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    kevcart3 Guest

    [HOWTO] Create SND0.AT3

    This guide will help you create your own custom sounds for your EBOOT.PBP files. I assume you are using a windows operating system (98 or later). I have not tried doing this under any OS other than XP.

    Step 1: Get necessary Software

    1. PBP Unpacker
    2. ATRAC 3 Codec
    3. GoldWave 5.0

    Step 2: Install Software

    1. Unzip the AT3 codec. Right click atrac3.inf and click "Install". If the Hardware Installation dialog pops up, click "Continue Anyway" and the codec is installed.

    2. Install GoldWave. It's only a Trial, so you get a nag screen at the beginning of every start.

    3. Install PBP Unpacker. You can leave it alone for right now.

    Step 3: Create SND0.AT3

    1. Have a sound file ready to convert. GoldWave does not support MIDI unfortunately.

    NOTE: File, after converting, MUST be under or at 500KB, NO MORE. If you need to cut down the file, make it no longer than 55 seconds.

    2. Open the file in GoldWave. Go to File----> Save As.

    3. Under "Save as type:", choose "Wave (*.wav)

    4. Under "Attributes", choose "ATRAC3".

    NOTE: You may choose whichever rate fits your needs. 66kbps being lower quality, but will make the file smaller in size.

    5. Choose a filename, then save as "SND0".

    6. Open the folder where you saved "SND0". Make sure you are able to see the file extension. If not, go to Tools----> Folder Options----> View Tab and uncheck "Hide Extensions for known file types".

    7. As you can see the file is named SND0.wav. Right-click, rename the file to "SND0.AT3".

    Okay, now your SND0.AT3 file is ready for the PSP!

    Step 4: Insert into PBP file

    1. Open PBP Unpacker.

    2. If you are using a PSP with firmware 1.50, insert the SND0.AT3 file into the PBP that contains PARAM.SFO, ICON0.PNG, and PIC1.PNG.

    3. Extract the contents of the EBOOT.PBP to somewhere safe. Click "New" on PBP Unpacker.

    4. Use the PARAM.SFO, ICON0.PNG, and PIC1.PNG from the other EBOOT.PBP. This time where it says SND0.AT3, find your "SND0.AT3" file and choose it. Now, simply save the file as "EBOOT.PBP", replacing the original one.


    If you have a 1.0 firmware PSP, the basic steps are the same, but you will have an EBOOT.PBP file that is not split into different parts, you will simply add all the orginal files (DATA.PSP mainly) back into the EBOOT.PBP, including the "SND0.AT3" file.

    That concludes my HOWTO on getting custom sounds for EBOOT.PBPs. Comments are welcome. If you see a problem, please let me know.

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    nice dude, thanks
    GO!MESSENGER: joesnose

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    i0nNo.1 Guest
    Doesnt work for me there is no atrac3 under attributes! Maybe because of the reason that im usig 5.11 and i cant find the 5.0. So what i gona do?

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    kevcart3 Guest
    First of all, make sure you have the ATRAC3 codec installed as per the instructions above.

    I can easily download 5.10 from the links in the HOWTO :S

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    Go_2_sL33p Guest

    Unhappy This Is Old, But..

    umm this forum has been dry for a year but I need it to come back to life here. I've followed the directions and I am sort of stuck here.. I'm stuck at the "attributes" part there is no ATRAC3 and I looked at the last post but I didn't understand it.. someone help me...

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    Thanks, work!.

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    nice work m8

    cool tut
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    littlefox79 Guest
    Is there a way to make the music repeat as long as the icon is highlighted in the XMB?

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    vile323 Guest

    Unhappy can you repeat song as long as it is highlighted in the xmb

    not quite. Audacity can loop music, but every time it repeats it adds extra time onto the song and you can't have it over 55 sec. i believe. if you loop it, it will make it huge.

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    lollyroffler Guest

    I installed a sony atrac3 codec onto my computer and it is functioning properly. But when I go into Goldwave and try to save it as .Wav and a atrac3 I do not have the option to do so. My music is in .mp3 form i've been struggling with this for 1 weeks and its driving me bonkers. Please help.

    thank u

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