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    catfish Guest


    Alright guys,
    The re-write is finally done and the package will be sent out for distribution soon. (after more testing)
    Meanwhile, I've included the new readme...

    Feel free to post comments and suggestions.

    *updated 1-14-2004
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    Blackhawk Guest
    Let me be the first to congratulate you with this new version, I read the readme and it's crystal clear.

    But why exactly do you need a trash bin?
    Just for safety?

    I'il test it on some pal xbox's.

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    catfish Guest
    screw testing...
    If anyone can't wait, here's the installer minus the "questionable" files.
    Read "requirements.txt" to learn what files are needed and where to put them.

    *updated 1-14-2004 (fixed empty dir issue) (added zipped fonts and xbedump)
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    catfish Guest
    To answer Blackhawk's question..
    The trashbin is needed so that I can clear old files that u don't want in the backup dir. Since I still don't know how to make Evo-X delete files, I must move them instead.

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    Chicken Scratch Guest
    this great, all i can say is congrats, i am planning on using this method to mod a friend's xbox, a few questions, i cant seem to get the 2bl stuff so i can edit the bfm bioses
    aaand are the two xip files the origonal ones that the xbox has when you buy it from the store?

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    catfish Guest
    Find a working boot.cfg file to obtain the correct RC4 and EEPROM keys. It is included with a few other packages if u need it, PBL and Morden's for example.

    The 2 xip files should be the exact size as I listed. Most likely the originals from your Xbox should work, those files are the same from the first dash upto 4920. I can't promise that every Xbox isn't shipped with 5659, But I haven't seen or heard of any that come with it. Most seem to be 4920 nowadays

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    Agent Orange Guest
    I can't seem to get this save onto a memory card... I've added all the "questionable" files to the original zip... and when I try to put it on the mem card, it almost finishes then it says error copying... which is wierd because if I use the one without the files.. it copies fine...

    any idea how to fix this? I'm using the AR software, BTW...

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    catfish Guest
    The entire package should only be around 5.5 megs when all files are in place. (with 256k BIOS's)
    Even if u made 1 meg BIOS files, it should still fit.
    Check to make sure your card is empty and try again.
    If it still doesn't work, hold out till my beta-testers get the package uploaded to the usual places, which should be soon after they finish testing it.

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    morpheous1777 Guest

    good job

    damn catfish, this is one hell of an installer, i have been trying it out and so far not a single problem, It installed everything just as it said it would I like the option to intall either the font only, audio only, and the ability to switch between them with ease

    good job

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    Agent Orange Guest
    Mine's 3.5 Megs or so.... wierd... I have 1meg bioses, too...

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