bookmark.
    Not the best out there but still a good site to check every once in a while.
    Pretty good site but some parts are in French...still a site to keep up with.
    To be honest I don't really go to this site...but it's too good to leave off this list.
    The wiki for DS homebrew just in case.
    Hm....well I guess this should be here too...

    Hm...I think that's all of them...perhaps...maybe...
    I think this list might be banned if I didn't mention this site. Good place to keep up with the homebrew scene for all devices...oh and since I'm typing on the site right now I guess it's got a pretty good Datel forum too.

    Lists (now in a somewhat particular order):

    *=DLDI Patching (requires you to patch the file with the DLDI patching program) link to the site

    +=Time set to 00:00 (requires you to turn the DS's clock back to 00:00 in order for this file to work properly)

    # before the name of the game= recommended by me or whoever posted the game

    # A Touch of War (+) (What can I say besides great RTS game?)

    Amuz (Zuma clone that runs kind of slow)

    # amplitude_smb-rmx (+)

    # amplitude_turrican-rmx (+)


    ALTA Demo2


    Aztec Challenge




    Card Sharks



    Collection Mini Games


    # csdemo (A demo of a homebrew DS version of Cave Story...this project is awesome since Cave Story is a fantastic freeware game)

    # DisMusic

    DiceSoldiers v0.2 (Risk like game)

    DScent Alpha Release (*) (Go HERE to get it and to learn more about it.

    dscrawl_dldi-b1(*) Rogue-alike for the DS


    DSDoom MMD version



    DSpec (Manic Miner demo)

    # ExtremeOnslaught (Kind of like Geometry Wars)

    Everlasting Love: Tomorrow Hill (a cool retro jumping platformer, you stick to the walls)

    #giana sister ( super mario bros rip off but its ok)


    HexenDS(*) - touching the touch-screen makes it crash,so don't it's still playable

    International Karate DS - a port of an 8bit game but holds up well,nice martial arts game.


    # JKNPlat v0.1 (Very good platformer)

    Jogo Nave


    Mancala 2.0

    Marshmallow Duel


    mega etk


    Monky -kinda like Donkey Kong Country

    #NDSSports (nice looking game but a little buggy controls)


    NorthSouth DS

    Oh Mummy Evolution

    Oil Panic (a perfect nintendo G&W remake)

    # Powder082 (*) (This is a great RPG that after patching can save to the MMD)

    Press Your Luck



    Project Santa

    QuakeDS(*) - it is alpha and has many glitches but worthy of watching for new releases

    RubberBands (Good ideas and nice minigames)

    river crossing

    # SquareDS

    # spoutds (Fantastic yet strange game)

    super snake





    Stringy Things

    StupidGolfDS (SGolfDS.nds)


    Twin Isles (+)

    Tetris1.2 (yeah it's tetris)

    # TettaDS (Nice puzzle game)

    # TouchMe (Strange music to me but still fun)


    Touch! Touch! Revolution



    Video Poker

    #WolveSlayer(*) (great graphics but not a lot of game right now...of course it's just a demo)



    # worldofsand (Not really a game but still a great way to pass time)

    worldgen (Random world generating program that is at least worth a look)

    # Whee (Okay game that has tons of levels)



    #Znax (Very good puzzle game)

    Text Adventure Section


    Magnetic Scrolls Adventures:





    The Pawn(*)



    Infocom Text Adventures

    Infocom Adventure Collection(*)
    includes : Infidel, Cutthroats, Plundered Hearts & Trinity (Border Zone is not playable)

    Infocom Comedy Collection(*)
    includes : Nord'n Bert, Hollywood Hijinx, Ballyhoo, Bureaucracy & a bonus game : Leather Godesses of Phobos

    Infocom Mystery Collection(*)
    includes : Deadline, The Witness, Suspect, Moon Mist, Sherlock (The Riddle of the Crown Jewels) & The Lurking Horror

    Infocom Sci-Fi Collection(*)
    Starcross, Suspended, The Hitchiker Guide to the Galaxy, Planetfall, A Mind Forever Voyaging & Stationfall

    Infocom Fantasy Collection(*)
    The Enchanter Trilogy (Enchanter, Sorcerer & Spellbreaker), Seastalker & Wishbringer

    Infocom's Zork Trilogy(*)
    Zork I (The Great Underground Empire), Zork II (The Wizard of Frobozz) & Zork III (The Dungeon Master)

    Special thanks to crookedmouth for the text adventure list. He also provided a link...

    The Infocom Collections have all the games listed below each Collection. They are selectable when you run the single patched .nds file.

    LINK--all the ones with 1.5 or 1.51 are DLDI compatible, there are a lot


    AmEDS v2.0 (*) - Amstrad CPC 6128/464 emulator link:

    BEATPAD v0.0.3 * (nds drum machine, synth and sequencer, intended for live performance)

    CrocoDS v1.0 Alpha(*) - Amstrad CPC Emulator

    Colors v1.02 (*) - A very cool drawing program

    ComicBookDS (*)

    DJ DS






    DS Linux


    DSOrganize (*) (May need to be set to bootme.nds depending on CF card) (WARNING: MAY MAKE FILES ON YOUR MMD DISAPPEAR!)

    #FrodoDS (*) (commodore 64 emulator)

    glkpogo_dldi-b1(*) an interpreter for Interactive Fiction(Text Adventure) titles such as Infocom and Level 9 games.

    jEnesisDS0(*) - a very nice Genesis/MegaDrive Emulator

    #Lameboy (*) (GameBoy/GameBoyColor emulator)

    MarcaDS v4.0(*) -Arcade Emulator for Nintendo DS


    NDS World 3d Toolset (NDS3DEngineCarGame)


    #NES DS MMD version Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator
    NESDS DLDI version


    OS DS (Operating System)

    #phidias (*) (awesome homebrew painter)

    PenkoDS v0.2a(*) - MSX Emulator

    PicoDriveDS 0.1.7 (*) - Megadrive Emulator(no sound)

    pokeyDS v1.1 (*) - Atari 800XL emulator

    pomDS v1.0 (8) - AppleIIe/AppleIIc/AppleII+ emulator


    ScummVM DS


    #snemulds 0.4 (*) (snes emulator)

    #SNEmulDS 0.3 and 0.4a(*)

    StellaDS 0.71(*) -(An Atari 2600 emulator) Seems to work.Sometimes requires restart.

    StyxDS v0.1A(*) - Atari ST Emulator (works but missing mouse emulation,alpha but one to watch.


    WabbitDS (*) - A TI-83+ Calculator Emulator


    XROAR(*) - A Dragon32/64 Emulator

    ZXDS (*) Spectrum 48/128k Emulator. A little clunky but runs 128k with sound and supports tape roms and snapshots. Very promising beta.

    This list isn't 100% accurate on what needs patching so please inform me of errors and also these are the names as they appear on my MMD and might not be the actual name of the game but these SHOULD be the actual names of the files.

    Any help at all is welcome.

    People who've contributed so far: voteforpedro36, darig0n, crookedmouth, Cheatsalot123, knux896 (knux's site), acevampire, scpr
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    R4 with 2Gig SanDisk MicroSD

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    Carn Thorn Guest
    Please elaborate on what the * means in front of the files. If it means that they need to be patched then put that on the end of the game name in like this...(*)

    Sorry but I can't post them until I know for sure because I don't want the list to be even more inaccurate.

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    darig0n Guest
    mega etk
    *river crossing
    #*phidias (hombrew painter)
    #*frodods (commodre 64 emulator)
    #*snemulds 0.4 (snes emulator)
    super snake
    #giana sister ( super mario bros rip off but its ok)

    ps make a edit sayin who contributed too this lol i wanna get some credit

    also make another topic of this but for hombrew apps would be helpful
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    Carn Thorn Guest
    Again please tell me what the *means in front of the name. Is it supposed to be # or does it mean it needs to be patched? Please read my post to see where the symbols are supposed to go.

    thanks and if you fix them I WILL put your name on my contributed list.

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    this all I could think of Just two Emulators.
    *DSMasterPlus V1.1
    *PicodriveDS V1.7

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    sorry I edited my first post for (*) at end meaning dldi patching required.

    # - recommended
    (*) - dldi patching required

    if you want emulators then I have tested all these

    #SNEmulDS 0.3 and 0.4a(*)

    #FrodoDS(*) as of FrodoDS20807 C64 Emulator

    CrocoDS v1.0 Alpha(*) - Amstrad CPC Emulator

    PenkoDS v0.2a(*) - MSX Emulator

    StyxDS v0.1A(*) - Atari ST Emulator (works but missing mouse emulation,alpha but one to watch.

    PicoDriveDS 0.1.7 - Megadrive Emulator(no sound)

    #NES DS MMD version Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator

    SNES DS Single game under 4mb?(or is it 1.5 meg?), have to build from injector,no saves.
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    DS Lite with
    (2) Games & Music w/ PNY 2GB MicroSD using DLDI v2 & Sandisk 1 gig MicroSD using DLDI v1
    R4 with 2Gig SanDisk MicroSD

    PSP 3000 Lilac HM Limited Edition (yep that's right)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carn Thorn
    Okay the last of this kind of topic should of been updated a long time ago. I'm not going to use the games on that list since I haven't tried most of them but I'm going to give a list of games I've tested and know they work (at least for me).
    Unfortunately I haven't had time to update my list in a long time due to a lack of time to test things. Please feel free to use the games that are listed on the previous list on this one though, I personally tested them all and played them for a minimum of 1-2 minutes each to confirm that they were playable. None of them require any editing unless stated in the notes at the bottom of the post .

    Great job putting together this list. The use of those symbols really helps when you are looking through the list and want to know exactly what is needed to work without having to check another area of the thread for instructions.

    Keep up the great work

    Also, as far as adding things for the new list:


    ComicBookDS (*)

    DSOrganize (*) (May need to be set to bootme.nds depending on CF card)

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    Carn Thorn Guest
    Uh Knux can I use the list from your site? That's got a quite a few on it I haven't played or tested and it would flesh out this list...I hope to end up with a sticky.

    I'll put a link to your site at the bottom of the list too

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