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    GameCube Forum Rules - Read Before Posting -

    GameCube Forum Rules

    No Spamming

    Spamming is repeatedly posting the same thing, spreading the forums with webpage links and/or posting nonsense a lot.

    No Flaming

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so try not to put others down for their opinion. Of course you may have a different opinion, but try to explain yourself without insulting other people and try to do it in a professional manner.

    No Obsessive Cursing, Racial Slurs and/or Harrassment

    It’s fine and dandy to curse now and then, but posting something that is littered with nothing but bad words is not tolerated nor is putting someone down or making racial slurs. Harassing other posters that you may not like by following them from post to post and trying to cause problems will not be tolerated.

    No Trolling

    Going from topic to topic (randomly or with purpose) and trying to provoke others to go against these guidelines is not permitted.

    No Spreading of Personal Information

    Sure it is alright to address someone by their real name, but under no circumstance will we permit you to give out their personal contact information especially if they do not want you to.

    No Pointless Arguments

    Constructive arguments are a very good way to communicate and solve problems and work out differences, but arguing over things such as personal opinions in a flaming, cursing, racial and/or negative way is not only unprofessional, but very childish.

    No Warez Talk

    I really hope I don't need to explain this one ...


    Abusing the rules will not be tolerated and repeat offenders will be not overlooked and dealt with accordingly.

    If you do happen to catch anther member not taking our suggestions seriously please follow the general practice that is taught around the world on how to solve problems which is …

    (1) Contact the user in question and try to solve your differences with them
    (2) Contact a moderator and inform him/her of the situation
    (3) Contact a systems administrator to take care of the problem

    The board is meant for GameCube related chat so keep these above processes in PM. Also if you abuse, threaten and/or harrass any operator you will be dealt with as you don't bite the hand that feeds you.


    Examples of breaking the guidelines …

    No Spamming

    “Please visit for all of your unbiased free sex toys!”

    No Flaming

    Justinkb entire post is – “You f*cking suck you *ock licker!”

    No Obsessive Cursing, Racial Slurs and/or Harrassment

    “F* this, f* your mother, f* your sister, f* your goat!”

    No Spreading of Personal Information

    “John Doe lives at 100 IMAMORON Lane, Iloveps2nfoville, Washington DC, 696969”

    No Pointless Arguments

    “My Viper GC is better then your XBOX 360!”

    No Messing with Moderators

    If you are warned by PM and do not agree with it you should at least have respect and don't fly off the handle and abuse, threaten, flame and/or harrass the moderator who happened to warn you as doing so will only show that you are unreasonable which will not help you keep your membership here at MaxConsole.


    I dont think these rules are too much to ask and will not restrict you in any way from getting your point across or asking/giving help.

    If you have any problems with these rules please contact any of the system moderators and they will be more then happy to discuss any issues you might have.
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